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Question Papers of Anna University IBM

Question Papers of Anna University IBM



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Five year question papers of Anna University International Business Management
Five year question papers of Anna University International Business Management

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Published by: Krishnamurthy Prabhakar on Aug 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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M.B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOV/DEC 2006Third Semester BA 1701 – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT(Regulation 2005)Time : 3 Hours Maximum: 100 MarksPART A – (10*2=20 Marks)1.What is the principal economic basis for international trade?2.How does exchange rate determination prevail in international business?3.What are the constraints in globalization of business?4.Why does the regional trade blocks emerge in business?5.Why does MNEs differ in their strategic planning?6.What are the standard approaches to global competition?7. What are the administrative mechanisms for strategic control of MNEs?8.Mention any two special measurement techniques used by MNEs.9.Mention any three conflict resolution mechanisms followed in International business10. How does WTO settle disputes in international business? PART B – (5*16=80 Marks)11.a) Explain the approaches in international trade theories. How do product lifecycle approach and balance of payments vary in international trade?(or)11.b) Discuss about strategies for coping with foreign exchange rates. Describe theimpact of exchange rate fluctuations.12.a) Draw a frame work of global trade. Examine various dimensions at institutionsin the world economy.(or)12.b) How does the high emerging market shape global economy? Explainimplications of regionalism for India.13.a) Briefly explain the corporate goals and global strategy of MNEs.(or)13.b) Compare and contrast strategic issues of global firms in automobile PCindustry.14.a) Enumerate the integrated procedure to control multinational market efforts andexplain the steps involved in it.(or )14.b) Illustrate the positive and negative control mechanisms in international jointventures.
15.a) Examine the actions in conflict resolutions internationally. List factors causingconflict in global business.(or)15.b) Describe the role of dispute settlement process by International agencies.M.B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION, MAY/JUNE 2007Third Semester BA 1701 – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT(Regulation 2005)Time : 3 Hours Maximum: 100 MarksPART A – (10*2=20 Marks)1.Define Internationalization.2.What is meant by ‘Free Trade Zone’?3.Why is the market access important in International Trade?4.How is ‘Economic Union’ formed?5.What is the mission of a Global firm?6.Who is a Global customer?7.What is ‘Techonology Diffusion’?8.What is meant by ‘Host country operations’?9.What is the purpose of ‘Agreement of Agriculture’?10.Define ‘Embargo’?PART B – (5*16=80 Marks)11.a) Write about the growth and development of International Business. What arethe different options introduced in FDI? What is the purpose of trade agreements?(or)12.a) ‘Doctrine of Comparative advantage’ – Discuss.(or)12.b) What are the methods of entering foreign markets? Explain the reasons for increased interest in International marketing.13.a) Compare the models of International strategy.(or)13.b) Discuss the issues and measures introduced in the recent WTO meet. What arethe preferential treatments provided in the trade agreements?14.a) What are the issues and international dimensions of techonology rest withMNCs? Discuss the R & D strategies of MNCs.(or)14.b) Explain the procedures and performance evaluation of MNCs. What at=re therequirements of MNCs to create organizational capabilities?
15.a) Discuss the strains and breakthroughs in International cooperation. Commenton ‘the rise of nationalism’(or)15.b) What are the key issues in the interdependence economy? What is the role of International agencies in resolving conflict?M.B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOV/DEC 2007Third Semester BA 1701 – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT(Regulation 2005)Time : 3 Hours Maximum: 100 MarksPART A – (10*2=20 Marks)1.What is Balance of Payment?2. What is Free Trade?3.Shortly write any TWO important political climates in India that attracts foreigninvestment in the country.4.What is Culture? Give your owm definition.5.Write shortly about the ‘Experience curve’ effect on companies competing onmany countries.6.What is the role of incentives in control systems? Explain in the context of anMNC.7.Give meaning for TQM.8.Draw an appropriate organizational chart for reducing costs of control to anMNC like unilever.9.What is the role of non-verbal behaviour in negotiation?10.What is renogitiation? Give an Indian Example.PART B – (5*16=80 Marks)11.a) What are the instruments of Trade Policy? Explain the control where each oneof each instruments can be used?(OR)11.b) Explain various risks involved in exchange of foreign currency with examples. 12.a) Briefly classify the various types of organizational cultures existing in globalorganizations. Also, given your analysis about the type of culture that may fit wellinto organizations wanting to do business in India.(OR)12.b) What are the factors affecting cross border investment flow? Explain theinternational business environment in this context.

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