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Synchronizing Berlin - Hong Kong Programme

Synchronizing Berlin - Hong Kong Programme

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Published by HKNME

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Published by: HKNME on Aug 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LAM Lai (*1983) – Frozen Moment
(World Premiere)
25 minfor two ensembles and video
 Video: Jason Wong---Interval---
Paul Friedrich Frick (*1979) – Synchronizing
(World Premiere)
40 minfor two ensembles
Video: Aron Kitzig
Ensemble Adapter 
Manuel Nawri, Conductor Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, ClarinetMichael Rauter, VioloncelloGunnhildur Einarsdóttir, HarpMatthias Engler, Percussion
Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
 Vicky Shin, Conductor Izumi Chloe Nikaido, FluteWang Shuang, GuzhengSimon Hui, BassHeidi Law, PercussionBIOGRAPHIES
, Born in Hong Kong, LAM Lai is studying her Master Degree in the Hong Kong Academyfor Performing Arts, majoring in composition and electronic music, studying with LAW Wing-fai andClarence MAK. She composes for different musical genres including orchestral work, traditionalchamber, mixed chinese and western ensembles, electronic music and multimedia productions. In2008, she received The Lions & Joseph Koo Music Foundation Scholarship and went for anexchange trip in Taiwan. She visited numbers of universities and presented her compositions inseminars. In 2009 and 2010, She received Scholarships for her study. In 2010 May, her work
Mao’s Song 
” for live electronics and video was performed in “HKAPA Exchange Concert withNational Taiwan Normal University
at HKAPA Concert Hall. In 2010 September, her mixedchamber work “
She Said 
” was performed in the concert “
2010 Interchange Concert of Taiwan and Hong Kong Composers” 
at Taipei Recital Hall, Taiwan. In 2010 November, she was invited toperform her multimedia work “
Virtual Metropolis II 
” for live electronics and video, in “the GET ITGREEN Youth Summit” of “An International Conference On Climate Change 2010 Hong Kong” atHKAPA Amphitheatre. Apart from presenting her compositions in concerts, LAM also composedfilm music for YMCA’s Foundation of Youth Self-Realization Scheme. She is active in promotingcontemporary music to public. In July 2009, She produced a contemporary music concert “Wordsin…” at HKAPA Recital Hall. In February 2010, her commissioned work of the Creator of MusicPerformance Organization (COMPO) “
The Neon Lantern
” was performed in foyer of the HongKong Cultural Centre.
Frozen Moment
Time is frozen when you are not hurrying to somewhere. Synchronizing two cities, synchronizingtwo space-time. Delayed second traces out the Frozen Moment.LAM Lai
Paul Friedrich Frick
was born in 1979 in Berlin. From 1991, studied composition with Il-RyunChung. 2000-2006 studied composition with Friedrich Goldmann at the University of the Arts, andmasterclasses there from 2006-2008. His work consists mainly of chamber music, theater andradio play music. His plays have been performed among others, the Concertgebouw Orchestra,Ensemble Adapter, Ensemble Est! Est!!Est!!! and the Ensemble Kaleidoscope. Paul Friedrich Frickis also active as a pianist and as a producer / live performer of electronic dance music. He haspublished on the label Karaoke Kalk Pets and Doppelschall and with the techno-acoustic ensemble"Brandt Brauer Frick, " Tartelet Records and !K7 Records. In the club context, he has performed atnumerous renowned venues, including Berghain Berlin, Museum Ludwig Cologne, MutekMontreal, Institute Of Contemporary Art in London, Glastonbury Festival, MIDEM Cannes,Coachella Festival California, EuroSonic Festival Groningen, The Museum of Modern Art, Oslo."Synchronizing" is in the broadest sense a canon. This piece is designed in two directions, in HongKong it is different than in Berlin. This is due to the delay in the sound and image transmission.Interactions between the two groups, which corresponded to only one, not two perspectives in myideas had to be omitted. It was sometimes painful, but I was just irritated the resulting limitation of resources and caused them to compensate with new approaches. The differences occur in thesmall, the large structure is the same. It is a play, an essence, only two points of view. Since noneof the spectators times shortly after Hong Kong and Berlin flies, each version must work for themselves and carry the essence. So it can not obviously be a matter of comparing the twoperspectives together, even if this is interesting. Each represents the whole.Paul Friedrich Frick
Golden Shield
"Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from the Internet,the new home of the spirit. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where wegather. "(John Perry Barlow, " Grateful Dead ")The video concept is based on the genuine and direct transmission through the Internet. It isnecessary to obtain information on political, religious censorship and content of time.Synchronizing creates the possibility of the "Golden Shield" to break through to strive for a freedevelopment of the Internet.
Aron Kitzig
Ensemble Adapter 
is a quintet for new music consisting of Kristjana Helgadóttir (flute), Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson (clarinet), Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir (harp), Marc Tritschler (piano) and Matthias Engler (percussion). The five instrumentalists from Iceland and Germany are based in Berlin.In international concerts and in the studio Adapter plays music by composers of the meantime andthe recent past. In cooperations the ensemble acts as a producing or co-producing unit, testingchances and limits of transmedial approaches in different kinds of settings. In workshops the grouptransfers knowledge of how to write, study and perform contemporary music to composers,instrumentalists and creative people worldwide. Adapter stays in touch with the latestdevelopments in the differing scenes of contemporary creation, maintaining a progressive,authentic and powerful style.www.ensemble-adapter.de The
Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
(HKNME) was founded in 2008 with an aim to presenthigh quality performances of contemporary music to Hong Kong audiences. Since its inception, thegroup has been widely praised for its innovative programming and interdisciplinary collaborationswith artists fromHKNME has collaborated with such organizations as Zuni Icosahedron, Guangdong ModernDance Company, Osage Gallery, soundpocket, Contemporary Musiking, Hong Kong Composers’

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