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Draft Re Founding Labour Report

Draft Re Founding Labour Report

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Published by labourlist

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Published by: labourlist on Aug 08, 2011
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Private & ConfidentialPrivate & ConfidentialPrivate & ConfidentialPrivate & ConfidentialNational Executive CommitteeOrganisation CommitteeTuesday 5 July 2011 at 2pm at 39 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HA
Refounding LabourRefounding LabourRefounding LabourRefounding Labour
to Winto Winto Winto Win
Report contents (pages 3-38):
1. Introduction by Peter Hain MP2. Consultation submission statistics3. The review of Labour in Scotland4. Change in WalesA: Building a more open & welcoming Party (page 5)1.
Clause 12.
Enabling structures and recognition that no one size fits all3.
A new cross-constituency co-ordination forum4.
Party meetings that focus upon widening involvement5.
Effective working at a local level with Trade Unions6.
Officers and roles that match CLP needs7.
A development plan for every CLP8.
New strategic functions for Regional Boards9.
Labour International10.
Northern IrelandB. Connecting with communities (page 10)1. Registered Supporters Scheme2. Increasing involvement of
levy paying members of affiliated trade unions3. Registered Consultees4. Embedding Community Organising methods in the way we work5. Working with Community Organising partners6. Elected representatives: Candidate ContractsC: Increasing member participation & involvement (page 15)1.
Training and development2.
A better communication structure for party members3.
Membership subscriptions4.
Local Party finances & the creation of an NEC Democracy Fund and an NEC LocalOrganising FundD: Party Leader, Leadership elections, elected representatives and candidates (page 20)1. Party Leader: rights and responsibilities2. Gender balance within the Leadership team3. Leadership election Electoral Collegea. Multiple votingb. Other issues
4. Labour MPs: rights and responsibilities5. Labour Councillors: rights and responsibilitiesa. Better representation and support for Councillors across the Partyb. Better services for councillors, replacing ALC subscriptions with theextension of the current 2% elected rep. levy paid by MPs,MEPs, MSPs and AMsto councillorsc. Minimum local Group levy to help fund local Organisers6. Local Government & other selection proceduresE: Equality (page 26)1.
A Party for Womena.
A local Party organisation that delivers for womenb.
National organisation to support local activityc.
Ensuring equal representationd.
Selection processese.
Policy development2.
A Party for young membersa.
Representation within the Partyb.
Young Labour membership and subscriptionsc.
Young Labour groupsd.
Youth Conferencee.
Labour Party Annual Conferencef.
Young Labour National Committeeg.
Policy developmenth.
Trade Unions j.
Training and development of young membersk.
Youth Officers3.
A Party for ethnic minority membersa.
CLPs and local organisationb.
Ethnic Minority Forumsc.
Policy developmentd.
Renewing our party and increasing our membershipe.
Representation within the party4.
A Party for members with disabilitiesa.
Making our party accessible for disable members5.
A Party for LGBTI membersa.
Representation within the partyb.
Selections and representationF: A strengthened policy-making process (page 36)1.
Involving our members in policy-making2.
Reaching out to the public3.
Stronger policy-making institutionsa.
The National Policy Forumb.
The Joint Policy Committeec.
Annual Conferencei.
Voting at Annual Conferenced.
Conference Arrangements Committeee.
1. Introduction by Rt Hon Peter Hain MP
The consultation paper
Refounding Labour: a party for the new generation
outlined in challengingterms the choices facing Labour. It was frank about the weaknesses exposed by our recentperformance and about the profound changes in society to which we, and other parties, had beenslow to react.It is a measure of the commitment and seriousness of our members and affiliates that they rose tothe challenge and engaged with the issues set out in this stark fashion rather than taking refuge indenial or the repetition of old slogans.As a party we still have enormous determination to change Britain for the better and the strength ofmind to recognise that we need to change our own ways of doing things if we are to be equal to thetask. Members want to take more responsibility and to have a greater say in the Party. They want toreach out to their local communities to learn from their experience, to win their support for Labourand to work with them on the wide range of issues where civil society cannot wait for the nextGeneral Election but must make its needs and views known to politicians of all parties. When they dothat, they want Party structures that assist rather than impede the work. When they learn from thatengagement, they want the Party at every level to listen seriously to their views.Members are proud to be members of a democratic party in a democratic country. They know thatelected representatives must listen to and engage with the wider public and not with party membersalone. They know too that in an era of 24 hour rolling news, the Party cannot afford endless publicarguments over policy. They believe, however, that we will have better policies, more closelyreflecting the views of those they meet in their everyday lives and when campaigning for the Party, ifwe reform our policy process and Conference to make more room for genuine debate and exchange ofhonestly held opinions. While all agreed that the National Policy Forum can be improved to make itmore responsive to the membership and the wider community, there was strong support for its moredeliberative, year-round policy-making process.They are insistent that their elected representatives at all levels must make it easier rather thanharder for them to do their work in their own communities. Many were deeply hurt by both theexpenses scandal and divisions at the top – and they bore the brunt of public anger anddisillusionment as they knocked on doors. They want to see clearer lines of accountability to themembership and the wider public from everyone from the Leader downwards. They want to see clearcommitments from every candidate and elected representative to probity, service to the public andtaking leading roles in Party campaigning. They want to be proud to say they are Labour and theywant no doubt about what Labour offers.It is clear from the consultation that members and affiliates know and value the whole-heartedcommitment of those who join or affiliate. They know, however, that our core has shrunk and thatthis has made us less able to do our work and represent wider society. Members and affiliates willalways play a special role in our party. But members want to reach out to wider support, increasingour capacity to engage in two-way communication with as many of our supporters as possible andproviding additional opportunities for those willing to commit as registered supporters. We need too,to reach out to a whole range of organisations from local community groups to national organisationswhose interests and values overlap with ours without demanding as close a relationship as that wehave with our affiliates. They love the Labour family but they know we also need the help of a widerrange of friends.It was clear from all the submissions that everyone wanted us to refound our party on a stronger,healthier basis so that, together with millions of supporters, we can build the future the British peopleneed and deserve. There will be arguments and honest differences of opinion over how best toachieve that but this consultation demonstrates our common desire to make ourselves fitter thanever to serve.

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