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Selangor Times Aug 5-7, 2011 / Issue 36

Selangor Times Aug 5-7, 2011 / Issue 36

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Published by Selangor Times
Community paper in Selangor
Community paper in Selangor

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Published by: Selangor Times on Aug 05, 2011
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August 5 — 7, 2011
issue 36
Tax rebatesoon or PJgreen homes
rights tofreedom of assembly 
12 & 13
in the dark,faced witheviction
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 Thumbs-upfor EC roll petitiongrant
 Alvin Yap
shah alam:
Election watchdogsare welcoming Selangor’s move to setaside RM1 million or the public tochallenge irregularities in the elec-toral roll.Te grant is being lauded by Malay-sians or Free and Fair Elections (Ma-rel) and the Coalition or Free and FairElections (Bersih 2.0).Te move by the state come in the wake o allegations that oreigners with permanent-resident status are being given MyKad or citizenship and are be-ing registered to vote.“It is justifed,” said Marel chairper-son Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, who addedthat the initiative was important asthose who detect discrepancies can usethe unds to fle cases to the ElectionCommission (EC).Te electoral roll has also been criti-cised or being inaccurate and outdated,and or containing names o deceased.“Tere are a lot o doubts and con-cerns about the electoral roll,” said SyedIbrahim.He pointed out that the public, ratherthan political parties, stands to beneftrom the und, as fling a challenge to theEC on irregularities ound in the elec-toral roll costs RM10 per name.an Sri Khalid Ibrahim announcedthe grant on Wednesday. Te unds canbe used by those who fnd discrepanciesin the electoral roll in Selangor con-stituencies.“Te state government is concerned byongoing complaints regarding irregulari-ties o the electoral roll and the registra-tion o new voters,” the Menteri Besar saidduring a post-exco meeting.Tis week, online news portal
carried an expose that a permanentresident, one “Mismah”, had been addedto the voter roll in a matter o hours.
Choo Hock Son, 88,arriving at the pollingcentre in a trolleywith the aid o hisneighbour to cast hisvote in Pulau Ketam'shistoric village head
lcti lst Sd.
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‘Ensure rolls arecurrent and error-free’
(603) 5510 4566
(603) 5523 1188
KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling,Basil Foo, Alvin Yap, Gho Chee Yuan, Brenda Ch’ng
Nick Choo, James Ang
 Jimmy C. S. Lim, Chin Man Yen
Timothy Loh, Ivan Looi
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
July 22 — 24, 2011
Te report said she was a permanentresident with a red MyKad but was is-sued a blue MyKad our hours laterollowing checks with the online Na-tional Registration Department (NRD)system. When her name and her MyKadnumber were entered into the EC online verication system, Mismah appearedas a newly registered voter.Khalid insisted the public had theright to demand an electoral roll that isree rom irregularities.Echoing Khalid’s call, Syed Ibrahimsaid the government’s move was a stepin the right direction. He said thegroup had encountered a case where 60individuals were listed to be residing inone house.“When we arrived at the address, weound only six persons on the list staying at the house,” he said.Syed Ibrahim pointed out that atRM10 per name, it would have cost the petitioner RM600 to le the case.Te chairperson and co-ounder o the polls watchdog said such cases were prevalent as Marel had encountered thesituation “many times” since its ound-ing in 2003.He said the public was more con-cerned that oreign residents are being included in the voter rolls and given theright to vote.It is an issue o democracy when il-legal migrants are given the right to vote,he said.On Wednesday, Pakatan Rakyat MPsgave Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razakseven days to call an emergency parlia-mentary sitting this month to debate theissue o permanent residents who havebeen registered as voters.Bersih 2.0 has also came out to sup-
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State probesraid on church
 Alvin Yap
he SelangorIslamic Aairs Department (Jais)has been told to account or a raidon a church in Petaling Jaya during a multiracial dinner on Wednes-day night.an Sri Khalid Ibrahim said heregretted the incident and has in-structed Jais to prepare a report.Te Menteri Besar has also spo-ken to the Damansara UtamaMethodist Church’s (DUMC)senior pastor Daniel Ho about theincident.“I called personally and toldhim that the state has instructed Jais to provide a ull report detail-ing the incident, including their justications or their actions thatnight.
 Wong: Selangor not facing water crisis
Te state has re-uted the orecast by a water conces-sionaire that taps will run dry withcurrent usage patterns.his is because the data is out-dated as the study was commissionedin 2000, and was based on economicgrowth that has slowed down sincethe global economic crisis o 2009.“Te projected water shortages will not happen,” said Elizabeth Wong 
during a post-state exco press conerence on Wednesday.Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor(Syabas) chie Datuk Lee Miang Koihad claimed recently that taps would run dry with a surge in de-mand or water.he state executive councillor pointed out that Syabas and Putra- jaya were relying on the National Water Resources Study (NWRS),commissioned by the Economic
To place your
Timothy Loh
019-267 4488,
Ivan Looi
014-936 6698
Planning Unit over a decade ago.he NWRS study said waterconsumption in 2010 would be rom500-1,224 litres per capita per day(l/c/d).However, Wong said the gure was inated and higher than othermajor cities like Singapore (328l/c/d), Sydney (214 l/c/d) and evenNew York City (420 l/c/d).She said Selangor was commis-sioning its own water managementstudy to ascertain the amount usedby consumers, and said preliminarygures suggested that current anduture water usage in the state wouldbe 30% lower than the NWRS num-bers.She reiterated that Selangor’s ownstudy showed that there is sucient water production with additionalreserve capacity. Wong claimed that the inatedestimates were also used as a basis to justiy the costly Pahang-Selangor Water ranser Project, which couldsee water taris in the state balloon.She said Non-Revenue Water – wastage and water leakage throughold water inrastructure – was one o the reasons or the discrepancy indemand estimates between Syabasand Selangor.“I that is the case, Syabas has beenunable to contain its gross waterlosses,” Wong said. Wong also slammed the waterconcessionaire or suggesting that anincrease in water taris would pre- vent water wastage and reduce de-mand and usage.She pointed out that the hike intaris would be passed on toratepayers. Wong nevertheless advisedconsumers to be wise and prudent inusing water, saying one way to addressthe issue was to adopt recycling andrainwater harvesting methods. port the move by the stategovernment.“We are even considering the possibility o utilising theunds or our own petitionsto the EC,” said chairpersonDatuk Ambiga Sreenevasanin a phone interview.She said the state shouldnow ollow up by publishing the erms o Reerence toidentiy which kind o voterirregularity cases can be ledto qualiy or the unds.“Does the unding includeall kinds o voter raud?” she asked.Bersih 2.0 has also expressed concernsabout multiple persons registered undera single address, or nonexistent addresseson the electoral roll.Bersih 2.0 steering committee mem-ber Wong Chin Huat said Selangor wastaking positive steps to address the serious problem o ast-tracking oreigners to permanent residency and allowing themthe right to vote.He pointed out that it was the EC’sand NRD’s responsibility to ensure thatresidency and voter rolls are current anderror-ree. Wong suggested that petitionersshould also lodge police reports againstany voter irregularities, with the view thatthe move is illegal and unconstitutional.“I anyone inds their voting areachanged, say, rom Petaling Jaya to Sub-ang Jaya without their approval, someoneis tampering with public and private re-cords,” he said.In light o that, he said giving oreign-ers permanent-resident statusand registering them as voters was “treason”.“Someone or some groupis allowing oreigners to gaincitizenship. It’s same as selling rights, a danger to our sover-eignty,” he explained.he EC on Wednesdayreuted claims that perma-nent residents have beenregistered as voters in thelatest drat supplementaryelectoral rolls.Its chairperson, AbdulAziz Yuso, urther denied that theirstatus had been “upgraded” to that o citizens in just a ew hours in the NRDonline verication system, as claimed inthe news reports.He reiterated that only Malaysians canapply to register as voters, and shifed theblame to the NRD, saying it was techni-cal negligence on the department’s part.Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya Utara MPony Pua also welcomed the substantialRM1 million und that Shah Alam issetting up.He pointed out that political parties, who are obviously concerned over voterirregularities in the electoral rolls, do nothave the nancial means to support sucha project.Pua said the state government shouldalso identiy a pool o lawyers and otherlegal experts on electoral-raud cases tosupplement the initiative.“We need people to evaluate the cases we are going to le with the EC when thetime comes,” he said.
pu: nd xtst vlut thcss.
“I hope to meet the pastor againonce the report is completed,” saidKhalid in a press statement.A group o ocers rom Jais andthe police raided the DUMCbuilding in Section 13 during athanksgiving dinner or HarapanKomuniti social workers. Jais has questioned Malay guestsat the dinner.Khalid said the state viewed theincident seriously as Selangor ullyrespects reedom o religion andthe rights o religious groups tomanage their aairs.“Selangor is always open to en-gagement and dialogue to reachharmonious and mutually respect-ul coexistence among dierentreligious communities,” he said.Ho yesterday told the press thatbetween 20 and 30 religious o-cers and police personnel had en-tered its Dream Centre premises without warrant.Tey subjected guests, including Muslims,to ques-tioning, he said.Ho said not all o the enorce-ment ocers had been in uniorm,and they ailed to produce a copyo the complaint when asked.“We call on all Malaysians notto condone this breach o reedomo assembly and association as provided by provided Article 10 o the Federal Constitution o Malay-sia, but to live in mutual trust andlove, to promote peace, harmonyand unity in the true spirit o 1Ma-laysia,” he said.Te pastor said the dinner wasattended by 120 guests o all races,including 15 Malays.he dinner was non-religiousand was to celebrate the work o  volunteers among HIV/AIDSsuerers and victims o naturaldisasters.
August 5 — 7, 2011
Selangor welcomes Aussie investments
Selangor welcomes Australianbusinesses along with assurances that the state willdo all it can to acilitate investments here.“Australians can make Selangor the gateway toAsean countries where markets are large and
MB: Be prudentduring Ramadan
Funds forRamadan
An Industrial Business Park rev
elation awaits you!
2 & 3 StoreyIndustrial Business Lot
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACTTEL : 03-5124 9233 / 016-710 0529FAX : 03-5124 9633
- 23 units Shop Office & 22 units Terrace Factory- Contemporary and funconal facade design- Premier locaon, fronng KESAS highway- 22' feet ceiling height with versale space- High visibility and exposure- Great investment for high capital appreciaon
- Individual li serving each unit- Free SPA legal fee
- 7
% Bumiputra Discount
Fronting KESAS Highway
@Shah Alam
Developer :
Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor D.E.www.sunbuilddevelopment.comNo. 22-1, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Q31/Q,
at Kota Kemuning,
an Sri Khalid Ibrahim urgedMuslims to be thriy when planning their personaland amily expenditure during the asting month.Te Menteri Besar reminded his ellow Muslimsto be moderate and mindul as they prepare or HariRaya, and avoid excessive spending on meals whilebreaking their ast.“ake advantage o Ramadan to enhance andimprove our [spirituality],” said Khalid said in a pressstatement issued on Aug 1, the rst day o Ramadan.He also encouraged Muslims to take theopportunity to share knowledge and stories aboutIslam with non-Muslims.“Hopeully this will instill tolerance and ostercloser relationships among us all,” he said.In addition, Khalid urged Muslims not to useRamadan as an excuse or tardiness in work.“o be honest and trustworthy in work is a virtue,”he said.“May this Ramadan bring us more enlightenmentand strength to be the best and most aithul servantso Allah in everything we do,” Khalid added.Te Menteri Besar wishes every Muslim “selamatberpuasa”.
Brenda Ch’ng
Mosques andsurau were among the parties that received atotal o RM35,400 in aidrom the state last Satur-day in conjunction withthe asting month.Te state unds werehanded out by Sri Anda-las assemblyperson Dr Xavier Jayakumar.Also receiving the aid were two Islamic schools,two residents associations(RA) and two Parent-eacher Associations(PIBG), in addition to the33 surau and ve mosquesin the constituency here.“he aid is a tokenrom the state and can bespent on ood or necessi-ties during the asting month,” said Dr Xavier.Each mosque andsurau was given RM500and RM300 respectively, while the Kampung Pan-dan and elok MenegunIslamic schools each re-ceived RM10,000.Te PIBG o SekolahRendah Agama Kg Jawaand SMK Sri Andalas were given RM1,000each, and RM500 wasgiven to the RA o amanBunga and aman Bukit Jadi each.Boxes o dates werealso distributed to allmosques and surau in ad-dition to the nancial aid.“I’m thankul or theunds. It may seem like asmall amount, but thereis plenty we can do withit i used wisely,” saidelok Menegun villagechie Mohd Sadek Wali.Te 61-year-old, whohas nine surau and amosque in his area, hasbeen receiving the Rama-dan unds since 2008.However, the alloca-tion will only be enoughor ood, but not or re- pairs or maintenance o the mosque and surau.Tere are several oldermosques and surau thathave holes in the roosthat need to be repaired.Ofcers rom the Pub-lic Works Department,the Klang District Ofceand other governmentdepartments were onhand to address theircomplaints directly.“I hope their issues will be noted and tackledby heads o those depart-ments immediately,” saidDr Xavier. welcoming,” said eresa Kok during a visit to thecountry last week.he state executive councillor or investment,trade and industry met investors in several cities.She said the political situation in Malaysia wasstable due to warm relations between the ederaland state governments. While in Melbourne, Kok attended a dinner with Members o Parliament rom Victoria, andmembers o the Australia Malaysia BusinessCouncil and Melbourne City Council.Also present were Malaysian consul-general DrMohd Rameez Yahaya and Sydney-based MalaysianInvestment Development Authority director(Investment) A Khairuddin.Kok also held meetings in Brisbane and Sydneyto promote Selangor.
Kok speaking during a dinner to promote investments in Selangor.

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