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Lie Like a Woman

Lie Like a Woman

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Published by Mainak

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Published by: Mainak on Sep 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Lie Like A Woman
By Aceyjay BrownGet any book for free on:www.Abika.com 
Get any book for free on: www.Abika.com2
CHAPTER ONEI looked over at the clock. It was 5:00 a.m."You awake?""Naturally.""Thinking about a plot?""Not exactly..."There was a silence then and I could visualize her lying there in thedarkness, biting her lip.Bree always bites her lower lip when she's trying to make a decision. Somehowthis makes hersexier than she already is, which is considerably sexy to begin with, andvisualizing her doingthis made me visualize her doing other things."Richard?""What?""Charlie called today..."My visualizations vanished and I turned my back to her and pretended tosnore. Of course thisdid absolutely no good. She sat up abruptly in bed beside me and shook myshoulder, herexcitement palpable."Richard, listen to me! Charlie says they've uncovered something reallyimportant--""I don't want to hear about it.""You know that house they're reconstructing onAdams? Just up the block?""What about it?""Charlie says when they tore down the west wall today, they found askeleton!""Good night, Bree...""Oh, come on, Richard, I want to go see."Her green eyes were shining there in the dark and I had to smile. Shewas such a fine-boned,delicate creature, a nymph from some bygone era; no one would ever dream,looking at her, thatshe was so bloodthirsty. But then, I should have known. Our first date hadtaken place in a policemorgue."Why can't you make things up out of your head like other writers?""I'm not talented enough...Richard?...Don't play possom! I know youdon't have anythingscheduled for tomorrow, I checked with Rita."I made a mental note to fire Rita."Go by yourself. Or have Charlie take you. You don't need me."She snuggled up to my back, her small hands curling around my chest. Ofcourse she knewshe was irresistible, and my resistance factor was never very high anyway."I don't know why I have to come," I growled,without much conviction."Someone has to look out for the baby..." she cooed.* * *Ever since we've had Margaret, Bree has insisted on taking hereverywhere. When she was asmall baby this didn't present a particular problem; Bree just carried herpapoose-style in a
Get any book for free on: www.Abika.com3
backpack. Sometimes she got funny looks, but that's only because you don'tsee too many babiesat the scenes of savage crimes. But now that Margaret was a rambunctious two-year-old it wasbecoming more and more absurd. True, she's as cute as a button and couldcharm a rattlesnake,not a bad trait to have in a town as full of rattlesnakes as this one, butlately I've noticed that mycontacts are more reluctant to give me information and the Chief of Policeseems to wince everytime he sees me coming. I tell Bree it's about time we hired some help; sheignores me.So promptly at eight the next morning I'm bundling Margaret into her carseat, along with allher paraphernalia: diaper bag, animal crackers, extra rompers in case there'san accident(inevitable), three stuffed bears and a sexy silk nightgown I bought Bree forthat trip to Catalinawe never took. Margaret has taken to carrying the nightgown everywhere,referring to it as her"silky". I've tried weaning her away from it but it does no good. She's astenaciously attached toit as Linus is to his blanket.I honk the horn and Bree comes running out of the house, breathless. Sheis wide awake asusual; she never seems to sleep. Her hair, which I finally persuaded her togrow out last year,flounces in a smooth auburn rush around her shoulders, and she's wearing herglasses, whichalways means serious business. I sigh. What is it about this ridiculous womanI find soappealing? Admittedly I'm not the only one--I have never met anyone, man orwoman, who isn'tcrazy about Bree.She smiles radiantly at me. "Ready?"I shrug. She reaches over and squeezes my earlobe, one of her littlegestures. I always wonderwhen she does that whether she used to do the same thing to Charlie. Charlieis Bree'sex-husband, and my nemesis. Charlie doesn't realize that he's my nemesis;after all, they werealready divorced when I met Bree. As a matter of fact, if anyone asked him,Charlie would saythat he's my best friend. And he was, too, before I knew Bree. We workedtogether a lot in thedays when he first joined the force and I was the new boy at my dad's agency.I used to think hewas a pretty good cop, and after work there was this bar, the High Time,where we used to spendthe hours cruising the talent. That was the seventies, of course, wheneveryone did that:pre-Aids, pre-monogamy, etc. Charlie always scored, even though he wasbaldingand twenty pounds overweight. He looked like a guy. A real guy. Girls thoughthe was masculineyet harmless, and that was Charlie's strong-suit. Easy going, appealing in apuppy-dog way. I

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