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Published by: william_mac_creations on Aug 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and reshape your body, and the 999 Diet isgoing to make sure you do. You’re going to slim down and clean up, but you have tofollow through. It’s not always easy to make that 180-degree change in your habits, but if you apply yourself to system closely and stick to it you will change every aspect of your life so that you can obtain (and keep) the dream figure you’ve always wanted.With this breakthrough interval based diet you will adjust your eating habits, becomemore self-disciplined, and learn how to control your nutrition intake. You will also gain ahigher understanding of how food affects your mind and body.It’s going to be a wild ride, but the results are going to be worth it. So go ahead and takea deep breath, set your eyes on the prize, and get ready to transform into the personyou’ve always wanted to – THIS is the 999 Diet journey.
Our 9 Beliefs
Weight Loss:
Losing weight is the number one priority behind this system. It’stime to look in the mirror and feel good about what you see. It’s time to strutdown the street knowing heads are turning. It’s time to hop back into thosefavorite skinny jeans of yours and show them off in a crowd. If you believe it, youcan do it through this system
Quick Results:
Don’t wait around for months to see results. With the 999 Dietyou’ll begin dropping the pounds in less than 9 days. Because of our interval based diet you will be able to see results insanely fast.
Keeping it Natural:
There is nothing healthy about processed foods filled withchemicals, so that’s why we like to keep it all natural. You’ll feel good knowingthat everything consumed in the 999 Diet is healthy, natural, and great for your  body!
You’ve been putting your body through hell, now it’s time to give it a break. Get rid of all those nasty toxins that have been building up in your systemlending to your aches, pains, and even depression. We’re going to clean your system out and make it brand new so you will think more clearly, operate moreoptimally, and look better than you ever have before.
Losing weight never tasted so delicious. We’ve formulated a myriad of choices for your daily routine, so drink up, dig in, and drop that weight whilesatisfying those taste buds.
Discover how your body reacts to different produce and naturallytransform your eating habits. This increases your nutritional awareness. You will begin consuming the things that make you feel good so that you will continuelosing weight after the program has concluded. In fact, you probably won’t wantto go back to junk food because your body will feel so amazing without it.
Synergistic Progress:
To ensure that you don’t fall behind, our green intervalsystem will keep you seeing results on a daily, weekly, and monthly cycle. Theinterval system has long been implemented into physical training, and now thatsame effective philosophy has been applied to the 999 Diet making it vehementlymore effective than other diets. No other diet does what the 999 system does.Many of our participants have reported never feeling better and seeing more rapidresults than they experience in this groundbreaking system.
We could all use a little more simplicity in our lives, that’s why wechose to keep the 999 Diet as simple as possible. Don’t sweat the small stuff; justget powerful results without all the hassle. Anyone can do the 999 Diet as long asthey stay the system and keep up with it.
By the end of this diet, you will have developed a new set of eatinghabits and will know how to maintain the healthy, beneficial lifestyle you’veacquired. That way you will continue to live the 999 philosophy of good health.You will keep your new look for the rest of your life and never defect back to thelifestyle you used to lead, which caused you to have problems in the first place.The 999 Diet system isn’t a one-time occurrence, it’s a lifestyle you will take withyou for the rest of your life.
Why Juice?
The 999 Diet is based on rotating intervals of juice consumption in place of food. Sowhat are the benefits of a juice diet and how does it help you lose weight quickly? Let’sfind out.
Recycle Free:
Freeing your body from digesting things it doesn’t need, such as the pulp parts of food, which makes your digestive system work in overload just tothrow it away in the end, allows your system the much needed break it deserves.This cleanses your body and heals your system.
Pure Enzyme:
One of the extraordinary benefits of drinking fresh juice (especiallyin the 999 Diet) is the enzyme value it contains. You see, your digestive systemuses enzymes to convert the food you eat into energy and other materials the bodyrequires. It transforms carbs to glucose, protein into amino acids and so on. For healthy digestion, your body relies off enzymes like the ones contained in juice.In the 999 Diet, our juice drinks contain highly beneficial pure enzymes, which provide a constant supply for your body. This will keep your body satisfiedwithout making you hungry, while simultaneously causing you to lose weightquickly and clean your system.
The Energy Symptom:
Who doesn’t love a little more energy, pep, and vitality intheir lives? Now… who doesn’t love A LOT more? With the 999 Diet, the juicecycles allow you higher energy levels due to your improved digestion. Since your  body doesn’t have to waste energy processing food it doesn’t need, that effort will be transferred to your mind and your body.
You’ll be feeling “so fresh and so clean” on our juice diet on a mentaland physical level. Many of the participants of the 999 Diet system report feelingcleaner, more energized, and refreshed all around. They said they felt a boost of self-confidence and even a greater optimisim in their everyday lives. No one likesto feel dirty, and sluggish, but with the 999 Diet system you will feel spritely andengaged.
Full Belly Policy:
The 999 Diet is not a fast. You are not depriving your body of the nutrients and food it needs. The juice recipes we use contain a high nutritionalvalue and are made out of real fruits, vegetables, and nuts, which will leave youfeeling full and satisfied every time.
High Nutritional Spectrum:
Our juice system is providing you with a wholespectrum of natural produce, effectively covering everything your body needs to be healthy and happy.
Raw Power:
Because our fresh juice contains raw produce aiding in an easier digestion process (unlike cooked food that forces your body to work harder) youwill receive raw power straight from the source!
Boring, bland, and dull don’t cut it with the 999 Diet – we’re full of flavor!The juices you drink throughout this course are filled with a gigantic array of deliciousness you can choose and pick from.
Be Light:
Get rid of the fatigue and over-stuffed feeling that comes with eating ahuge meal. You will never find yourself at home taking an antacid whilemumbling, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”. Even if you drink too much of our juice you will still feel full of energy and vitality.
The Formula
The backbone of the 999 Diet is our breakthrough interval formula. By following theseeasy-to-understand cycles, you will begin losing weight and changing your eating habitsquickly with the graduated process and personal tracking system. As long as you stay onthis formula you WILL see results. Believe in yourself and stay the program because the

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