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Ancient Beliefs About Ganoderma

Ancient Beliefs About Ganoderma

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Published by junver

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Published by: junver on Sep 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ancient Beliefs about Ganoderma
Numerous legends provide a rich and extensive account about Ganoderma lucidum. It was said that inthe early days in China, Ganoderma is very rare and hard to obtain. People during the time of theemperors considered it as a treasure greater than any jewel because they believe it provides anincredible source of energy and youthfulness. Furthermore, it was also mentioned that1. It is the favourite food supplement of the Chinese Royal Family2. Taoist revered it as "Elixir of Immortality,"3. The Emperors of the Great Chinese dynasties, including Japanese royalties, drank tea andconcoctions of mushrooms for vitality and long life.4. In the first Chinese Herbal Text (Shennong Pharmacopeia) written about 2,400 years ago, Reishi isclassified as a “superior herb,” which was defined as one that “promotes radiant health and long lifebecause of its normalizing action, and (it is also believed) to cause no side effects even when use(d)continuously.” Reishi is traditionally called as “the mushroom of immortality.”5. The late Hiroshi Hikino, recognized as the world’s authority on the chemistry of Orientalmedicinal plants, called Reishi as one of “the most important elixir(s) in the orient.”6. It also increases intellectual capacity and banishes forgetfulness.7. Presently in Asia, it ranks parallel to Ginseng in terms of potency.

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