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BULLETIN 8-13-11 for Print

BULLETIN 8-13-11 for Print

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Published by brahmw

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Published by: brahmw on Aug 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Y   O  U  N   G  I   S  R   A  E  L   O  F   W  E   S   T  H   A  R   T  F   O  R  D
Editor: Judie PatelE-mail: bulletin @youngisraelwh.orgEditors Emeritus: Sam Leichtberg & Moish TrencherRabbi Brahm Weinberg 860-233-3084 orrabbi@youngisraelwh.orgJudith Hessing, Coordinator 860-233-6042 or judith.hessing@gmail.com
 Affiliate of the National Council of Young Israel Synagogues, Member of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Sponsorof West Hartford NCSY, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Kashrut Commission of Greater Hartford,Mikveh Bess Israel of Greater Hartford, Eruv of West Hartford
Web Site: www.youngisraelwh.org
Kiddush SponsorsEvelyn & Stan Rutstein
Wishing Hatzlacha to Tzirel & Yaakov ontheir move to Calgary, Canada
& In honor of Stan and Evelyn’s 30th Anniversary
 & In honor of their new grandchildrenEsther Yehudis Rosenholtz and Maayan Devorah Rutstein
Phyllis and Sid Ulreich
In memory of Sid’s Mother Sali Schauer Ulreich
Sara bat Chaim z”l whose Yarzeit is this coming week.
 & In honor of their daughter
Debbie Waltuch’s birthday!
 Judy and Sam Leichtberg 
In memory of Judy’s mother
Frida Weiss -
Toba Freida bat Ezra z”l
Whose 2nd Yarzeit is this Shabbos
The Rabbi’s Corner
I would like to thank everyone for helping to
make this a very meaningful Tisha B’Av. We had a
wonderful turnout to
, to the film, and to the class.It is a hard holiday but it is nice to be in it together.
May this have been the last Tisha B’Av that we have
to mourn and may next year we celebrate the day alltogether in the rebuilt city of Yerushalayim.
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בוט לזמ
בוט לזמ
to Rena Miller on her upcoming marriage toMike Blechner.
בוט לזמ
to Laura, Stu and Tova Miller,and Aviva & Adam Adler.
בוט לזמ
to Vita Sara & SimonBlechner and the entire Blechner family!
בוט לזמ
to David and Sharon Goldfarb on thebirth and bris of their grandson Chaim born toBarzelai and Yehudis of Philadelphia
Welcome to all our guests from B-JOTT! We are so happyto be hosting this unique organization whose
mission isto provide social opportunity for young observant Jew-ish professionals (aged 22-35) in the Greater Bostoncommunity.
A special thank you from YIWH to those families whohave graciously opened their homes to our visitors ena-bling them to experience the amazing West Hartfordcommunity.Take the time to introduce yourself to these young pro-fessionals at any of the following events happening thisshabbat at YIWH:Mincha/Maariv/Kabbalat Shabbat Friday night is at 7 pm.Mincha on Shabbat afternoon is at 7 pm.A special seudah shlishit has been so generously spon-sored by B-JOTT and will take place at 7:30 pm .Rabbi Weinberg will be speaking at this time, instead ofin the morning, so please make every effort to attend.His topic is entitled Engaging the Other: Interdenomina-tional Relations in History, Halacha, and Personal Experi-ence.
Please join women from the Hartford Communityat aBack - To - School get together for the Fogel Children of Itamar Tuesday evening, August 16, 2011 at 7:30 PMat the home of Judie Patel, 100 Lawler Road, West HartfordProgram & Light Refreshments
…as we give “HUGS” to Tamar, age 12, Roi, age 8, and Yishai,
age 3, along with helping them with school needs for thenew school year!
הזל הז םיברע לארשי לכ
 All Israel is responsible one for the other!R.S.V.P. Sally Gelb 860-233-4239,ernestgelb@sbcglobal.net 
ROSH HASHANNA BAKE SALE!Bake Sale Order Forms will be out
 Stay tuned and get your taste buds ready for somedelectable deserts and breads!!ONEG SHABBAT THIS FRIDAY NIGHTDavid and Esther Glahn invite everyone to an onegthis Friday night (9:30pm-12am)in celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary.Their address is 42 Brainard road.MAZAL TOV ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY!
Shabbat NachamuParshat Vaetchanan
August 13th, 2011 - 13 Av 5771
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAcknowledgment donations should be sent toDebbie Luger at 37 Miamis Road
 Judy and Lauren Daman
In Memory of Norbert LisIn memory of Emanuel Stern
(Akiva Stern’s father)
SODA BOTTLE COLLECTIONEliza Katz is collecting bottles, cans, and glass to raise
money for the Rabbi’s Fund. Please bring empties to her
THE KADISHES (860-523-4635)
Don’t forget Crown & Stop & Shop too!
 Let's support YIWH
by buying scrip! Every dollar counts!
YIWH End-of-Summer BBQ
As the summer comes to an end we celebrate and warmlywelcome those who have become part of our shul and our community. Please come out to greet them and make oneof the last nights of summer one to remember!
Date: Sunday, August 28th ~ Time: 4:00 PMCost: $8 per personLocation: The Keslers - 57 Pilgrim Rd.
If it rains the event will be held in the shul.
You received the EvitePlease RSVP SOON so that we may plan appropriately.Or email
Ann Pava at
KOL HANEARIM TALLIS PROJECT!The Yom Tovim are almost here!Now is your chance to include your family in a part ofYIWH history. Add your child/children's names on ourKol Hanearim Tallis in time for this Simchat Torah.Youcan start with one child at a time or add them all atonce, the choice is yours!In addition, the names on the Tallis will all be addedto the tree of life downstairs, check out the newestadditions!Contact Aviva Braunshweiger forSHUL RENOVATIONSYasher Koach and Thank you to BARRY GORDONfor all his hard work on getting the basement ceilingand lights project finished! It looks great and hasmade a big difference in the shul.Thanks again to all the donors who came forward.THIRTY SIX = ONE CAMPAIGN
$36 = 1 ChairReplacing the worn and tattered chairs
120 chairs are needed
Buy one or buy ten, let’s do what it takes!
 Please contact Barry Gordon at
 All donations acknowledged
So Far….
Michael WeinsteinBernard and Linda KeslerRabbi and Elana WeinbergAnonymousMiriam and Howard RosenblumLynn and Morrie Weinberg
םיאבה םיכורב
Welcome to Moss family who moved into our community last week.Welcome Yitz, Juanita, Aliya, Neve, and Cole.
As you may know , our community Mivkeh has beenundergoing a much needed face-lift,initiated by Sandy Trencher.Now we need your support to help with the cost.This is a special opportunity as we head towardTisha B'Av for truly meaningful Tzedaka.
Please consider giving $10, $15, $18… whatever you can,
however modest or generous.
Dvar Torah of the WeekParshat VaetchananBy Rabbi David Silverberg (www.vbm-torah.org)
Parashat Vaetchanan includes the first of the three parshiyot of shema we recite twice daily. In thesecond verse of shema, Moshe bids, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul,and with all your might." Rashi interprets "with all your soul" as indicating that one must maintain his unbri-dled love towards the Almighty even at the expense of his life: "Even if He takes your life." One may not wor-ship any other alleged deity, even if his life is at stake.The Chiddushei HaRim suggests that a similar interpretation may be offered regarding the first clausein the verse: "with all your heart." In this context, argues the Chiddushei HaRim, Rashi's interpretation wouldread as follows: "even if He takes your heart." Meaning, one's devotion to God must withstand the spiritualchallenges and obstacles that confront every one of us regularly. Even when it seems as though God hastaken from us our heart - when we lack the desire and motivation to apply ourselves to Torah and mitzvot ac-cordingly, we are still bidden to love the Almighty. He is fully aware of the challenges facing us, of the difficul-ties that exist in maintaining a Torah lifestyle. He expects us to do our best, to demonstrate our devotion andcommitment even through the rough times, even at moments when it seems as though He has left us, takingour hearts with Him.Extending the Chiddushei HaRim's approach one step further, we may proceed to the final clause inthe verse, "with all your might." Chazal interpret this phrase in reference to money in particular. Thus, theverse demands our allegiance to God even during times of financial hardship. Whereas "with all your heart"requires devotion even in the face of spiritually trying circumstances, and "with all your soul" calls upon us togive our lives for His service, "with all your might" demands our unquestioning loyalty to God even when itappears that He has "turned against us," as it were. No matter what the circumstances, the strictures of theTorah bind us at every moment. This is the critical lesson that we must repeat - with all our heart and soul - atleast twice every day.
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...It is really a pleasure to welcome to participants of the BJOTT shabbaton to our shul this Shabbos! What a greatorganization. I am sure by now you have read a little bit about them over the last few weeks in the bulletin. Theyhave come to West Hartford in order to spend time together with their peers but also to expose themselves to agreat New England community with the hope that many of them will end up staying in this area and making won-derful contributions to their professions and to the Jewish communities. It is very easy to decide to head to NYwhere Jewish life is relatively easy. It is inspiring to see people who wish to explore the smaller communities be-tween Boston and New York where every person counts and where they can make a huge impact on communallife.
Yasher Koach
. Welcome
we are honored that you chose West Hartford! We hope you enjoy your Shabboshere with us!Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Weinberg

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