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Blogging Rubric

Blogging Rubric

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Published by Neil Geyette

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Published by: Neil Geyette on Aug 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Postings providecomprehensiveinsight,understanding, andreflective thoughtabout the topic.
Postings providemoderateinsight,understandingand reflectivethought aboutthe topic.
Postings provideminimal insight,understandingand reflectivethought aboutthe topic.
Postings show noevidence of insight,understanding orreflectivethought aboutthe topic.
Postings are writtenin a style that isappealing andappropriate for theintended audienceand a consistent voice is evidentthroughout.
Postings are written in a stylethat is generally appropriate forthe intendedaudience and anattempt is madeto use aconsistent voice.
Postings are written in a stylethat does notfully consider theaudience, andthe author’s voice is difficultto identify.
Postings arecarelessly written with no attemptto consider theaudience and noawareness of author voice.
Uses a consistentorganizationalstructure that is easy to follow and placesthe most recentposts at the top of the page.
Uses a generally consistentorganizationalstructure, withthe most currentposting listed atthe top.
Uses a loosely definedorganizationalstructure thatshows minimalawareness of theneed forconsistency.
Fails to provide aconsistentorganizationalstructure andshows noawareness of theneed forconsistency.
Updates blog asoften or more oftenthan required; allposts are date-stamped.
Updates blog when required;most posts aredate-stamped.
Updates blog when reminded;posts are oftenmissing a datestamp.
Fails to update blog within therequired timeframe.
 Writes with noerrors in grammar,capitalization,punctuation, andspelling.
 Writes withminor/few editing errors ingrammar,capitalization,punctuation, andspelling.
 Writes withmajor errors ingrammar,capitalization,punctuation andspelling.(3 or moreerrors)
 Writes withnumerous majorerrors ingrammar,capitalization,punctuation andspelling.(More than 5errors)
Effectively uses the blog software’s textformattingcapabilities toenhance thecontent’s visualappeal and increasereadability.
Uses some of the blog software’stext formattingcapabilities toenhance thecontent’s visualappeal andincreasereadability.
Uses very few of the blogsoftware’s textformattingcapabilities.
Uses none of the blog software’stext formattingcapabilities.
Includes links torelevant, up-to-date websites ordocuments thatenhance theinformationpresented in the blog postings.
Includes links to websites ordocuments, butnot all linksenhance theinformationpresented in the blog postings.
Includes links to websites ordocuments thatadd little value tothe informationpresented in the blog postings.
Does not includeany links, or thelinks selected areof poor quality and do not addany value to theinformationpresented in the blog postings.
Selects and insertshigh quality graphics andmultimedia whenappropriate toenhance and extendthe content.
Selects andinserts graphicsand multimediathat are mostly high quality andenhance andclarify thecontent.
Selects andinserts many low-quality graphics andmultimedia which do notenhance thecontent.
Does not insertany graphics, oruses only low-quality graphicsand multimedia, which do notenhance thecontent.
 Accurately cites allsources of information tosupport thecredibility andauthority of theopinions presented.
Most sources arecited accurately,and support thecredibility of theopinionspresented.
Few sources arecited accurately,and they fail toadequately support thecredibility of theopinionspresented.
Does not provideany accurateinformationabout sourcesused.
 Writes comments onother students’ blogpostings that areconsistently positive, respectful,and succinct whileproviding ameaningful additionto the discussion.
 Writescomments onother students’ blog postingsthat are generally positive,respectful andadd value to thediscussion.
 Writescomments onother students’ blog postings which often failto show respectfor otheropinions.
 Writes openly disrespectful andnegativecomments onother students’ blog postings.
TOTAL (40points)

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