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Buchanan - Clipbook

Buchanan - Clipbook

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Published by DCCCSouthDesk

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Published by: DCCCSouthDesk on Aug 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Hill - Rep. Buchanan hit with FEC fine for faulty paperwork [The Hill,1/16/12]
Sarasota Tribune Herald- Vern Buchanan campaign fined $1,500 [Sarasota Tribune Herald,1/13/12]
Sarasota Tribune Herald - Lyons: Buchanan camp must define 'exonerated' differently [SarasotaTribune Herald,12/24/11]
The Ledger – Loser of Week: Vern Buchanan [The Ledger,12/25/11]
Wall Street Journal - House Ethics Investigators Extend Buchanan Probe [Wall Street Journal,12/22/11]
Sarasota Tribune Herald - House Ethics Committee investigating Buchanan [Sarasota Tribune Herald,12/22/11]
Washington Post - House ethics panel extends probe of Fla. GOP Congressman Vern Buchanan[Washington Post,12/22/11]
Roll Call - Ethics Extends Vern Buchanan Investigation [Roll Call,12/22/11]
Bloomberg - House Ethics Panel Confirms Investigation of Vern Buchanan [Bloomberg,12/22/11]
The Hill - Ethics panel extends look into allegations against Rep. Buchanan [The Hill,12/22/11]
Sarasota Tribune Herald - Lyons: Buchanan camp must define 'exonerated' differently [SarasotaTribune Herald,12/24/11]
After NASCAR fundraiser, Vern Buchanan pushes tax break [Herald Tribune,10/23/11]
Office of Congressional Ethics investigating Florida Rep. Buchanan [American Independent,10/25/11]
Buchanan manages leak of investigation [Herald Tribune,10/24/11]
Political challenges in Buchanan inquiry [Herald Tribune,10/20/11]
Federal inquiry focuses on Buchanan [Herald Tribune,10/19/11]
U.S. Department of Justice opens campaign finance probe of Vern Buchanan [Bradenton Herald,10/19/11]
Feds investigate Fla rep's campaign contributions [AP,10/18/11]
Report: Vern Buchanan under investigation by Department of Justice [Politico,10/18/11]
Feds investigate Fla rep's campaign contributions [Bradenton Herald,10/18/11]
Feds open campaign finance investigation of Rep. Vern Buchanan [Bradenton Herald,10/18/11]
Fine approved for dealership once linked to Buchanan [Bradenton Herald,10/15/11]
Car dealership fined for Buchanan contributions [Bradenton Herald,10/14/11]
Buchanan Donation Penalty [Herald Tribune,10/14/11]
Dealership Fined for Scheme to Reimburse Employees for Political Contributions [The Ledger,10/14/11]
Buchanan's former dealership fined for illegal contributions [Herald Tribune,10/13/11]
More former Buchanan employees speak out about pressure to donate, reimbursement scheme[Florida Independent,8/5/11]
Source: U.S. Representative Buchanan Violated Federal Election Laws [The Ledger, 6/21/11]
 Note: DCCC has art of headline “Soruce: Buchanan Violated Federal Election Laws.”
Ex-business partner claims Buchanan ordered plan to violate election laws [Sarasota Tribune Herald,7/20/11]
 Note: DCCC has art of headline “Buchanan Faces New Allegations: Ex-partner says he ordered a scheme to sidestep federal election law.”
Jacksonville car dealer: I'll prove Congressman Buchanan set up campaign finance scheme [FloridaTimes Union, 7/22/11]
House Republican claims campaign finance exoneration [The Hill,6/13/11]
Buchanan was target of federal investigation [Sarasota Herald Tribune,6/13/11]
 Note: DCCC has art of headline “Donation Inquiry is Closed by FEC: Records Show He was targeted in federal elections investigation.”
Buchanan dogged by allegations in FEC contributions case [Washington Post,6/8/11]
Buchanan slow to reveal refund of disputed contributions [Tampa Bay Times,6/6/11]
Buchanan refunds include former employee who complained [Sarasota Herald Tribune,6/2/11]
FEC recommends fine for Fla. auto dealership [Associated Press,6/1/11]
Feds recommend fine against former Jacksonville auto dealer [Florida Times-Union,6/1/11]
FEC: Congressman Buchanan’s Hyundai dealership broke election law [Bradenton Herald, 6/1/11]
 Note: DCCC has art of headline “FEC: Buchanan’s Hyundai firm violated law: Ex Business Partner Says Buchanan told them ‘this is what you need to do’ 
Buchanan’s former dealership violated the law in an ‘extensive and ongoing scheme’ [FloridaIndependent,6/1/11]
FEC Goes After Dealership With Buchanan Ties for Campaign Finance Infractions [Roll Call,6/1/11]
FEC Seeks $68K fine against former Buchanan car dealership [Politico,6/1/11]
FEC Seeks $67,900 From Rep. Buchanan’s Former Business [Wall Street Journal,6/1/11]
Vern Buchanan tops House in use of taxpayer-funded mailers [St. Petersburg Times,7/18/11]
Rep. Vern Buchanan is No. 1 spender on mass mailings in House [Sarasota Tribune Herald,6/6/11]
 Note: DCCC has art of headline “Top Spender on Communications: He Lays Out More in Three MonthSpan Than Anyone Else in House.”
Big Spender Vern Buchanan [St. Petersburg Times, editorial, 7/19/11] “Buchanan among those self-professed fiscal conservatives in Washington who want the countryto ‘do as I say, not as I do. In the first three months of this year, the Sarasota Republican led theU.S. House by spending $142,198 of taxpayers' money on slick, full-color mailings and other communications to his constituents. So much for frugality…But here's another comparison for Buchanan: In just three months, he spent three times as much government money on self- promotional propaganda as the average Florida public schoolteacher makes in a year. And he did itas a member of the new House majority that refuses to raise the debt ceiling without significantcuts in federal spending.”
[St. Petersburg Times 7/19/11]
Lyons: Buchanan Exonerated? Not so much [Sarasota Herald Tribune, editorial,6/15/11]
Buchanan Out of Balance [Sarasota Herald-Tribune,10/26/11]
Bipartisanship on Debt Reduction [Sarasota Trbibune Herald,11/7/11]“Political courage and bipartisanship are rare commodities in Congress these days, but bothqualities were evident in a letter that 100 House members sent last week to the debt-reduction
supercommittee […]While many of the signers are moderates from both parties, the letter alsorepresented a mix of conservatives and liberals [… ] Unfortunately, two others from SouthwestFlorida, Vern Buchanan, R-Longboat Key, and Connie Mack, R-Cape Coral, did not join the bipartisan call.” [Sarasota Trbibune Herald,11/7/11]
Budget Issues
Buchanan Admitted Congress Lacks Fiscal Discipline
In June 2011, On his campaign website, Buchanan admitted that “Congress clearly lacks the fiscaldiscipline needed to balance the budget.”
[Vern Buchanan for Congress, accessed6/7/11]
Buchanan Ran For Congress Opposed to Earmarks
“On the campaign trail, Tim Mahoney and Vern Buchanan decried the billions of dollars slipped intofederal spending annually through earmarking. But more than half a year into their first terms in Congressand facing pressure to show they can bring home money to their local districts, Mahoney and Buchananhave embraced the controversial funding practice, seeking millions of dollars for special local projectsand sending out news releases to tout their success [… ] ‘We must end the process of earmarks,’Buchanan, a Longboat Key Republican, declared in campaign mail sent to voters in five counties lastyear. [Sarasota Tribune Herald,7/19/07]
Buchanan Claimed to Secure the Funding for Ware’s Creek But President Already IncludedSpending in Budget
“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved an agreement with Manatee County to dredge Ware’sCreek, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan announced in a press release Tuesday [… ] The project will cost about$42.6 million, and Buchanan secured $8.5 million of the $13.8 million in federal commitment.” From2008-2010, Buchanan’s earmarks were also requested by the President. In 2008, Vern Buchanan, Senator Mel Martinez and President Bush requested $4.6 million for Ware Creek. In 2009, Vern Buchanan,Senator Mel Martinez and President Bush requested $3.8 million for Ware Creek. In 2010, VernBuchanan and President Obama requested $5.5 million for Ware Creek. [Legistorm with information provided by Taxpayers for Common Sense, accessed11/15/11; Bradenton Herald,7/28/11]
Buchanan Previously Questioned for Railing on Spending but Adding Earmarks.
“U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan strongly objected to unnecessary spending he saw in the $410 billionemergency budget bill he voted against this week. But his objection was not enough to stop him fromadding $17 million in pork barrel spending projects into the bill that will benefit his own district.Buchanan said he would prefer there were no earmarks, but if other members of Congress continueseeking them, he has little choice but to look out for the 13th Congressional District. That meant securinganother $3.8 million for reconstructing Wares Creek in Bradenton.” [Sarasota Tribune Herald,2/27/09]
Sponsored Balanced Budget Amendment for Third Time

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