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Stalking Through the Courts

Stalking Through the Courts

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Published by AnotherAnonymom

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Published by: AnotherAnonymom on Aug 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The "Father's Right's" Movement: How to
Stalk, Harass,and Intimidate Victims of Domestic Violence after a Restraining Order has been Issued
by Janet Normalvanbreucher © 1999
Table of Contents:
Historical Background of the Father's Rights Movement
The Quest for Dominance and Control
Mom, Country, and Apple Pie -- Why People Help Them
Differentiating Legitimate Fatherhood Groups from Illegitimate "Father's Rights" Groups--Ten Tips for Single Dads
There Bias in the Courts?
The "Father's Manifesto" - A Political Platform to Repeal the 19th Amendment-- Father's ManifestoSignatories
Practicing Law Without A License -- A Pro-Se Army
Use of the Internet to Disseminate Information
The Seduction of the Media
Father's Right's Advocates in High Places
How the Father's Right's Movement Hurts Men with Legitimate Disputes
Mein Kampf -- Indoctrination Tactics of The Father's Rights Movement
Brief History of VAWA and the Restraining Order 
Restraining Orders Widely Abused by Women as a Tactical Maneuver in a Divorce?
 Attacking Her Credibility
DOJ -- Profile of an Obsessive Stalker 
"She Deserved It" -- How the Criminal Process Fails Victims
Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process in the Courts-- Victoria D.'s story
Vindictive Custody/Visitation Suits
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Parental Alienation Syndrome -- if Psychologists Discredit this Theory, Why Is it So Widely Accepted by the Courts?
Harassment of Judges, the Legislature, and Potential Jurors
Lawyers Who Knowingly Help Men Harass their Victims
Possible Solutions:-- Screening of Pro-Se Lawsuits, Criminal Charges, Motions for Reconsideration-- Criminal Sanctions for Filing Frivolous Charges with State Administrative Agencies-- Tighter Enforcement of Stalking Laws-- Rule 11-type Pro-Se Sanctions for Abuse of Process
-- Prosecuting Groups who are Practicing Law Without A License-- Law School Programs - Helping the Victims Fight Back-- Lawsuits against FR Groups under the VAWA as Unincorporated Associations.-- Legislative Action
 A Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Many years ago, I encountered what appeared at the time to be a groupof reputable men
.As a struggling single motherin a fast-paced society, Ifound their call for a return to simpler times and enduring relationshipsrefreshing. I formed lasting friendships with several of them, and some of those friendships have endured in spite of the topic of which I write in thisarticle.When my child's father found a new wife and family, he faded from her life andbecame little more than a weekly paycheck in spite of pleas for him to remainmore than a passive observer. Ideas which had initially sounded quaint andold-fashioned began to hold appeal as my child became sullen and withdrawn.Grandfatherly in nature, one member in particular took my little girl under hiswing and helped fill the void left by her father's inattention. She was the sameage as his custodial son, and their escapades were always full of fun and
laughter. He taught her to fish, build a campfire to roast marshmallows, kayak,
canoe, sail, and dig quahogs from the salt marshes of Cape Cod. He would
pick up scraps of wood left over from construction sites and help the kids build
forts in the bushes or carve model ships. He let her help paint the bottom of his sailboat with barnacle paint, an experience that left her looking more like"Blue the Dog" than a little girl, and cheerfully brushed off her waste of theprohibitively expensive marine paint with the gentle admonition "well, younglady, you'll never grow barnacles." He was the person who encouraged me toleave the economically undervalued human services field and become alawyer. There was never anything inappropriate about their relationship, nor 
was his interest in me ever more than that of a kindly neighbor, mentor andfriend. He was, in every way that mattered, the definition of the proverbialfather.Non-custodial single fathers would often bring their children to our Mentor's
home. The children would play while the men would disappear into the living
room to discuss what was happening in their divorce actions. Although not
privy to the conversations which occurred within the inner circle until the veryend, to a non-lawyer their erudite-sounding conversations about "dueprocess" and "equal protection" bore the imprimatur of legitimacy to a
layperson who had little experience with the legal system other than a brief,uncontested divorce.They were eager to show anyone who would listen reams of documentation toback up their horror stories about injustice they had suffered at the hands of the courts. Even the most callous listener could not help but express moralindignation at ex-wives who used children as pawns to gain an edge in a
property settlement, greedy lawyers who milked until they were broke thendropped them like hot potatoes, and mental health professionals who wouldslant their testimony to trick the courts into depriving fathers of the right to seetheir children. While telling their tales, many fathers would break down andcry, unable to continue or answer questions about their dilemma through their grief.I was given ream after ream of depositions; court transcripts; audiocassettes
of sessions with therapists which conflicted with the testimony the practitioner 
had given under oath in court; letters from expert witnesses testifying to thebias in the court; books and treatises written by researchers lambasting the"domestic violence industry;" and psychological tests administered bysympathetic therapists which proved the fathers were good, stable, law-abiding citizens. Because of my mental health background working withemotionally disturbed adolescents, I gradually became a sought-after 
commodity at meetings where they would discuss the importance of having afather in a child's life.Fathers often asked innocuous sounding questions about how the MMPI andMCMI were structured. As they realized my clinical training, which included
extensive knowledge about these psychological tests which often swayed
 judges, could help them gain an edge in their litigation, fathers began to flock
to me and ask questions about psychology. I would recommend obscure
books and scientific journals, which they would immediately read, then enjoydiscussing their emerging knowledge of psychology.In retrospect, the extreme gratitude these men expressed over such trivialrecommendations should have been a warning sign that something wasamiss. However, at the time, I was flattered.
The second wife, new girlfriend, or female sympathizer of the Father'sRights movement is a queen amongst a retinue of attentive servants.
Nomountain is too great to move for these men hungry for female approval. If you mention your car needs work, you'll awaken to find a man in your 
driveway cheerfully changing your oil. If your palace has a chip of paint

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