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Series Voltage or

Series Voltage or

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Published by Anil Anvesh
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Published by: Anil Anvesh on Aug 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Can Multilevel Inverters(MLIs) provide the voltage regulation,which can beconnected to Ac line directly without using transformers, to preventmalfunctioning of sensitive instruments and to improve the voltage reliability ?
The Series voltage regulator(MLIs), regulates theoutput voltageby injecting voltage in synchronismwith the supply when an upstream sag is detected ,thus protecting the loads from voltage sags.It is acost effective customer based solution to regulate the voltage sag which improves voltage quality atload side and can be directly connected to AC power line. As MLIs synthesize a near sinusoidal voltagefrom several level of DC voltage , can reach high voltages with low harmonics without the use oftransformers.Even though transformers presents advantages in terms of voltage matching, protectionand insulation itincreases the cost and reduces the overall efficiency of the compensator.DC voltagesources can be replaced by distributed or renewable energy sources like fuel cells,solar cells etc. TheMLI structure can overcome the shortcomings in solid state switching device ratings, limitations inoperation at high frequency mainly due to switching losses and the problems associated with series-parallel combination of devices that are necessary toobtain capability of handling high voltage andcurrents. I have chosen the cascaded MLI which is having lot of advantages as the power line conditioner.
The power circuit consists of series of N independent H-bridge (single phasefull bridge ) inverter units, where N depends on
The injected voltage harmonic distortion and current harmonicdistortion requirements.
The magnitude of the injected voltage required
The available power switch voltage ratings
Each H-bridge inverter is fed from separate DC source (SDCS), which may beobtained from batteries ,fuel cells or solar cells.
Each H-bridge inverter can generate three different voltage outputs +Vdc, 0and -Vdcby connecting the DC sources to the AC output by differentcombination of the four switches S1,S2,S3,S4
The AC output of each of the different full bridge are connected in seriessuch that the synthesizedoutput voltage waveform is the sum of theinverter outputs.
The number of output voltage levels m=2N+1 where N is the number ofseparate DC sources.
The advantages of cascaded MLI
Modularised layout and packaging
manufacturing process quick and inexpensive
better redundancy and high efficiency
suitable for medium to high power applications
an ideal interface between a utility and renewable energy sources suchas fuel cell, solar panels etc.
Cascaded MLI

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