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When the Church Hands You Lemons Series Booklet

When the Church Hands You Lemons Series Booklet

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Published by Brien Sims

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Published by: Brien Sims on Aug 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“When The Church Gives YouLemons...”
Philippians 2:1-18
This study is a four part series through Philippians 2 describinghow the church should act when internal conflict strikes. The goalis to use this booklet to take notes during the sermons and tomeditate on how we can better handle church lemons. Eachsection points to both different tendencies of people to sin againstone another and the church and also to the proper actions neededto unify the church. The four studies are:Philippians 2:1-2Come TogetherIn this study, we will cover four core principles that must be found and developed in each individual life so that group unitycan be achieved. We will discover what can and cannot unifyGod's people. Our personal relationship with Christ is the key.Philippians 2:3-8Become a ServantThis study will take us further investigating the oftendifficult battle against selfishness, exploring what Christ“emptied” himself of and how we too must empty ourselves of usand fill up with Him.Philippians 2:8-13Be the Person God ExaltsThe third study will take us still deeper into becoming andacting as God's people. God exalts the humble servant. We mustwork hard to be the person God exalts, stepping up where otherswill not, and receiving His help to grow.Philippians 2:14-18Stand Above the CrowdThe final lesson in handling church conflict deals with our aptitude for handling the problems. First we dealt with ourselves,and now we learn how to search for a solution to the problem,glorifying God in the process.
NOTES: _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________ 
Philippians 2:14-18Coming to unanimous decisions can be downrightimpossible. Depending on the family, deciding what to have for dinner can be a battle much less how the church runs. Change can be a catalyst for fear and anger. The quickest and easiest action wecan take as a people is to complain and grumble with one another.“Complaining is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.” ~ Glenn Turner Anyone can complain, grumble and moan about something theydon't like; e.g. rising taxes.
Key Idea:
We as Christians must stand above the crowd.How do we become more positive, proactive people?1)The Difference: Looking for solutions rather than wastingtime complaining about problems.2)The Purpose: Looking to give life to others rather thanacting on our own interests.3)The Key: Holding fast to the Word of Life rather thanopinions and traditions.4)The Catch: You might have to give up a lot to share in the joy of others. What will you sacrifice to see the joy of Christ shared with others?The purpose of this booklet is to help our local church understandand work together to create unity.Christ's body wasn't meant to be separated by personal agendas,internal conflict, and unChrist-like conduct.We are a good people who have and can go beyond the call of duty to start living like Christ in our community.These sermons and outlines are here to help us rise above thechains that entangle us, so that we can shine as, “lights in theworld.” (Philippians 2:15)

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