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Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio - September 22, 2008 - Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky

Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio - September 22, 2008 - Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky



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Published by Justice Café
The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio - Monday, September 22, 2008 - Guests Include Drew Peterson and Attorney Joel Brodsky
The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio - Monday, September 22, 2008 - Guests Include Drew Peterson and Attorney Joel Brodsky

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Published by: Justice Café on Sep 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio - Monday, September 22, 2008 - GuestsInclude Drew Peterson and Attorney Joel Brodsky; Craig Glazer, Author of “King of Sting”;Aden McEvoy and Rhonda Wheelus Update Us On The Becca McEvoy Case; Bail BondsmanLeonard Padilla Discusses The Casey Anthony Case and Dana Speaks With Tim Miller of TexasEquusearch About New News Regarding Both The Natalee Holloway Case And The CayleeAnthony Case.*****************************************************PRETZER: Now, if you've been watching the cable news shows and in particular some of thepundits, the hosts, the whatever you want to call them, have gone and stepped forward andmade predictions about some certain high profile cases and I want to go on the record rightnow that Geraldo Riveraand his producers were invited to the program tonight and they chosenot to attend. One of the high profile cases we're talking about is former Bolingbrook policeofficer Drew Peterson and I have Drew Petersonand his attorney Joel Brodsky on the line withme. Good evening gentlemen.BRODSKY: Good Evening, Dana.PETERSON: Good evening Dana.PRETZER: When you talk about high profile hosts like this and Geraldo, and I'm going to startwith you Drew, if that's OK, you've said on my program before that you were disappointedwith Geraldo and I'm paraphrasing here a little bit that he almost, well he didn't almost, hecoached you as far as what to say. You wanted to answer a question one way and he told you,no here, this is how you should say it and it just kind of spiraled down from that to the factthat he’s made predictions as far as when you were to be arrested. Etc. etc. Your thoughts?PETERSON: Well, my thoughts on it is it's all about ratings for these people and they reallydon't care what they're doing to individuals' lives. The whole system seems to be ratingsdriven and it creates rating to keep me sinister and keep me looking nasty or guilty. It's aboutthe gold rather than...it's the truth. Me being a good upstanding citizen doesn't sellnewspapers.PRETZER: That's...you've said that before, I'm not laughing at you I'm just saying that's a factwhen it comes to cable news. Joel Brodsky, attorney for Drew Peterson, Geraldo was verybold in some of the predictions he made. Do you remember what those were?BRODSKY: Well I think the last prediction he made when I was on a show with him was thatDrew would be arrested before the end of August, which obviously didn't happen and I mean,he just came up withthis number, this date out of thin air and I asked him, "What are yougoing to do when you're wrong?" and he didn't have an answer for that. I think that's theproblem. Nobody holds him to account. He's made two predictions that Drew will be arrestedby a particular date. Both of them turned out to be wrong and nobody holds him to accountfor this. It's wrong. Used to be if a guy made a prediction like that and it turned out to bewrong, they used to force him to resign. It's a very troublesome thing to have a major media
outlet say somebody's going to be arrested for a murder by a certain date and what it does tothe person, what it does to their right to an unbiased trial or an unbiased presumption of innocence. It's just, it's all contrary to that. But nobody is holding anybody to account forthese Russian roulette-type predictions.PRETZER: I want to make it very clear that Geraldo and his producers were invited on theprogram and at the last minute they decided not to come on the program. I seem toremember Joel, that broadcast where you did challenge Geraldoas far as if he was wrongwhat would he do and he just didn't answer the question. Are you and Drew coming outpublicly now to ask for an apology from Geraldo Rivera or his resignation or what?BRODSKY: Well Drew, what would you like to see Geraldo do?PETERSON: Jump off a cliff maybe? (Laughter)BRODSKY: yeah, I'd love to see him come out and take responsibility. Say, yes, I was ... Hereally owes it to both his own listeners and to Drew and to the public in general to come outand take responsibility and say look, I'm wrong and I'm not going to make any predictionsagain. It's not the right thing to do. But I think he really does and I'd love to see him do it.Love to see him take responsibility.PRETZER: Now Drew you said, in jest I'm sure, you'd like to see him jump off a cliff but this isa direct, I guess I'll use the term 'attack' on you when he predicted that you would be arrestedand it didn't happen. Would you sit down face to face with Geraldo Rivera and accept aresponse from him if it was an apology?PETERSON: Oh sure. I'm an open-minded guy. I'll talk to anybody about anything but if you getGeraldo in a situation that he clearly that he showed with Joel, when he doesn't know whathe's talking about he tries overpowering you with a barrage of garble like he did with Joel onone of his shows and just tries to overpower you with his language and he talks a lot but hedoesn't say nothing but he doesn't allow the other person to get a word in edgewise and it’spretty much his style on this. [Crosstalk] Some sort of confrontation with a guy who is anexperienced newscaster can be kind of tough.PRETZER: Right. And you were going to say, Joel?BRODSKY: I'd love to see him get on the news - some sort of situation where ...I was hopinghe’dbe on this show where he's not in charge, where he doesn't control who can talk andwhen. I would like to have that type of situation with him. Where he's in control of theinterview and he's in control of the, where the camera points and when the microphone's onand off it's kind of unfair. But in a broader sense these predictions are, really get to betroublesome. I mean every time that Drew and I have, we have court on his gun charge wealways get a, some sort of media person now who, somebody from the media's calling us andtelling us that they got an inside tip that Drew is going to be arrested at the courthouse andit's always false and we laugh them off at this point but it's trouble… These predictions arereally troublesome and they are so often inaccurate and nobody's holding anybody responsible
for the inaccuracy of these predictions and to me it just seems to me like there should besome sort of consequences for making a public inaccurate prediction.PRETZER: This isn't just about Geraldo. I want to make that perfectly clear although you'vedecided to focus on him because he was bold enough to go on his program and actually pick adate. In fact, I believe you guys decided to extend it a little bit before he decided to questionhim on it but I want to go back, Drew, if possible to the very early days of the disappearanceof your wife, Stacy, and Geraldo Rivera was one of the first media people that you actuallysat down and talked with or am I wrong?PETERSON: He called me up a couple of times on the telephone wanting to take me to lunchand just talk and then he showed up at my door when I didn't respond to him and basically hiscelebrity status got him in the front door.PRETZER: Right.PETERSON: we sat at the…my kitchen table...my sister and my brother for about an hour. Hetalked basically how we both had younger wives and it was a very cordial meeting and whenhe asked me questions about, specifics about the case, he goes, “tell me in your own words”and he’d say, “Say it like this” and then it's not my own words but, “It sounds better. Say itlike this.” and he did that with pretty much every question that he asked me and then hewalks outside and as soon as he stepped out, we're watching it live on television, and as soonas he stepped outside my front porch he goes, “There's Drew Petersoninside. I just talked tohim. There is a man feeling the noose around, closing around his neck.” (laugher) That's notwhat we talked about! He was like a Doctor Jekyll switchup on me and he became a wholedifferent guy and then when he went next door to Sharon Bychowski's house with all Stacy'sfamily and friends he talked about people coming over to my house and weren't they afraid of being held hostage and this that and the other thing. It really made me look like this sinistercrazed person when Stacy's family was over at my house and they were just collecting ashesfrom, that belonged to, Stacy's deceased sister. It's like I'm doing the family a favor andhelping them out and he's making me look like this crazed person (unintelligble) behind thehouse, taking people hostages. Just total sensationalism for no particular reason other thanratings.PRETZER: Joel Brodsky, sensationalism. I was just going to bring up that term. A while backwe were hearing lots about wire tap evidence or wire taps and I know you made a courtappearance here the other day, here. Responded to some media reports on the so-calledrecordings and again that was sensationalized a while back that that was the last nail in thecoffin so to speak and I'm not trying to be ignorant here. Your comments on that?BRODSKY: Yeah, well, I mean we always suspected that there was some sort of electronicsurveillance going on with Drew. I think when Drew picked up his cars, when he finally got hiscars, got a court order to get his cars back I think he sat in the car while the TV cameras wereon him and he was going, "testing, 1,2,3" so it was no surprise to us that there was a somesort of electronic surveillance and you know these tapes that the judge confirmed in courtexist. We still don't know if they're just the tapes of the cars or bugs that they put intoDrew's house or in fact if there were wired informants. We just don't know and to tell you the

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