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Wyoming Wing - Aug 2008

Wyoming Wing - Aug 2008

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Published by CAP History Library
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: CAP History Library on Aug 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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August 2008
see str  pae 26 . . .
W W
The Wyoming Wings is an autho-rized magazine published threetimes a year in the interest of themembers of Wyoming Wing,Civil Air Patrol. The printers
are a private rm in no way con
nected with the Department of the Air Force or Civil Air Patrol.
Opinions expressed by the pub-
lishers and writers are their ownand not to be considered ofcial
expression by Civil Air Patrol or
the Air Force. The appearance of advertisements in this publica
tion, including supplements andinserts, does not constitute an
endorsement by Civil Air Patrol
or the Department of the AirForce of products and services
 Wyom WC Ar PatroBd. 233Warre AFB(307) 773-4519Fax (307) 773-4783
Wyom WC Ar PatroP. O. Box 9507Cheyee, WY 82003-9507W Commader
Clel sta skabut
1t Lt. Jeae ste-Huter 
For formato oaderts rates ad space,pease ca1-800-635-6036
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Commander’s Corner 
sta skrabut, Cl., CAP, W W Cader 
Since the last issue, wehave had a couple of signicantevents with more to come. In amoment I will speak about thoseevents; I would also like to take
a moment to give our members
some tasks to focus upon.As I mentioned, we had anumber of significant eventswith others coming soon. InApril, we held the WyomingWing conference in the Plains
Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming.Members from all over our great
State came together to learn andcelebrate. We were also hosts to
distinguished guests from ourregion and national headquar-ters. Col. Chazell, our region
commander, attended, alongwith Marie Neese, our nationalmembership director. Theoverall consensus was that theconference was professionally
prepared and delivered. A big
thanks goes out to 2nd Lt. ChrisAllen, who was the conferencecoordinator. Wyoming wingmembers also were very suc
cessful in the awards category;
Senior Member of the Year for
2007 was Major BJ Carlson,Cadet of the Year was C/CaptainJeremiah Longo, other awardswill be listed further on in themagazine. I do want to point outthat 1st Lt. Jeanne Stone-Hunterreceived the Region PublicAffairs Ofcer of the Year andthe Finance Ofcer of the Yearawards. Major Elden Carpenterreceived the Region LogisticianOfcer of the Year Award, andLt. Col. Eric Davis earned theRegion Jack Sorenson CadetPrograms Officer of the YearAward. In August, we will seewhat other awards our wing hasbeen awarded. Due to populardemand, we will hold our nextconference in the fall of 2009.I look forward to seeing all of 
your there, even though it may
still snow.In June, we had another
survey-audit. MSgt. Holnesstraveled up to give us a good
look over. Through the hardwork of Major Barker, Lt. Col.McDonald, Col. Morton, andMajor Schein, we improved
It’s 0300 in the morning,Wednesday, 25 March 08, and
the phone starts ringing. We’ve
(BJ & I) had things like this hap
pen occasionally and it’s always
been some FAX signals trying to
make out with our FAX machineso we generally just let thingsslide and don’t answer any more.The answering machine picks itup and we hear: “Mike, this isJohn Burkett. We’ve got a mis
-sion, and need a Ground Team”.
Dam_! I look at the clock andit’s 0300 plus some change. Just3 hours before I’d put down thebook and turned off the light. BJand I had gotten home from the
Cody Cadet Squadron meetinga bit later than usual, 0. A
replay of that night’s TV shows(it’s amazing how 2 hours of TV programs can be whittleddown to an hour when you cut
 B majr mke Carl
Let’sGet Go-in’ 
out commercials) then jump intobed and read until the book fallsfrom the hands. I look over at BJ
and say,
“let’s et o-’”
I go to the computer and reit up (We use Skype computerprogram exclusively for callinglong-distance) and give JohnBurkett a call back. AFRCC hashad 2 Search and Rescue (SAR)
satellite hits in the same area
(N45º 07.4’ W108º 37.6’), about7 miles north of the WY/MT
border in the Pryor Mountains.
The search is for a PA28 Piper,tail number N0432RM, pilotedby Andrew Scheffer, for whichno ight plan had been led, butis believed on flight was fromBillings, MT, to Powell, WY,and no Ground Team (GT) or
plane from Montana Civil Air
Patrol (CAP) can get there.Sure, why not… now to geta crew together. I let BJ callthe cadets; they’re her crew ascommander, not mine. C/Capt.Longo doesn’t answer his cellphone and C/2nd Lt. Zubik’s callwakes his dad and in-turn Coreygets the wake-up alarm from hisdad and a reply, “OK”. We needfour to make up a Ground Team.Let’s call Capt. Rita Malone.
She is qualified Ground Team
Leader (GTL) and can make
our fourth. She is a trooper and
agrees to complete the GroundTeam (GT) roster.As BJ was calling I take careof getting equipment ready - 24hr. packs, charge up communi
cations radios and DirectionalFinding (DF) equipment, etc.When she finishes we changeplaces. Maps!!! - the life blood
of a Ground Team. We only
have the “Wyoming Atlas &Gazetteer” which does no goodfor mountain terrain (MT). Ibring-up “Topozone” on thecomputer and plug in the Lat/ Long of the SAR Sat hits. I decide
Continued . . .

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