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Alternative Centres of Power

Alternative Centres of Power



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Published by Ramita Udayashankar
Contemporary World Politics, Class XII Political Science
Contemporary World Politics, Class XII Political Science

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Published by: Ramita Udayashankar on Aug 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alternative Centres of power1 mark What are the pillars of ASEAN?There are three pillars of ASEAN.
ASEAN Security Community
ASEAN Economic Community
ASEAN Socio-Culture Community
Which two members of EU hold permanent seats in UN council?
Britain and France hold permanent seats in UN council.
Which region was taken over by China in 1950?
Tibet was taken over by China in 1950.
Name the emerging alternative centres of power that limit the dominanceof America in world politics?
The European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are thetwo emerging alternative centers of power that limit the dominance of America inworld politics.
Which organisation was established under the Marshall plan?
The Organisation for European Economic Cooperation was established under theMarshall Plan in 1948.
In which economic institution, India and China have adopted similar policies?
India and china have adopted similar policies of the World Trade Organisation.
When did ASEAN come into existence?
ASEAN which stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations came into existenceon August 8, 1967.
Which agreement was signed on January 28, 1992?
The ASEAN free trade agreement was signed on January 28, 1992. It accounts for over 96 percent of all ASEAN trade. The first six signatories of the CommonEffective Preferential Tariff scheme for the ASEAN Free Trade Area have reducedtheir tariffs on intra-regional trade to no more than five percent for almost all productsin the inclusion list or removed them altogether.
Who proposed ‘Four Modernizations’ in 1973 in china?
Premier Zhou Enlai proposed ‘four modernizations’ in 1973 in china.
What do you mean by ‘four modernizations’?
’Four Modernization’s are agriculture, industry, science and technology.
Which slogan was popular before the conflict of 1962 between India and China?
The slogan “Hindi- Chini Bhai Bhai” was popular before the conflict of 1962.
What is OEEC?
Organization for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC) was established tocanalize US aid to Europe under the Marshall plan. OEEC converted in forum whereEuropean countries started to cooperate on trade and economic issues.
What are the aims of EU?
The EU was founded for a common foreign and security policy, cooperation on justice and home affairs and creation of a single currency.
When was ASEAN founded and who were its founders.
ASEAN was founded in 1967 in Bangkok. Five countries of South East Asia,Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine and Singapore were the founders of ASEAN.
What are Zhou Enlai four modernizations?
Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai proposed four modernizations to boost Chineseeconomy.
Name the founder countries of ASEAN?
ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) was established by five countries-Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.
What is FTA?
The ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA) is an agreement signed by member nations of ASEAN which is concerned with local manufacturing in all ASEAN countries.
What are the aims of ASEAN?
The aims of ASEAN include the acceleration of economic growth, social progress,cultural development among its member countries and the promotion of regional peace.
What was the reason of armed clash in 1962 between India and China?
The territorial claims in Arunachal Pradesh and in the aksai-chin region of Ladakh both by India and China was the reason of armed clash in 1962.
Define European Union.
European Union is an international association formed by European nations in 1992 tofoster economic & defence cooperation.
Define SEZ’s.
Special Economic Zones created by countries to attract foreign investment byremoving trade barriers.
Define ASEAN.
Association of South East Asian Nations formed in 1967 to accelerate economicgrowth & social & cultural progress. It is based on sovereign equality of all nation.
2 marksWhat are the imbalances in Chinese society despite high growing economy?
While Chinese economy has improved dramatically, not everyone in China hasreceived the benefits of reforms. Unemployment is at its peak in China, with nearly100 million people are looking for job. Female employment and conditions of work are as bad as in Europe as in eighteen and nineteen centuries. Environmental
degradation and corruption have increased besides a rise in economic inequality between rural and costal and inland provinces.
Write the note on rise of China as centre of alternative power.
Contemporary China came into existence in 1949 after the communist revolution. Inthe beginning China adopted Soviet model. In 1978 after Mao China adopted marketeconomy system with its communist political system. Through this policy Chinainvited foreign companies and investment in China and maintain its relation with USand Europe. This policy gave boost to Chinese economy and China became secondlargest economy in 2007 after US.
What is Bandung conference?
After WWII there was a wide awareness of independence in the newly independentcountries. During cold war world had been divided in two blocs and these countriesdid not wanted to be a part of any blocs. Therefore 29 countries from Asia and Africagathered in Bandung in Indonesia in 1955 to set the agenda for new world systemafter WWII. In this conference participant countries focus on economic and culturalcooperation and oppose of colonialism.
Describe the economical influence of EU.
EU is the world’s biggest economy with a GDP of more than $12trillion in 2005which is larger than that of US.EU currency euro is emerging as most powerfulcurrency in the world and challenging the dominant position of US dollar. EU shareof world trade is three times larger than US. This huge share allowing EU to be moreassertive in trade dispute with the US and China. EU has also plays its important rolein international economic organization as World Bank, IMF and WTO.
Write a note on political and diplomatic power of EU.
EU has great political and diplomatic influence in world politics. Two members of EUare the permanent members of most powerful and arbitrator body on UN, UNSC.Many EU members are also non permanent members of UNSC. Thisinfluence enables the EU to influence some of US policies such as the current US position on nuclear issue of Iran. EU also play important role in human right andenvironment issues.
What is super national organization?
In history many time different groups of countries tried to maintain unity on the basisof common culture or interest. These organizations take the decision for the welfare of all people of the region or organization. In the supranational organizations decisionsare not base on any particular nation, race, colour and language. EU and ASEAN arethe best example of this type of organization.
Write a note on EU military influence.
Militarily, the EU combined armed forces are the second largest in the world. Its totalspending on defence is second to the US. Even the two important members of EU i.e.Britain and France have nuclear arsenals of approx. 550 nuclear warheads. It is thesecond most important source of space and communication technology.
Define European Union.
After the WWII European countries decided to unite economically, socially, culturallyand politically. In the beginning six countries Belgium, France, Germany, Italy,Luxembourg and Netherlands founded EU. In 1957 European Economic Community

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