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Marriage Amendment E-mail

Marriage Amendment E-mail

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Published by tom_scheck

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Published by: tom_scheck on Aug 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Friend:In November 2012 a measure will appear on Minnesota’s ballot to place the traditional and biblical definitionof marriage – one man and one woman – into our state constitution. As you no doubt know, MinnesotaFamily Council has been working for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since 2004 – and your prayers andfinancial support helped make it happen.Now we have to get the amendment passed. To help make this happen we have become part of a broadcoalition of leaders who are assembling the campaign to ensure this amendment passes, and I am writingto ask you to join our coalition as a volunteer. The coalition is called Minnesota for Marriage and includesMinnesota Family Council, Minnesota Catholic Conference, and National Organization for Marriage to name afew.This proposed constitutional amendment is necessary because opponents of traditional marriage haveconsistently threatened to use both the Legislature and the Courts to redefine marriage in our state to allowfor same-sex “marriage”. By placing the traditional definition of marriage in the Constitution, we canensure that it will always be Minnesota voters, and not politicians or unaccountable judges, who will havethe final say on marriage in Minnesota. We don’t want our state to be like Iowa or Massachusetts whereactivist judges imposed their own views on the people of their states, or New York where legislatorsredefined marriage without a vote of the people.Even though this campaign promises to be a great struggle, we are very confident of victory – if we receiveyour help and that of thousands of other Minnesotans who believe in God’s design for marriage. With yoursupport, we will help the voters of our state see the timeless institution of one man-one woman marriage asthe foundation on which our society is built and the best environment for producing and raising children.While death and divorce too often prevent it, children do best when raised by their mother and father in alow-conflict marriage. We want to give every child in Minnesota the best opportunity for success.Whatever one may think of so-called same-sex “marriage,” every gay “marriage” intentionally deprives achild of either a mother or a father.
For our campaign to be successful, however, we need people of faith to rise up, speak, andparticipate in the campaign.
We know that those who want to redefine marriage to their own purposeswill benefit from millions of dollars in support from wealthy donors in Hollywood, New York, and othercenters of “popular culture”. They will not lack for resources. We must counter that with the power of ourpeople, who will volunteer their time, speak the truth, and contribute of their resources to help ourcampaign.Our campaign plan relies on recruiting and deploying thousands of volunteers throughout the state of Minnesota. We will be conducting a massive voter education effort – speaking one-on-one with everyMinnesota resident about the amendment and why it is necessary to preserve traditional marriage in ourstate and prevent activist judges or legislators from ever redefining it without the support of voters.

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