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Connections August 2011

Connections August 2011

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The August 2011 edition of the Charter Oak State College Newsletter
The August 2011 edition of the Charter Oak State College Newsletter

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Published by: Charter Oak State College on Aug 05, 2011
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Charter Oak State COllege NeWSletteraUgUSt 2011 VOl. XXXV NO. 2
ink Green
e President’s Take
Disaster Management 
 Alumni Spotlight 
Helpin’ Out 
550 Receive Diplomas During 2011Commencement Ceremony 
U.S. Afghanistan Advisor IsHonorary Degree Recipient
In contrast to the unemployedstatus of most 2011 graduates of traditional colleges and universities,a majority of the 550 students whoreceived Charter Oak degrees duringthe College’s June 5 graduationceremony are working adults. Theircollege experiences reect those of most Charter Oak alumni who madepersonal commitments to completetheir degrees following educationhiatuses. The graduating class of onlinelearners, whose average age is 39,currently hold positions within abroad spectrum of employmentenvironments including business,industry, government and the elds of health care, public safety, informationtechnology and education. Womenmake up 60% of the Charter Oak classof 2011. One-third of the members of the class live outside of Connecticut. They reside in 37 states and fourforeign countries. The youngest classmember is 16; the oldest is 70.
Grads Go Green –Recycled Plastic MakesFashion Statement 
It took an average of 23 plasticbottles to create each gown wornby Charter Oak graduates attendingJune commencement exercises. Itwas all part of the ‘go green’ eortthat produced a green graduationenvironment for members of theclass of 2011. This year, the college introducedthe GreenWeaver™ cap and gowncoordinates that bedecked eachstudent who marched down thegraduation aisle. We’re told that
Makesa Color Connection
We’re brightening up your readingexperience!
has gone fullcolor. Beginning with this issue, youralumni newsletter takes on a newvibrancy. We’ve given our photos morelife. We’ve ‘dressed’ things up with thehope that reading
willnow bring you even greater enjoymentthan before. Of course, our editorialcontent will continue to focus on ouralumni by updating you on your alumniassociation, your fellow alums andnews about new Charter Oak initiatives.Enjoy!
carbon dioxide gas emissions arereduced by some 55 percent whenfabric is manufactured from a plasticbase versus manufacturing with virginpolyester and that the use of thermalrecycled energy – like that used toproduce the graduation gowns –saves expended energy by 52 percent.Additionally the plastic-based gowns’fabric is softer to the touch and morebreathable than traditional polyesterfabric (and we all know about thepositives of ‘non-traditional’, don’t we?).Also new, this year, were the colorfulgreen and white tassels that accom-panied each graduate’s mortar board.Even ‘tagless’ size labels were a 2011gown feature. All gown sizes werestamped onto the ‘green’ gown mate-rial using soy ink.So, it looks like a green precedent hasbeen set for future graduations. Whoknows, cap and gown colors mayeven take a turn for the green in theyears ahead.
Next Generation Programs
I am writing this in the days afterour 2011 graduation exercises. Wehad a record number of graduatesattend the ceremony, and they andtheir families lled the auditoriumwith ‘joyful noise.’ Now it is time toturn our eyes forward and continueour work at “growing the nation’sworkforce one graduate at a time.” Toward that end, weare pursuing several exciting programmatic ideas.As the state nishes its budgetfor next year, and the plans forreorganizing our sector emerge,we are working to bring threenew programs forward. Therst is our graduate programin Organizational Eectiveness. This new degree level and the program, itself, have longbeen desired by our graduates. I can’t begin to count thenumber of our graduating students who asked me, oncommencement Sunday, when Charter Oak would oer amaster’s degree. We think this is it.On the undergraduate level, we have spent the past yearengaged in market research to identify the programsthat would provide access to emerging jobs. We hireda company experienced in such research to guide oureorts, and they identied a set of jobs that would beavailable in the coming ve years, both in-state andbeyond. Then we asked them to survey 750 adultswho were looking for a bachelor’s degree about theirviews regarding those programs, the subject of onlinelearning and Charter Oak. From the ensuing resultswe identied Health Information Management as ournext focus. This program will align well with our currentHealth Care Administration oerings, as well as our IT concentration. From what we have been hearing, thehealth industry is nally serious about moving its recordsinto databases that allow those records to be stored,accessed, and transferred safely and quickly. This work willrequire a new generation of workers with IT and healthcare backgrounds. We believe this is a perfect niche forCharter Oak.And our most ambitious project involves our rst-named program. Charter Oak State College is workingon a partnership agreement with a world-renownedpioneer in the eld of personal computing, innovationand technology. This programwill be positioned as thenation’s premier technologyand innovation degree programproviding the next generationof technologists skills, tools, andknowledge to deal with the eldof emerging technologies andinnovation. It will be a bachelor’s level program, but ithas the capability to grow to the Master’s level and downinto K-12. We even have hopes to engage the Science/ Museum sector to create content that we can deliverto the K-12 world. As I said, this is an ambitious project,but it is the sort of creative programming that CharterOak was invented to provide. Stay tuned for a majorannouncement regarding this exciting new endeavor.Enjoy your summer. We will be busy working to makeyour College the best that it can be.
Ed Klonoski President 
“… this is an ambitious project,but it is the sort of creative  programming that Charter Oak was invented to provide.” 
Congratulations Graduates! 
 To the 550 members of the class of 2011 who recently joined the ranks of Charter Oak alumni – congratulations,and welcome to a distinguished club!One hundred seventy-ve grads andtheir families joined us in Connecticutfor this year’s commencementceremony – the most ever attendinggraduation in person – and animpressive number considering thefact that so many members of theclass reside in distant locations acrossthe country.As a Charter Oak grad, you are noweligible to join the College’s AlumniAssociation, an organization dedicatedto making a dierence in the lives of current graduates and future CharterOak students. The primary purposeof the Association is to provideprofessional and social opportunitiesfor its members; to support graduatesin furthering their education andcareers; and to advance the reputationof the College.For only $15 a year (or $150 fora lifetime membership) you canbecome an Alumni Associationmember and enjoy all advantagesmembership provides. (Please visit
, andclick the ‘Membership’ box at the topof the page. A membership packagewill be mailed to you.) The Alumni Association is coming o a very productive year, and we aregearing up for more social and career-enhancing events in the year ahead.During the past year, we partneredwith the Student Association to bringprofessionals representing a variety of career environments to the College. These experts addressed ways inwhich alumni could make the mostof their Charter Oak experience inan ever-changing jobmarket. We also heldan informative, onlinealumni chat targetingprospective students,and we hosted awonderful dinnerand theatre eventin Connecticut thatbrought Charter Oak alumni, faculty and sta together for a delightfulevening.We hope you willseriously considermembership in theAlumni Association.Your participation willsolidify our support forthe College and allow usto expand the quantity and qualityof events that will benet all alumni.If you have interest in serving onthe Association’s board, we wouldwelcome your participation. Youneedn’t live in geographic proximityto Connecticut. Many of our boardmembers have productivelyparticipated from a distance.Finally, we are continually in theprocess of updating our databaseof alumni mailing addresses, emailsand phone numbers. If your contactinformation has recently changed,or if you’re a new graduate and havenot yet provided your permanentcontact information, please go to
toupdate. We want to remain in touchwith you!Meanwhile, we’d very much like youto help swell the ranks of the CharterOak Alumni Association, a dedicatedorganization that plays a key rolein supporting the College and thespecialized services it provides adultsstudents.
Carlo Esidore
President, Charter Oak State College Alumni Association
Nancy Taylor 
 Assistant Director of Alumni Relationsand Corporate Recruitment 
Greetings From Your Alumni Association…
Chuck Albert 
, EditorState of Connecticut
Dannel P. Malloy 
, GovernorBoard for State Academic Awards
Ed Klonoski 
, Executive DirectorIssued semi-annually by the Board for StateAcademic Awards for alumni and friendsof Charter Oak State College.
aUgUSt 2011 • VOlUme XXXV, NUmber 2

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