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September Magazine Issue 2010

September Magazine Issue 2010

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Published by: Power Women Magazine & Radio Show on Aug 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Power Women Magazine 
 September 2010 Issue
Mrs P and Reading to Children Everywhere:“School is once again starting all over our great country and children can start new adventures. Reading is just a way for children to express themselves and expand their minds” expressed an enthustiastic Mrs P.Mrs P has been reading to children everywhere children gather. “Imagination and reading gets kids firedup!”In touch with her youth, Mrs P says “reading is cool and to be yourself no matter what.”“Reading to children is watching their imagination take over” says Mrs P to our very own Deb Bailey in arecent interview. “ New adventures lay waiting around every corner”.“When I go to a reading full of youngsters of all ages, their eyes light up. That is a reward no one can getenough of. “ At one event I asked the children what are you good at? As Mrs P is good at so many things.Sitting in a chair, is what Mrs P is good at, she told the children. You children pick one thing and tell your parents when you get home today.” inspired Mrs P. At the end of the sessions the kids come up to me oneby one and give the best hugs and they tell me what they are good at. “ tells Mrs P.Everyday millions of children worldwide hear Mrs P read stories by visiting her interactive website. You canlisten to her as well at www.mrsp.comYou can play games there too, also parents and teachers can get involved by opening their children to reading.Another wonderful way to let children express themselves is to allow them to write stories and Mrs P hasthe perfect solution. Your child can enter the “Be a famous writer contest” Be a famous writer contest isnow in the 2
year and is open to children 3-12 years of age. “We receive the best stories from childreneverywhere. The Judges have a hard job to do, “ continues Mrs P.New to the site, is the free readers challenge game. It feature some of Mrs P favorite classic stories fromher free magic library as well as the winning entries from last years “Be a famous writer contest” Thegames help children with their comprehension and reading-retention skills by asking them questions aboutwhat they’ve just read. Mrs. P makes guest appearances in the game, helping kids find the right answerswith funny audio and visual messages.“Studies have shown that kids who practice their reading skills at home do much better in all of their classes at school,” said actress Kathy Kinney, who portrays Mrs. P and is a co-founder of MrsP.com.Reading is a life fundamental and what better for your child to learn than Mrs P website with her magiclibrary. Many children today have never even stepped foot into a library. But with Mrs P and her library,your child or grandchild can open a new world by just clicking on the website and enjoying her soothingvoice tell stories to all ages. Remember reading helps build a child's self esteem and what a brilliant way toreach a child.Want to take Mrs P with you everywhere? Now you can, you can purchase her stories and download themanytime atwww.mrsp.com
Safety Tips For Women Who Drive at Night
When driving, keep your doors locked and keep the windows either closed or mostly closed so a potential attacker could not reach in and get to you or to the door's unlock button. When stopped atintersections, turn the radio down or off so you can hear potential warning noises such as other motorists calling out warnings to you, someone trying to enter through your back doors, or someonetrying to climb on your car.When you leave the car, set the alarm if you have a security system or use an anti-theft device. Asecurity system sticker is also a good deterrent for potential vandals, but don't rely on the sticker alone;always have some kind of security system for your car.When choosing a parking space, look for a well-lit area near the building's entrance. You want to limityour exposure to potential attacks by spending the least amount of time possible in the parking garage.Don't park next to large vehicles, windowless vans, vehicles with tinted windows, or trucks with caps(camper-like shells which cover and enclose the truck bed). You cannot see who may be lurking insidethese vehicles, waiting to attack you. You also cannot be seen by people outside the vehicle should you be abducted and thrown inside. Never leave your motor running, a thief could easily steal your car before you are even a few feet away. Never leave your car unlocked, thieves rob unlocked vehicles and can easily steal them. And never ever leave children unattended in the car; not only can they be abducted, but they could also be seriouslyinjured, both physically and emotionally, in a startling variety of ways.Don't leave valuables inside the car where thieves can see them. Lock your purchases and valuables inthe trunk.Keep an emergency kit inside your car: include flares, an air horn, mace or pepper spray, a can of flattire repair spray (i.e. Fix-a-Flat) and, if you have one, a two-way radio so you can call for help even if your cell phone battery is dead. Put a flashlight in your trunk. If an attacker locks you in your trunk, usethe flashlight to see the inside of your taillights. Kick these out and then scream and stick your handthrough the hole to attract attention.When driving at night, let someone know when you are leaving, what time you expect to arrive at your destination (or checkpoints for longer journeys) and check in with your trusted person every hour.Agree that at check-ins you will give your exact location and if you miss a check-in, your trusted person will notify the police of your last whereabouts and intended destination. make sure your trusted person has written identification details such as the make, models and year of your car, your license plate number, and a physical description of you including what clothing you have on.Driving at night can be a risky activity, but with some planning and careful vigilance, you can increaseyour chances of avoiding being the victim of a crime.Sarah V. Morris is especially concerned with personal safety. She recently discovered that she canmonitor her property from anywhere; want to learn how? Visithttp://www.securitysystemsformyhome.com for helpful consumer tips and information you'll need before buying an outdoor wireless camera.

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