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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Aug 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Date Time From To Message
2011-08-0709:16:04PMTrue Blood inDallasenter the room2011-08-0709:16:14PMTrue Blood inDallasHello and welcome !2011-08-0709:16:17PMHarleyDickerson enter the room2011-08-0709:16:30PMTrue Blood inDallashaha hey harley thanks for the tweets2011-08-0709:16:35PMHarleyDickerson Lol no prob2011-08-0709:16:50PMTrue Blood inDallasmaybe it will just be me and you ?2011-08-0709:16:50PMtxkat enter the room2011-08-0709:17:00PMTrue Blood inDallasnope there is txkat2011-08-0709:17:02PMHarleyDickerson hahahaha or maybe not2011-08-0709:17:06PMGuest10747 enter the room2011-08-0709:17:06PMGuest10748 enter the room2011-08-0709:17:07PMtxkat HEy Hey!2011-08-0709:17:07PMHarleyDickerson hi txkat2011-08-0709:17:20PMTrue Blood inDallashey guests sign in with names ...2011-08-0709:17:25PMTrue Blood inDallashey hey !2011-08-0709:17:34PMtxkatHEy there! Okat tell me she did not meet the truedeath!!!!2011-08-0709:17:38PMGuest10747 quit the room2011-08-0709:17:43PMHarleyDickerson i dunno
2011-08-0709:17:43PMTrue Blood inDallasnaww she's ok 2011-08-0709:17:44PMBrandy LeeBetancourtenter the room2011-08-0709:17:46PMCavalavalier enter the room2011-08-0709:17:48PMGuest10762 enter the room2011-08-0709:17:48PMTrue Blood inDallas jason will save her 2011-08-0709:17:50PMHarleyDickerson im just wondering who got shot2011-08-0709:17:53PMCavalavalier Hello All2011-08-0709:17:54PM1EvilJessica enter the room2011-08-0709:17:56PMLisnoe enter the room2011-08-0709:17:59PMTrue Blood inDallashey cav2011-08-0709:18:00PMHarleyDickerson hey brandy!2011-08-0709:18:01PMtxkat I got my kid looking for spolers2011-08-0709:18:05PMTrue Blood inDallashey brandy2011-08-0709:18:05PMHarleyDickerson lol2011-08-0709:18:09PMTrue Blood inDallashello jess2011-08-0709:18:12PMLisnoe Hello everyone!2011-08-0709:18:15PMtxkat I thik Jason saves her.2011-08-0709:18:15PMTrue Blood inDallashey lisnoe2011-08-0709:18:18PMGuest10774 enter the room
2011-08-0709:18:22PMHarleyDickerson i hope so2011-08-0709:18:22PM1EvilJessica hello brb puttin laundry in2011-08-0709:18:24PMtxkat Hello!2011-08-0709:18:25PMCavalavalier hello dallas :)2011-08-0709:18:25PMMarleneemm enter the room2011-08-0709:18:28PMTrue Blood inDallashere comes everyone ..late2011-08-0709:18:32PMTrue Blood inDallashey cav2011-08-0709:18:46PMTruebieDoobyDoo enter the room2011-08-0709:18:48PMLisnoeJessica is mentioned in future episodes, so she has to beokay. I so like her character 2011-08-0709:18:49PMGuest10762 quit the room2011-08-0709:18:50PMGuest10783 enter the room2011-08-0709:18:51PMBillohBill1 enter the room2011-08-0709:18:56PMTrue Blood inDallasyou guys all tweet and post to wiki if you can2011-08-0709:18:57PMtxkat Thank GOODNESS!2011-08-0709:18:59PMMarleneemm Hey Dallas: Loved tonight's episode2011-08-0709:19:03PMCavalavalier okay2011-08-0709:19:05PMBillohBill1 WOW!2011-08-0709:19:09PMBillohBill1 Hey everyone!!2011-08-0709:19:09PMBrandy LeeBetancourthello Dallas and all my camp true blood friends!

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