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Asian Journal August 5, 2011 edition

Asian Journal August 5, 2011 edition

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Aug 04, 2011
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 Lee Birchfield Off to Memphis For  Elvis Week’s “2011 Ultimate ETAContest” .. p. 15
 Across Troubled Waters ... p. 11
Remittance glow blinds RP from diaspora of mission-critical workers
(Continued on page 4)
Complicated Aairs
Hesitant Lovers
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
 Publisher & Editor in Chief,
 Asian Journal San Diego
Chapter 24
Phl launches ecotourism tour with a difference
 August 21: A Day of Prayer forPeace – Loida Nicolas Lewis
 People Power On Anniversary of Ninoy Martyrdom
 Loida Nicolas Lewis on Spratly is- sue: “I believe in the power of prayer”
“Another problem,Dad.”Danny’s son JR wasat the other end of theline.Danny was in thePhilippines showinghis Mexican daughter Blanca and her mother Mercedes the countryof his birth. Danny’sdaughter Carol joinedthem.“What problem?”Danny asked.“Somebody trackedme down and askedabout you.”If anybody would look for him through the internet, it would be through his son JR’sFacebook account. They shared the same name; all one had to do was google it and itwould lead him to JR.“Why would he ask about me?”“It’s a girl, Dad. She claims she’s your daughter.”“Again?” Danny asked aloud. “What did I do? Spread my seeds all over the place?”
 Isagani de la Paz, OFW  Journalism Consortium
| MA- NILA – THE sparkle of bil-lions of dollars of money sent by Filipinos temporarily or  permanently earning abroadis blinding government andthe overseas labor deploymentindustry, a lawmaker warnedrecently.“The immediate windfallfrom the foreign currency re-mittances of our countrymenoverseas makes it so easy togloss over the reality that thediaspora of our skilled labor exacts a painful toll on the basic industries that shouldform the building block of astrong Philippine economy,”Congressman Roseller Bari-naga said in a privilege speechrecently. RepresentativeBarinaga of Zamboanga del Norte spoke at the Lower House seeking measures tocheck what he said was the
unregulated outow of critical
skills and talents affecting thecountry’s strategic industries:aviation, electronics, ship- ping, steel, petrochemical, andtelecommunications.These are mission-critical personnel, meaning these are professionals whose skills are
vital in ying and maintain-
ing the safety of planes, inkeeping the electronics, steeland petrochemical factorieshumming and in keeping our 
ships oating safely at seas,
Barinaga explained.In his speech titled “Thesilent crisis: The hemorrhageof mission-critical skills,” theHouse Labor Committee chair cited the Philippine aviationindustry as example of the cri-
sis brought by labor outow.
Barinaga cited that whilethere are only 700 commercial pilots actively employed bythe industry, the Philippinescontinues to allow the exodusof these highly-skilled work-ers, threatening the supply of  pilots for domestic needs.“What is distressing newsfor us is that the growth in
aircraft eets is not matched
 by provisions for training new
 personnel to man these eets
of new aircraft,” Barinagasaid.He noted that since avia-tion industries in other coun-
Zena Sultana Babao
Msgr. GutierrezBen Maynigo
 Debt Deal Done Despite Differences & Difficult  Decision ... p. 20
August 5 - 11, 2011
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(Continued on page 6)(Continued on page 14)
Boracay hailed as one of theBest Islands in the World
PhilippineRadioAM 1450M-F 7-8 PM
The original and first Asian Journal in America
550 E. 8th St., Ste. 6, National City, San Diego County CA USA 91950 | Ph: 619.474.0588 | Fx: 619.474.0373 | Email: asianjournal@aol.com | www.asianjournalusa.com
PRST STDU.S. Postage PaidPermit No. 203Chula VistaCA 91910
San Diego’s first and only Asian Filipino weekly publication and a multi-award winning newspaper! Online+Digital+Print Editions to best serve you!
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August 5 - 11, 2011
by Loida Nicolas Lewis
I received an e-mail fromRodel Rodis requesting me,as Region Chair of the Na-tional Federation of FilipinoAmerican Associations tocoordinate the planning of aDay of Prayer for Peace anda Community Forum aboutthe Spratly Islands issue inRegion 10, which covers SanDiego, Imperial, Riversideand San Bernardino Counties.
In a fresh but ambiguous takeon ecotourism, travellers in thePhilippines can visit a remoteturtle sanctuary and then ven-ture into the heart of a nearbynuclear power plant.If tourists feel too weary tomake the three-hour bus drive back to Manila after their unique day of sightseeing, they
 Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (Photo by Jay Protacio Mendoza c2008)
The sandyshores of BoracayIsland in Aklanhave once again been recognizedinternationally,this time whenTravel + LeisureMagazine rankedit as the fourth best island in theworld in its an-nual “World’s Best Awards.”In Asia, Boracay is rankedsecond to Bali in Indonesia.
It was the rst time that
Boracay was recognized bythe magazine.
The survey was conducted
On Saturday, Sep-tember 3rd the SanDiego Padres will onceagain present their Filipino Night, in honor and recognition of thegrowing Filipino popu-lation in San Diego.The Padres will be upagainst the ColoradoRockies, with the game beginning at 5:35pm.Silk Road Produc-tions, the team behindthe Asian CulturalFestival and AMP Mu-sic Festival, as well aschair of the FilAmFest,is producing the Pre-Game EntertainmentShow from 3:20pm-5:20pm at the Park at thePark, right before the game.The Padres have cre-ated a special discountcode for people inter-ested in attending theFilipino Night, which
will enable signicant
discounts on select seats.The discount code willalso reward people witha FREE limited edi-tion Padres/Philippines beanie!Only people who purchase through thefollowing link and applythe special code will be
given the discount and thefree gift.
Fil-Am Artists Lead Pre-Game Festivities for 3rdFilipino Night with the San Diego Padres, Sept 3
Page 2 August 5 - 11, 2011 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
Loida NicolasLewis: A Dayof Prayer ...
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Legal Buzz
Law Ofces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
 by Atty. Aurora Vega-Buzon Esq.
Read Atty. Aurora Vega’s previous articles by visiting
our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
(Continued on page 6)
Visas Available As Of August 1, 2011
I believe in the power of prayer so I readily accepted the request,designating Ms. Myrna FarinasReyes to coordinate the event inSan Diego County. Plans are un-derway to contact our religiousand community leaders so thatwe can come together on August21 as a community to pray for  peace in the Spratly. The pro-gram will be announced later.Here is a general letter sent byLoida Lewis and Rodel Rodis,which they requested me tocirculate.Dear friend/kababayan, We are writing to ask youto pray. We know you do thatevery day anyway but we ask you to make a special prayer for  peace in the Spratlys. We requestyou to organize a prayer/townhall meeting in your communityon Sunday, August 21, 2011 to join more than 100 other com-munities in the U.S. that will be holding a Day of Prayer for Peace in the Spratlys. Pleaseinvite your friends, relatives andneighbors - as well as religious
leaders, elected ofcials and
community leaders - to join youin praying for a peaceful resolu-tion of the crisis in the Spratlysand in discussing the issues sur-rounding the dispute.Before you agree to our request,you will want to know why your  prayers are needed and what theyare for. The Spratly Islands consist of 450 islands, atolls and reefs inthe West Philippine Sea (SouthChina Sea) whose ownership has been contested by six countries.About 8 of these islands areclaimed by the Philippines as
August 2,2011 The scal year 
2011 limit for family-sponsored preference immigrants is 226,000and 140,000 visas for employment- based preference immigrants. Of the total 366,000 visas availableworldwide to all family and employ-ment sponsored immigrants, only7% or 25,620 visas is allotted as the per country maximum for preferenceimmigrants. The Philippines andMexico are 2 countries which areoversubscribed – there are more visa
 beneciaries than the visas allotted
 per country. Consequently, there is afurther regression for both family-sponsored, and employment-spon-sored immigrants, including nurses.Immediate relatives of a UScitizen - a parent, spouse or childunder 21 years – are not subject tothese numerical limitations and areimmediately entitled to visas. Thus,if you are not the spouse, nor a par-ent, nor a child under 21 years oldof a U.S. citizen - you are a “Prefer-ence Immigrant.” Also, if you are being petitioned as an immigrantworker, whether you are a scientistor a mechanic or a caregiver, you are
classied as a “Preference Immi
-grant”, but 1st and 2nd preferenceworkers always have visas immedi-ately available.
All beneciaries of approved im
-migrant petitions who are “Prefer-ence Immigrants” must wait for their  priority dates to get an immigrantvisa from the US consulate abroad;
or, if already in the US, to le for 
adjustment or green card with theImmigration Service (USCIS), as-suming they are eligible under someamnesty law like 245(i), etc.The “priority date” is the date of 
ling of the family petition; or the
immigrant petition (for 1st prefer-
Family- Spon-soredAll AreasExcept ThoseListedCHINA- main-land bornINDIAMEXICOPHILIPPINESF1
 Employment-Sponsored Preference Categories1st: Priority Workers (including spouse and children under 21)2nd: Advanced Degree Professionals or Exceptional Ability Aliens (including spouse and children under 21)3rd: Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers (including nurses, BS degree holders and caregivers and their respective spouses and children under 21)4th: Certain Special Immigrants5th: Employment Creation (investors in a targeted rural or high-unemployment area)
BasedAll Areas ExceptThose ListedCHINA- main-land bornINDIAMEXICOPHILIPPINES1
Other Workers
Certain ReligiousWorkers
5thTargeted Em-ployment Areas/Regional Ctrs andPilot Programs
ence workers, or nurses and physical
therapists); or the labor certication
application (for all other workers).So if your priority date is before thedate listed under your home coun-try, you are immediately entitled toget a visa from your country’s USEmbassy; or apply for adjustment/green card, if you are eligible. For employment-sponsored immigrants,“C” stands for current which meansvisas are immediately available and“U” stands for unavailable.
The Visa Bulletin for August 2011
shows the following dates for thePhilippines and other countries:Family-Sponsored PreferenceCategories1st: Unmarried Sons and Daugh-ters of Citizens2nd: Spouses and Children, andUnmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents, further classi-
ed as Spouses and Children (F2A)
and Unmarried Sons and Daughters21 years of age or older (F2B).3rd: Married Sons and Daughtersof Citizens (including all childrenunder 21 years)4th: Brothers and Sisters of AdultCitizens (including all childrenunder 21 years)On the chart below, “C” meanscurrent, which means visas are avail-
able; “U” means unavailable. Visas
are available only for visa applicantswhose priority date is earlier thanthe cut-off date listed.If you are a 3rd or 4th preferencefamily-sponsored immigrant or anemployment-sponsored immigrant(1st-4th) and you have children whoare over 21 years old, consult an at-
torney to nd out whether your child
is considered “under 21” under theChild Status Protection Act.
 Atty. Aurora Vega-Buzon is a partner in Chua Tinsay & Vega, A Professional Legal Corporation
(CTV) - a full service law rm withofces in San Francisco, San Diego
and Philippines. The information presented in this article is for gen-eral information only and is not, nor intended to be, formal legal advicenor the formation of an attorney-cli-ent relationship. Call or e-mail CTV  for an in-person or phone consulta-tion to discuss your particular situ-ation and/or how their services maybe retained at (619) 955-6277; (415)495-8088; auvega@ctvattys.com
WASHINGTON—Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitanoand U.S. Citizenship and Immigra-tion Services (USCIS) Director Alejandro Mayorkas today outlineda series of policy, operational, andoutreach efforts to fuel the nation’seconomy and stimulate investment by attracting foreign entrepreneurialtalent of exceptional ability or whootherwise can create jobs, formstartup companies, and invest capitalin areas of high unemployment. “The United States must continueto attract the best and brightest fromaround the world to invest their talents, skills, and ideas to grow our economy and create American jobs,”said Secretary Napolitano. “Today’sannouncements will help our nationfully realize the potential of existingimmigration laws.” “Current immigration laws supportforeign talent who will invest their capital, create new jobs for Ameri-can workers, and dedicate their 
DHS Secretary Na-politano Announc-es Initiatives ToPromote StartupEnterprises AndSpur Job Creation
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com August 5 - 11, 2011
"L i l i iiii li i iii l l li i ii i i ii ll li ii liii i l i i i l li ill l i ll i i i i i l i iilli i i l"" iii i i i l i l li i i ill i ii i i i ili i i l i l i i i i i l i i l i i i i li i l i iii li i i i ii l l ill i ii i i i i lii i l i l i i i i i l i i l i i i i l i
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