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The Point August 2011

The Point August 2011

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Published by Tribo's Cup
The monthly newsletter of the Center for Spiritual Learning of Tagaytay City, Philippines
The monthly newsletter of the Center for Spiritual Learning of Tagaytay City, Philippines

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Published by: Tribo's Cup on Aug 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creating their fortune
EACH ONE outlined his or her personality onstage with a solo consisting ofweighted gestures, contractions, high releases, somersaults, hand move-
ments, arching torsos and still poses that exuded authority. A choreographer’s
workshop previewed by a non-judgmental audience?The workout may have taught the young dancers to make a dancewith beginning, a middle and a conclusion, but it was actually an exercise in
the participants’ vision of self-change. Earlier, they had written down weak
-nesses that prevented them from experiencing richness in their lives, andwhat virtues could replace those weaknesses. The final response was a silentdance.For several years now, the Douglas Nierras Powerdance, the Philip-
pines’ premier contemporary dance company, has been holding its annual
team-building workshop at the Center for Spiritual Learning. This time around,
facilitator Lourdes “Leela” Aseneta said, the realizations were deeper and
some of the longtime participants were more receptive to the Raja Yoga
open-eyed meditation. The workshop, titled “Creating Your Fortune,” was theresult of Aseneta’s observations during the company’s previous retreat, which
pointed to self-defeating attitudes towards wealth and feelings of being victim-
ized by people or circumstances.
The sessions were decidedly creative expressions. The participants
talked about themselves from a third-person perspective—for instance, taking
the viewpoint of a best friend. Actually, it was training each one to not have
a myopic image of the self. Explained Aseneta: “You learn to be a detached
observer, watching yourself from a distance, like a character in a drama.When you see yourself objectively, you can accept your strengths and not be
ashamed of your weaknesses.”
As you look deeper inside, she added, you are able to capture the es-
sence of the self. “You experience the fortune of who you are.” Coming outstronger after a storm and appreciating life enriches the self. “There is noneed to feel like a victim.”Co-facilitator Lucy Perez, Brahma Kumaris Philippines pioneer,shared her insights on how to get into the “spiritual prosperity consciousness.”
She pointed out that waste thoughts, fear included, blocked positive affirma-tions and prevented visions from turning into reality.
Said Perez: “Who dances? Is it the soul or the body? The soul is atiny point of light. It sits on the sella turcica (bony depression in the middle ofthe forehead), which holds the pituitary gland. Behind it lies the soul, whichcontrols the body systems. If you are aware that you are point of light, youwon’t get tired.”She explained how to get out of the cycle of poverty: A “taker” is
motivated by selfishness, reacting in an aggressive manner and interacting
with others based on dependence. “Taking” comes in many forms: expecta
-tions, demands, catching sorrow from situations or people, helping with a sub-tle ego, or overdriving the self to protect an image. Ending the cycle requires
a deep level of self-respect that is realized through experiences of meditation.On the other hand, Perez added, a giver is motivated by love coming
from a deep place, reacting peacefully and interacting with others without ex-pecting anything in return. A giver is content, lives creatively and each action
is imbued by wisdom. Perez pointed out that original nature of the self is that
of a giver and forging a link with the Source will bring back the souls restora-tive powers. She also underscored that the abundance stems from experienc-ing the reality of being the child of the Supreme Father is like being a scion of
Life is a balancing act,according to dancer Froilan Dabalus
the world’s richest and most influential family, having the right to all the assets.The company also watched the documentary, “The Secret” which
talked about the law attraction. Even if they unanimously found more sub-stance in spiritual teachings at the workshop, they were impressed with thegratitude rock that was featured in the movie. Although simplistic, a gratituderock or stone is a reminder to be grateful of the present blessings, thereby
invoking the feeling of richness. It was a tool that helped them remove feelings
of lack or negativity and focus on the joy of the now.The dancers bonded over Filipino vegetarian meals of organicpurple rice, pinangat, a native dish made of taro leaves with vegemeat chunks,stewed in coconut milk and chili, eggless custard flan, corn soup with chilileaves, and snacks of coconut water juice, boiled corn and cheese muffins.Through moments of meditation and sharing, they had their Aha mo-ments. One dancer complained how his partner gave their year-old son more
attention than he. Douglas Nierras, the artistic director, pointed out. “You’reprojecting. You’re also giving more attention neglecting her.”
The associate choreographer whined about feeling abused by thedancers he mentored. He felt they were unresponsive despite his generosity
in guiding them. Perez asked, “Are you perpetuating a behavior that they aretaking from you?” She suggested that he let go of his expectations from them.
Each workshop culminated with a choreography expressing the
glory of their fortune. To Nierras, they’ve adopted the mantra “Om Shanti (I amlight. I am peace.)” with the word “sincerely” before it.“To say Om Shanti brings hope. It puts things into proper perspec
tive,” he says.
August 2011

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