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Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 12

Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 12

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Published by manoj nair

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Published by: manoj nair on Aug 06, 2011
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Twelfth CantoThe Age of Deterioration
Çrémad-Bhägavatam Canto 12: "The Age of Deterioration"(1)1. The Degraded Dynasties of Kali-yugaTranslations 1-41(2)(3)2.The Symptoms of Kali-yugaTranslations 1-44(4)(5)3. The Bhümi-gétäTranslations 1-52(6)(7)4.The Four Categories of Universal AnnihilationTranslations 1-43(8)(9)5. Çukadeva Gosvämé's Final Instructions to Mahäräja ParékñitTranslations 1-13(10)(11)6.Mahäräja Parékñit Passes AwayTranslations 1-80(12)(13)7. The Puräëic LiteraturesTranslations 1-25(14)(15)8. Märkaëòeya's Prayers to Nara-Näräyaëa ÅñiTranslations 1-49(16)(17)9. Märkaëòeya Åñi Sees the Illusory Potency of the LordTranslations 1-34(18)(19)10. (20)Lord Çiva and Umä Glorify Märkaëòeya ÅñiTranslations 1-42(21)(22)11. (23)Summary Description of the Mahäpuruña
Translations 1-50(24)(25)12. (26)The Topics of Çrémad-Bhägavatam SummarizedTranslations 1-69(27)(28)13. (29)The Glories of Çrémad-BhägavatamTranslations 1-23(30)
1. The Degraded Dynasties of Kali-yuga
The Twelfth Canto of 
begins with Çréla ÇukadevaGosvämé predicting the kings of the earth who will appear in the future duringthe age of Kali. Then he gives a description of the numerous faults of the age,after which the presiding goddess of the earth sarcastically berates the foolishmembers of the kingly order who perpetually try to conquer her. NextÇukadeva Gosvämé explains the four varieties of material annihilation, andthen he gives his final advice to Mahäräja Parékñit. Thereafter King Parékñit isbitten by the snake-bird Takñaka and leaves this world. Süta Gosväméconcludes his narration of 
to the sages at Naimiñäraëyaforest by enumerating the teachers of the various branches of the
relating the pious history of Märkaëòeya Åñi, glorifying the SupremeLord in His universal form and in His expansion as the sun-god, summarizingthe topics discussed in this literature, and offering final benedictions andprayers.The first chapter of this canto briefly describes the future kings of thedynasty of Magadha and how they become degraded because of the influenceof the age of Kali. There were twenty kings who ruled in the family of Püru, inthe dynasty of the sun-god, counting from Uparicara Vasu to Puraïjaya. After
3Puraïjaya, the lineage of this dynasty will become corrupted. FollowingPuraïjaya there will be five kings known as the Pradyotanas, who are thenfollowed by the Çiçunägas, the Mauryas, the Çuìgas, the Käëvas, thirty kings of the Andhra nation, seven Äbhéras, ten Gardabhés, sixteen Kaìkas, eightYavanas, fourteen Turuñkas, ten Guruëòas, eleven Maulas, five Kilakilämonarchs and thirteen Bählikas. After this, different regions will be ruled overat the same time by seven Andhra kings, seven Kauçalas, the kings of Vidüra,and the Niñadhas. Then the power of rulership in the countries of Magadhaand so forth will fall to kings who are no better than
andare totally absorbed in irreligion.
™aIzAuk( ovaAca 
 yaAe'ntya: pau  r"ÃayaAenaAma 
BaivaSyaAebaAr"h"‰"Ta: tasyaAmaAtyastau zAu  nak(Ae
 h"tvaA svaAimanamaAtmajama, 
 ‘aâAe tas$aM ÁaMr"AjaAnaM
 k(taAR yatpaAlak(: s$au  ta: ivazAAKayaU  pastatpau‡aAe
BaivataA r"Ajak(stata:
çré-çuka uväcayo 'ntyaù puraïjayo nämabhaviñyo bärahadrathaùtasyämätyas tu çunako

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