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Excerpt from "The Way of Qigong" about biophotons.
Excerpt from "The Way of Qigong" about biophotons.

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Published by: Jonathan Robert Kraus (OutofMudProductions) on Aug 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Throughourhe world,light is synonymousithhealing andenergv. n
Q.ito"s9ies.emany eligiousradirions, ivinepowers dentiiedwirh aprimalight.Godcreatedight before ,4re reatedhesun,he moon,and rherestof the world. Scientilicall)',iehr seemso defy igicalexplanarion. ishr travetsara con-stantvelociryof 186,000milespersecond. he unir of tight,calledapho,ton, has no rertingmass,making ir, likeqi,moreof a function than asubstance.ettisa tunctionrhat hasdramatic,measurable {fects nd rses.sential tr life. Theenerg]ofphorons s rransmitiednwhole units(qranra),not dirninishings r travelsany distance. ndtime irselfmustbe rrelevantfor light,since, ccordingo Einstcin's heoryofRelariviry, ime stops rthespeedf light. ThegreatphysicisrMaxPlancksaidrhat light behavesithintellieence, iways eachingtsrargeralong rhepaththat takeshe leastpossibleime. Thisis known in science srhepdncrpL/l€dsr'don,a con,.enrwith interestingarallelso the Chinese ottunof rur uei, effonless, f-Lightseems o ntelligeirt,and so arbevond he ordinary awsofspace,time,and matter that scientist ndphil{)sopherrthur Youngbelieveshat"it is rhe basis or freewillandsthe ongoingdynamicwhich driveshe um-verse."'rSince rnattercan be considered condensation f photons,andchanges rtransformation f maftera resultof lighfs interacrionwith atomsand molecuies,oung dentifiesight with the credtivepolverof rhe diline,what philosophenall "FirstCause."Livinssystemsiterallyglow.AIt livingcellsemit units of lighr, biopturtons.Scientists avebeenstudyinghisphenomenonf bioluminescenceor"dark uminescenc€,"ince he ight emrssionsvery weak)since t$asfrrsrreportedby AlexanderGun'ich in 1959." Mae-Y/anHoof the Bioelectro-dynamics -rboratory,he Open University(UK),explainshe biophotonemissionuccinctly:Light isgenerallymifted rom an ercitedatom or molecule,whenan electron n the outemostshell,havingbeenpromoredo an ex-cited energy evelby, say,a collisionwith another noleculer ab-sorptionofenergyby orher means, alls back nto a towerenergylevel.Light emission oesnor alwaysoccur,however.The excitedelectroncan o{tenstarr o move, husbecoming n electric currenr,or it canbe nvolved n a chemical caction. . .lr is alsopossibieor theelectron ro emit sound or heat as it fallsback to thegroundstate.Suchmicroscopic xcirarionsand energl emis-sions are happeningall of the time as a result of normalmetabolicproccsses.t is alsoikely that biophoronsare emirted rom anorgani?ed,"coherenC'n scientific terms,electromagireticieid thatpervadesiving

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