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Simplified kundalini yoga

Simplified kundalini yoga

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yoga meditation brings peace of mind
yoga meditation brings peace of mind

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Published by: Namasivayam Muthuthevar on Aug 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Iam 52 now
Eight years back I have suffered a lot by various illnesses.
As advised by my Doctor, I have decided to learn Yoga meditation.
What I have learned is Simplified Kundalini Yoga(SKY).
Vedathri Maharishi, who is living in Tamilnadu, India is my GURU.
I never saw him before and as on date. He established meditation centers
I joined one of the centers in chennai, Tamilnadu.
The teachers in the center Taught me Simple Form of Physical
Exercises formulated by my GURU for about 15 days.With in six months
I have successfully completed various aspects of meditation methods.
 You know, kundalini is just like a serpent power situated at Muladhara
Center in a sleeping mood. The process of the waking up of Kundalini
At the Muladhara center and passes through the higher level centersAnd reach the Sahashra center (crown chakra) at top is called Kundalini yoga.Normally the process will take about 12 years to a person who woulddedicate
His life for learning Kunadlini yoga.
Hence my Guru had conducted various researches on thisspiritual field,
eventually found a new system of yoga meditation called SimplifiedKundalini Yoga.
To know more about SKY plz visitwww.vethathiri.org
The following are the various meditation steps I have learned in the Worldcommunity
Service Center of my Guru:
1. Aagna center meditation
2. Mulathara center meditation
3. Dhuria center meditation
5. Dhuriatheetham
6. Meditation on Five Senses
7. Meditation on Five Elements and Nine Planets
8. Nine center meditation
9. Nityanandam
10. Meditation with Lamp
11. Meditation with Mirror 
After learning all the above steps, I have completely recovered from
all my illness.I think this is a miracle which has happened to me in my life.
I like to have everybody to get the experience which I have obtained bypracticingthose meditation steps.
During my meditation process I got some visuals in my inner screen.
I thought, these kinds of experiences could be felt by my co-meditators.
But to my disappointment they replied in the negative.Besides visual I feltsome times to be in the cosmic atmosphere and at some times receivingcosmic communication. But I never felt confused.I feel it is all right.

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