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Branch Overview on Sustainable Tourism in Peru 2011

Branch Overview on Sustainable Tourism in Peru 2011

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Published by: CooperacionSuizaSECO on Aug 09, 2011
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Branch Overview on Sustainable Tourism in Peru.
The Andes, which originate in Patagonia and extend over seventhousand kilometers in South America, have shaped a varietyo landscapes, peoples and cultures. Amidst the Andes, Peru is the repository o immeasurablewealth, both tangible and intangible. Icons and “Unique SellingPositions” are Machu Picchu and the mystical city o Cusco,the birthplace o the Inca Empire. But the country oers a lot moreto visitors. Our vision is to expand tourism destinations in Perubeyond Machu Picchu to give greater value to the country‘s richcultural heritage, its abundant biodiversity and world-classgastronomy.The State Secretary or Economic Aairs SECO has been sup-porting sustainable tourism in Peru since 2003, together with twostrategic Swiss partners. In cooperation with Swisscontact,SECO promotes the concept o Destination Management Organi-sations (DMOs), which represents a dynamic platorm wherepublic and private actors jointly position their regional tourist des-tinations in the international market. This project has led tothe establishment o six DMOs in Southern Peru as well as onecovering the north o the country.SECO is also nancing the Swiss Import Promotion ProgrammeSIPPO which assists leading SMEs with a clear ocus on qualityand sustainability in their eorts to market their touristic oersinternationally. The Branch Overview on Sustainable Tourism inPeru is a useul milestone in these eorts, providing Swiss tourismbusiness partners and consumers with suitable products in Peru.I wish all readers o the Branch Overview a successul reading andcan promise them that SECO will continue to work towards thegrowth o tourism in Peru or the benet o both the Peruvian andthe Swiss tourism sectors.Christian RobinHead o Economic Development Cooperation in PeruState Secretary or Economic Aairs SECO
The inormation provided in this publication is believed to be ac-curate at the time o writing. It is, however, passed on to the readerwithout any responsibility on the part o Osec, Swisscontactor other contributing companies or the authors.Neither Osec nor Swisscontact nor other contributing companiesnor the authors o this publication make any warranty, expressedor implied, concerning the accuracy o the inormation presen-ted, and will not be liable or injury or claims pertaining to the useo this publication or o the inormation contained therein.No obligation is assumed or updating or amending this publi-cation or any reason, be it new or contrary inormation or changesin legislation, regulations or jurisdiction.
4ISustainable Tourism in Peru. Sustainable Tourism in Peru.I5 SIPPO, the Swiss Import Promotion Programme, is a mandateo the State Secretariat or Economic Aairs, SECO, within theramework o its economic development cooperation. It is carriedout by Osec, the ocial Swiss oreign trade promotion agency.The programme helps SMEs in developing and transition countriesto gain access to the Swiss and European markets by providinginormation, training courses and other matchmaking services.SIPPO also assists importers rom Switzerland and the EuropeanUnion with nding suitable partners and high-quality productsrom selected developing and transition countries.The programme has ve main goals:
To inorm the Swiss and European import economy about newmarket sources
To strengthen trade institutions and business sectorassociations in the trade promotion process
To increase the competitiveness o SMEs in selected partnercountries
To develop the manuacturing and exporting skills o SMEs inselected partner countries
To establish qualied trade contacts between SMEs romemerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss andEuropean import economyOsecSwiss Import Promotion ProgrammeStampenbachstrasse 85P.O. Box 2407CH-8021 ZurichPhone +41 44 365 51 51Fax +41 44 365 52 02sippo@osec.chwww.sippo.chSwisscontact, the organization o the Swiss private sector ordevelopment cooperation, is a non-governmental, politically anddenominationally neutral organization ounded in 1959 bymembers o the Swiss private business and university sectors.Swisscontact seeks to contribute to a better quality o lieor people, and the reduction o poverty. To this end, our principleso involvement are: strengthening private businesses, genera-ting support networks with local partners, encouraging opportuni-ties or men and women, and advocating or the protectiono the environment. Applying the principle o “helping others to help themselves”,Swisscontact advocates sustainable development throughout theentire scope o the organization: management o small andmid-sized businesses, nancial services, environment, and proes-sional training.Due to the act that tourism has been growing in Peru during thelast 10 years and that it is a highly decentralized and labor-intensive activity which generates many business opportunities,Swisscontact has increased the specialization o its interven-tions to promote sustainable tourism. One approach has been thedevelopment o a model to promote Destination ManagementOrganizations (DMO), as public-private institutions that oster thedevelopment o tourist destinations in an inclusive and sustai-nable way with a clear market orientation. Another Swisscontactapproach is to develop products to diversiy tourist destina-tions and oster community-based tourism.Swisscontact’s support has led to the creation o seven DMOs,six o them in southern Peru, namely in Arequipa, Apurimac,Cusco, Puno, Moquegua and Tacna, and a macro-DMO in thenorthern Amazon region.SwisscontactJr. Juan Dellepiani 585Lima 27, PeruPhone +51 1 264 58 64Fax +51 1 264 32 12sc-peru@swisscontact.org.pewww.swisscontact.org.peThe Peruvian Adventure Travel and Ecotourism Association(APTAE) is a non-prot organization created in 1983 to strengthenadventure travel and ecotourism in Peru, and comment industryregulations and promotional eorts. Its main objective is to promote responsible and sustainableadventure travel and ecotourism. Its associates have signed andare committed to abide by a code o ethics that advocates theprotection o natural, social, and cultural resources. Good serviceand saety are also very important organizational tenets.The Association seeks to ensure its members’ highest standardsthrough educational and certication programs, including “Sae Adventure”. Although APTAE does not represent all the companies in theadventure travel and ecotourism industries in Peru, its associatesand clients are leaders in these elds. APTAE is proud to bringtogether industry pioneers who project their clear understandingo quality service and social and environmental responsibilitythrough their daily activities and innovative programs. APATE promotes specialized travel and sustainable tourism,oers market inormation, coordinates with entities in the publicand private sectors as well as the general public, and has ateam o consultants who oer technical and nancial support toinitiatives that are aligned with our objectives. APTAE works alongside the government to set and improveregulations that will ensure saety and quality, and to setthe crite-ria or research into the industry’s economic impacts, saety,inrastructure, market requirements, route coordination and im-provements in products and services.Calle San Fernando 287MiraforesLima 18, PeruPhone +51 1 444 18 53administracion@aptae.orgwww.apate.org Asociación Peruana de Turismo de Aventura y Ecoturismo (APTAE)Modern day tourists, in addition to wanting to learn more abouttheir expected destinations and requiring quality services andinrastructure, also look or travel experiences that will challengetheir senses, enrich their lives and oster personal growth.Promperu’s mandate includes preserving the identity o the nationand our surrounding environment. It thereore seeks to attracttravellers who are rationally and emotionally involved with theirtravel destinations, thus also helping us improve the qualityo living o our communities while they gain a deep understandingo our culture in a spirit o sharing.Promperu seeks to enhance the incomparable wealth o ournation, a country that is a melting pot o ancestral civilizations, acelebration o lie, a paradise o lush nature, magical Andeanmountains and other attractions that travellers appreciate, whilesimultaneously preserving such unique heritage and its inti-mate intertwining with present day living culture.Peru is a country whose millenary civilizations have given theworld the splendid heritage o Caral, the Royal Tombs o Sipan,South America’s most sumptuous burial, the Lines o Nazca,the Kuelap Fortress and the Sanctuary o Machu Picchu, one othe seven wonders o the modern world.With 84 o the world’s 117 lie zones, Peru is one o the most bio-logically diverse countries on earth. Visitors can travel romone o the driest deserts in the world across the Andes to the lush Amazon rainorest. A nation ull o favours whose cuisine already ranks amongthe world’s most prestigious. A nation blessed with a vast range osounds, favours and colours.Peru, a unique and diverse nation, opens itsel to the world to wel-come tourists seeking unorgettable lie experiences.PromPeruCalle Uno Oeste 50, Edicio MINCETUR, Pisos 13 y 14, San IsidroLima, PeruPhone +51 1 616 73 00Fax +51 1 225 11 63webmaster@promperu.gob.pewww.peru.ino
 About Swisscontact.About APTAE. About PromPeru. About SIPPO.

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