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Destructive Magick and Consequences

Destructive Magick and Consequences

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Published by Timothy Waggener
A document concering the proper use of Destructive magick, how to defend yourself from 3fold law, and using proper morality in destructive magick for the benefit of The Great Worlk.
A document concering the proper use of Destructive magick, how to defend yourself from 3fold law, and using proper morality in destructive magick for the benefit of The Great Worlk.

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Published by: Timothy Waggener on Aug 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Destructive Magick and Consequences
A short explanation of the reality of:Karma, Destructive Magick, and Morality.
By: L.
Channeled Through: Timothy R. Waggener 
Let's discuss for a moment the consequences of using destructive magick. We're going to start bydiscussing how "karma" actually works.First, anytime you do destructive magick it is important to state, for the Akashic Records why you areattacking a person. This is highly relevant, because it dictates whether certain spiritual influencesinvolved are going to retaliate against you. For those who are not aware, the Akashic records are a"recording" of everything which takes place on the physical plane. The Akashic Records can beviewed with a scrying mirror at which point you can access visual understanding of these records. TheAkashic Records hold access to all things you do and say, and also details of what your actions indicateabout you, your potential and path of spiritual growth, what kind of deities you are appealing to, howyou may be useful to others, &tc.The Akashic Records do not record your thoughts, but merely anything which you manifest throughmagick or through your physical incarnation (your body.) Your actions always speak louder than your statements on the Akashic Records, and if your words contradict you actions or reek of bullshit, theAkashic Records reflect this.The Akashic Records are viewed by a variety of beings such as Gods, God-forms, Ascended Masters,specific types of entities, and also human beings. If you wish to view the Akashic Records you can seeany deed any person has done using a scrying mirror.Therefore, whenever you are doing destruction magick it is important to state why you are hurtingsomeone with magick as you initiate the spell. This is also helpful as it can be a psychological tool tofuel your magick with motivation, a proper mindset of punishment, and emotional value. When thisemotional value (such as anger) is focused on what you believe to be a justified reason this willenhance the power of the spell for many types of souls in human bodies who are often justified in doingdestructive magick, or learning to do it properly. This mindset of justified belief that you have a rightto do what you are doing combined with anger is far more powerful magickally then techniquesdesigned to create anger alone.Also if your reason for hurting someone is that they offended you, said something that violated your opinion or beliefs, or that you are jealous of their achievements, affirming these reasons will help your human brain understand more quickly if what you are doing is not entirely justified. If you havemastered the art of self delusion then the fact your words are untrue and make no sense will help peoplewho research the Akashic Records realize you are not worth associating with, and that does us all afavor. :-)
 Now there are certain human beings who are "decent people." Please do not confuse decent peoplewith decent humans. Being a decent human being is a very easy thing to accomplish, because your level of worth and being "decent" is being compared to other human beings. Compared to other ETs,human beings are very unadvanced lifeforms. Several traits we call "normal" in humanity when we say"Well, he/she is only human" would be considered mental illness to more advanced races of beings(many of which ironically look very human.) This is because the evolution of the human being is veryunadvanced and based on primitive monkeys.Because of this it is very difficult for a human being to be a decent person, rather than just a decenthuman being. A human being who is a "decent person" is often an incarnation of some form of personof spiritual significance who has kindly come to earth to "help" humanity, which is something very few powerful spiritual people do, because of the lack of decent people on this earth. In order cases, somehuman beings can advance spiritually to become "decent people" often through Right Hand paths of Religions which serve actual Deities that actually exist (I.E. Most Religions excluding Christianity,Judaism, or Islam.)The skill of a "decent person" is not in that they do not have unpleasant human traits (all humans havethem to different degrees) but in that the "decent person" can look past the reactive monkey like brainand, through what is often sheer will power, surpass it and become a decent person even though theyare stuck in a filthy human body!Less than 5% of the human population are "Decent people."If you have made the unfortunate mistake of cursing a decent person then this is where consequencecomes in. Some decent people become decent by affiliating with Deities which actually exist. Unlikeimaginary deities these guys and gals can be very serious about protecting their followers. It isimportant to understand that merely working with a Deity who makes people a decent person does notmean you have attacked a decent person. Decent people are rare. What passes as "Decent" varies fromone God/Goddess to another, but many traits are agreed upon leaving pretty much everyone'sconclusion to less than 5% of the human population (while the exact people in that 5% varies based on personal belief and philosophy.)In Hinduism the teaching of ETs and alien lifeforms is a big part of Hindu Religion. These things areactually discussed in detail, and Scriptures talk about what is often interpreted in English as "Chariots"which travel through the heavens.In Hinduism there are three types of planets. I do not remember the Sanskrit words for them, but theyhave three basic categories of thought: Heaven, Hell, and Neutral.Unlike Judeo-Christian teachings, Hells are not places created by an evil manevolent being, where youwill go for not believing in the existance of some God. Hells are created by the people who inhabitthem. So are heavens. So are neutrals. A planet can change from a Neutral to a Heaven or from a Neutral to a Hell.So understand that this planet is technically considered a Neutral Planet, but that certain things border on a hell.So when divine beings, gods or goddesses, Ascended Masters, Angels, Dark Gods, &tc decide to
interact with this planet it is usually out of pity. It is not, as the arrogant society claims, because we ashuman beings have such great worth. As I said, less than 5% of human beings are decent people.So these are the people who have a chance to make this planet a little less hell, and a little more heavenin the eyes of many spiritual people. Thus they are often "Favored by the Gods."To many deities, Ascended Masters, and spiritual beings, the person's Religion does not matter. The person can be an atheists, surpass the values of humanity, and still be favored.Logic stands to reason that if you act wrongly towards these people, if you do unjust things to these people, and if this is available for anyone to see on the Akashic Records, that amoung spiritual peopleyour deeds are recorded.Does this mean you will be punished? Not necessarily More often it means that many of these peoplewho access the Akashic Records and practice magick, are not as likely to favor you. After all, you arein human form, so your faults are easy to forgive, because of your massive number of mental illnessesthat come with being human. But if you push it far enough, by tormenting these people there are oftensmall consequences such as minor things like death, sickness, or financial ruin, or even smaller consequences like bad luck. While these things may not seem small, they in fact are in the grandscheme of things.On this particular planet, which is mostly inhabited by humans (at least when it comes to moreadvanced spiritual beings) consequences are very small, because this planet is a place of learning andtrials, and actually holds an incredibly significant place in this universe. This planet is a kind of "problem solving tool" for the entire universe, and the suffering which happens here is oftenoverlooked.When you use magick to hurt others instead of doing so directly the consequences are much more dire.Often you can curse people left and right and never realize the "natural" consequences. One person's bad karma is another person's good karma in when someone is in the practice of self destructivetendencies, what may seem "good" to them in the present is not so good to them in the far future. Most punishment for using destructive magick is dealt to you in future lifetimes with things such as youreincarnating on another neutral planet. While this may seem like a small and insignificant thing to youit is actually a pretty sad state of affairs, especially since other neutral planets are far less tolerantkarmetically then this one is, and learned behavior is commonly repeated in future lifetimes.This is the "natural" course of events. Now let us move on to unnatural and enforced punishment for destructive magick.Let us begin by discussing those human beings who are decent people. In some cases, these peoplemay have affiliation with powerful spiritual forces. Most of the time you will not realize this, because people of this nature often do not put on display their level of communion with powerful spiritualforces. The difference between spiritual alignment and conscious human understanding is drastic.These souls can cleverly disguise themselves as Christians, Jews, or Muslims. In doing so they oftenneglect to inform their bodies that their prayers are not going to these fake Gods, but to real ones theyhave worked with in past life.To the unenlightened Black Mage, a Christian who believes in "God" is simply an ignorant person witha fake God who can be cursed without fear of repercussion In reality, these Christians pray to a real

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