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Published by Colaiv Freedman

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Published by: Colaiv Freedman on Aug 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 1 Issue 2 Parshas Devarim
“ME!” shouted all the campers enthusiasticallyin response to director Naftoli Schmukler ask-ing “Who is going to do Torah, Avodah andGemilus Chasadim?” It was during the grandunveiling of the new Krum program as Naftoli was showcasing the new pro-gram and the Nosh that was going to be in the Krum store, that the campersgot wildly excited about this revolu-tionary idea.“We were discussing the MBP pro-gram, when I realized that the storeidea should not be
to MBP butshould be a 24 hour, 7 day a week  program”, says Naftoli Schmukler,directly of Gan Menachem and founder of the Krum program, “and within 48hours we were stocked with Nosh do-nated by generous excited parents”.The grand opening of the program happenedon Wednesday this week, shortly before Sha-charis, the davening that followed proved howeffective the program would be.“In all the camps that I’ve been to, both as acamper and as a staff member, I have never experienced a Chayosdike davening such asthe Shacharis on Wednesday morning” saysMenachem Shanowitz, a learning teacher inGan Menachem, “the improvement in all thecampers, during the entire day has
this program to be an amazing success”.“Gan Menachem has been originating a num- ber of ideas and programs that I believe willquickly spread to other camps. The amazingsuccess of both the Krum and the MBP pro-gram is something that every camp will learnfrom, says Naftoli Schmukler, expressing his pride in the pioneering spirit of Gan Men-achem.When the Krum store opened, mobs of camp-ers crowded around the store, waiting to re-deem their precious Krum dollars, and express-ing delight at their purchases.“The Nosh is very good” said camper Shmuli Friedman who was walking out of the Krum store with pocket-fulls of Nosh.“Krum store is a great place for kids toexpress themselves” explained Avi Feld-man, a learning teacher of Gan Men-achem “Children have a special relation-ship with Nosh. It helps them focus better on their learning.”Rumour even had it that campers were pitching their tent the night before theKrum store opened, in order to be first tocash in their Krum dollars at the Krum store.“The Krum program is a brainstorm which wewere the first camp to come up with”, saidYaakov Dovid Kotlarsky, “this could onlyhave been done by Naftoli Schmukler, our amazing director, whose dedication and hislove of each camper ensures that each camper get even more money and even more nosh”
Revolutionary Krum Program Kickes off with a BangMBP Air Purification Program Finally Comes to a Start
One of the great revolutionary ideas introducedin Gan Menachem this year was the MishnayosBaal Peh program. This program, which takesMBP to a whole new level, was introduced inhonor of this year being the 70
year since theRebbe arrived in America. An Wednesday,every camper was given a personalized MBP passport which contained the major cities inwhich the Rebbe travelled on his way to Amer-ica, in order to progress through the cities,each camper must learn a prescribed amount of Tanya or Mishnayos Baal Peh.“When the first Camp Gan Yisroel wasopened, the newspapers reported that a campthat learns Mishnayos by heart has opened”,says Yaakov Dovid Kotlarsky, director of theGan Menachem MBP program, explaining theinspiration behind his program “As Chassidim,we are always trying to purify the air in whichwe live in, and the Rebbe tells us that throughreviewing Tanya and Mishnayos Baal Peh we purify the air. I believe that the reason RunningSprings has such pure mountain air is becauseof the MBP learned here”.The passport program works as follows, inorder to progress to a new city, one must learna prescribed amount of Mishnayos or TanyaBall Peh in order to receive a stamp, fivestamps will allow the camper to progress to thenext city, the camper will then receive an auto-matic prize in addition to being in a grand

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