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73 baqra-140-142- shaikh jalilu issah

73 baqra-140-142- shaikh jalilu issah

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Published by shiadua

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Published by: shiadua on Sep 24, 2008
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Shaikh Jalilu Issah
In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

[002.140. Am taqooloona inna ibraheema wa-ismaAAeela wa-ishaqa wayaAAqooba waal-asbata kanoo hoodan aw nasara qul aantum aAAlamu ami Allahu waman athlamu mimman katama shahadatan AAindahu mina Allahi wama Allahu bighafilin AAamma taAAmaloona

002.141. Tilka ommatun qad khalat laha ma kasabat walakum ma kasabtum wala tus-
aloona AAamma kanoo yaAAmaloona
[141. That was a people that hath passed away. They shall reap the fruit of what they did,
and ye of what ye do! Of their merits there is no question in your case:

142. The fools among the people will say: "What hath turned them from the Qibla to which they were used?" Say: To Allah belong both east and West: He guideth whom He will to a Way that is straight.]

Before proceeding ahead it would be pertinent to mention few lines telling about the
prophets of Allah who spread the light ofTawhe ed.
Shaikh Jalilu Issah
Adam (AS):

The most widely held belief about the origin of Adam has been that Allah created him from non-existence by His Will using the earth materials. This did not involve the biological processes of evolution or reproduction. Allah created Man and Woman from clay in the form and shape, the way they are today. Any belief or controversy to the contrary is only a speculation.

Prophet Issa (AS):
Issa was the last prophet appointed by Allah for Bani Israil.
He is the son of Marrym. They defied his teachings and denied his legitimacy.
Prophet Ismail (AS): Ismail was the elder son of Ibrahim born to Hajirah.
Prophet Ibrahim (AS):

Ibrahim was born in the fifth generation from Hud, and during the reign of a tyrant known as Namrood (Nimrod). Ibrahim and his son Ismail, following divine instructions, built the Kaaba in Makkah as a House of worship for Allah.

Prophet Ishaq (AS):
Ishaq was born to Sarah the first wife of Ibrahim nine years
after the birth of Ismail to Hajirah.
Prophet Yaqub (AS):

Ya'qub was one of the twin sons of Ishaq. He was appointed prophet towards his people after the death of his father. His popular name was Israil, and his progeny is called Banu Israil (the children of Israil).

It was the claim of them that all these prophets Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq and Prophet Yaqub all belong to Jewish background. And the Christians also supported their view. These both factions tried to prove that these noble prophets belonged to Jewish background.

taqooloona inna ibraheema wa-ismaAAeela wa-ishaqa wayaAAqooba waal-asbata kanoo
hoodan aw nasara] (Or say you that Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq Yaqub and Al-Asbat (the
offspring of the twelve sons of Yaquab) were Jews or Christians?). . Allah asks them that
you people claim that Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq are they descendants of Jews or Christians?
[Qul 'A'antum 'A`lamu 'Am All\u0101hu ] (Say, Do you know
better or does Allah know better \u2026that they all were Muslims?). Allah addresses the

holy prophet (Salla 'Llahu 'alayhi wa sallam) and asks him to tell the opponents that who possesses the greatest possible knowledge \u2013 you or Allah? So it is possible that Moses who came after prophet Ibrahim and his children how could it be possible that those who say that they are on the religion of who came after them. How it is possible that Moses after prophet Ibrahim and his children belong to some other religion? How can it be possible they are on the religion that came after them? And how it is possible that prophet Essa who came after the prophet Ibrahim, prophet Ismail, prophet Ishaq, and prophet Yaqub \u2013 he is not on the religion of them? That\u2019s why Allah asked them the question in the verse mentioned above. In point of fact people from other religions as mentioned above they are trying to hide the truth. All the prophets were on the same philosophy of life and that wasTawheed (the law of Providence).

Shaikh Jalilu Issah
Allah is saying in this respect that
[Wa Man
'A\u017elamu Mimman Katama Shah\u0101datan ] (And who is more unjust than he who conceals
the testimony].
Allah says

[Wa M\u0101 All\u0101hu Bigh\u0101filin `Amm\u0101 Ta`mal\u016bna] (And Allah is not unaware of what you do?). Jews and Christians think that whatever they do nobody knows that what they are hiding in their hearts. But Allah knows their every move of action and every perspective of thoughts. Because He does understand how to take us \u2013 He is the creator and we are His creatures. And we must not forget one basic point of the mortal life that our every action and move will be requited for what we did here in this world. This is called the law of Requital (makafaat-e-amal).

The claim of the opponents and pagans is/was baseless. How it is possible? One logical question comes into the mind that if these prophets would have been from Jews or Christians then what would be the status of them on the Day of Judgment? What benefit we may get from them on the Day of Judgment where we will be requiring to have shafa\u2019a


[Wa L\u0101 Tus'al\u016bna `Amm\u0101 K\u0101n\u016b Ya`mal\u016bna] (And you will not be asked of what they used to do.). You are not responsible that on the Day of Judgment Allah is not going to ask you that what Ibrahim did. Or what Ismail, Ishaq and Yaqub did at that time. Allah is not going to ask you these questions. Even among the followers of Ahlul Bayt. The people, who have come to perform the pilgrimage, all have to believe in Imam Hussain and to claim to be the follower of Imam Hussain.

If you look at the life of these holy preachers they always have Allah in their life. If any Muslim follows the footprints of Imam Hussain (AS) it is sufficient for him to get the paradise in hereafter life and in this mortal world. Because this is the personality who has immensely been blessed and all these blessings are believed to have been showered from the most sublime part of the divine treasures. This is the final and the last and if any person denies the fact \u2013 we do have no remarks in this regard. Consider the most of the less said. So according to the holy Quran if you don\u2019t give your devout attention to the imamate (imamat) of Hussan, or if you don\u2019t follow the teachings of this great personality who directly sought knowledge from Imam Ali and Muhammad (Salla 'Llahu

'alayhi wa sallam) you are off the track. We have to obey the command of Allah and we
have to abide by the system of Tawheed \u2013 the same lesson was practically demonstrated

[Wa L\u0101 Tus'al\u016bna `Amm\u0101 K\u0101n\u016b Ya`mal\u016bna] (And you will not be asked of what they used to do.). On the Day of Judgment Allah is not going to ask you about those people. Because we have to be accountable for our own deeds. We do have to decorate our souls and this life. So neither we have to take tension nor we should make mention of it.

Then after that Allah said:
[Sayaq\u016blu As-

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