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The Red Cross of Azazel

The Red Cross of Azazel

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Published by JohnoftheGentiles
The Origin of the Red Cross as a Symbol. It's Probably Not What You Think.
The Origin of the Red Cross as a Symbol. It's Probably Not What You Think.

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Published by: JohnoftheGentiles on Aug 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An excerpt from: The False Prophet Azazel by John of the GentilesAppendix A
The Rose Cross of Azazel
According to an esoteric reading of the Tarot, a Red Rose represents Ve
nus (Azazel‘s
human wife), while a Red Cross represents the angel Azazel. The combined Rose-Cross in one
respect represents the sexual union of Azazel and his human wife. The word ‗Rosicrucian‘ isGerman for ‗Rose Cross,‘ a term synonymous with Red Cross
. In addition to this, the word
‗rose‘ is an anagram for Eros, the name of the Greek god of Love, who was the first
-born son of the angel Azazel and of his human wife. The 18
Degree in Freemasonry is commonly knownas the Rose-Croix (Rose Cross), a fact showing the relation to and establishing a link betweenthese two seemingly diverse organizations. In fact, the ascension of Freemasonry (not to beconfused with the more archaic Masonry) as we know it today correspondingly relates to thedecline of the Rosicrucian order in Europe, most markedly in Germany, the birthplace of Rosicrucianism (Dr Sigismund Bacstrom, an important Rosicrucian scholar of the alchemicalsciences, wrote in
 Bacstrom’s Rosicrucian Society
(circa late 18
to early 19
Centuries A.D.)
of ―the August most ancient and most learned (Rosicrucian) Society, the Investigators of Divine,
Spiritual and Natural Truth
(which Society, more than two centuries and a half ago
(during the15
 , did separate themselves from the Freemasons
These movements being inter-related and dynamic by their their very natures, Freemasonry later re-absorbed manyRosicrucians back within its ranks (See pp.55-56 Proofs of a Conspiracy: Chapter I by JohnRobinson, 1798 A.D.). There are many Rosicrucian Societies yet in existence today, mostnotably AMORC. In addition, and of a most interesting note, the Order of Maat Supreme GrandLodge owns a web site called Links Central of Maat
= Master of the Temple A.‘A.‘ [A.‘A.‘ =
Argenteum Astrum/Silver Star]. See p. 241 Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant, 1977 A.D.)
, by their
own profession ―a web ring for Rosicrucians,‖ which employs a rose
-cross ankh symbol (arosetau). This is derived from the name of the Egyptian god Seker, who represented the angelAzazel, who
was called ‗He of the rosetau,‘ which is to say, he of the rose (red) cross. In Scene
2 of the 3
Tableau of the Initiation of Plato
, it is revealed that Azazel‘s symbol, ―the red cross,‖was ―traced upon the banner of Egypt,‖ on what amounted to being the national flag of Egypt.
And according to
Flying Roll No. 10
(in Roman numerals, 10 = X, named in honor of Azazel) of 
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, ‗
‘ (a cross variant) is the occult sign of Osiris
ris represented Azazel‘s cherub Behemoth. It is for this reason A. E. Waite, a member of theGolden Dawn, lists the Wheel of Fortune, representative of Azazel‘s cherub, as the 10
(Romannumeral X) Major Arcana of the Tarot. There exist those who hold the crossed-arm symbolism
represents ‗Osiris slain‘
). It must also be noted The Church of Scientology employs a similarlogo, called the Cross Saltire**. Compare the Cross Saltire
to Aleister Crowley‘s O
.T.O. RoseCross Lamen (a
is a magical charm-like pendent worn around the neck by the leader of a
witch‘s coven). This signifies Azazel‘s (represented by the ‗X‘) future appearance as the false
Christ (represented by the cross). When the symbol for Azazel (x) is superimposed upon thecross (+), it forms what is known as an eight-point compass rose. For this reason a classicalwooden
ship‘s wheel
, which resembles an eight point compass rose, is at times used as a symbolof Azazel (as are wheels of similar composition). A ship
s anchor (often found wound round
with a chain) is also used as a symbol for the union of Azazel and his human wife, as itrepresents the union of the tau cross, representative of Azazel, with the crescent moon, the
crescent moon being a symbol of Azazel‘s human wife)
. (**Auth
or‘s Note:
The ProcessChurch of the Final Judgment 
founded by two ex-Scientologists employed a decidedly relatedsymbol depicting a serpent upon a cross (in the place of Christ crucified), what one mightventure to identify as being a Chritianized-version of the
. They even had rings made
with this cross depicted in red on a white background [within the ‗disk‘] the sigil of Azazel [See
below]):In Egyptian hieroglyphics the god Ptah (a god who represented Azazel) is always associated withan
‗x‘ within a circle
, also known as the quartered circle (for this reason an
has become anesoteric symbol of Azazel (
ford University derives its name from it). A male ox is called abull, a common angel symbol (b
y extension, Azazel‘s human wife may b
e symbolized as a cow.The Egyptian cow goddess represents
Azazel‘s human wife
). Compare the
‗x‘ within a circle
symbol of Ptah to the Cross of Wodan, also a cross within a circle. The Germanic god Wodan isyet another god who represented the angel Azaz
el/Behemoth. In some circles the ‗cros
s within a
circle‘ motif is
known as the
 Mark of Cain
(this is due to the fact that in the Phoenician alphabet
the letter ‗
‘ is rendered as an ‗X‘ and is pronounced ‗tau,‘ meaning ‗mark‘
Cain of course wasthe son of Azazel by Eve. The quartered circle was the badge (talisman/magic charm) of theGrand Master of the Knights Templars. No doubt it was worn in part to protect the user in battleas God was said in Genesis 4:15
to have placed such a ―mark‖ upon Cain to
keep him from beingslain). The so-called Freemasonic Scottish Rite 18th Degree Rose Croix
quartered circle
(also asymbol of the Gnostics/Gnosticism) is a variant of the
‗cross within a circle‘ motif 
. The NATOmilitary alliance also employees a variant of the
‗quartered circle‘
logo which is representive of the god of war Azazel. As we learn from the Wicca witch priestess Doreen Valiente inWitchcraft for Tomorrow pp.67-68, the cross within the circle motif, the sign of Azazel, was oneof the designs of 
the ‗magic circles‘
of the witches; t
he construction of such a ‗magic circle‘ wasstandard practice when witch‘s invoked their 
Horned God, who was Azazel! In fact, the device
known as ‗
the witches’ mark 
‘ which was employed by the witches (often
signed during
initiation ceremonies) is ―
an X-
shaped cross‖ (Ibid p.179), the sign of Azazel.
The red cross (in appearance a red X), was emblazoned upon Azazel‘s cherub
―Lamia is the ‗snake‘
among the Ophidian; Lama is the hand:
, hand (for this reason a handmay also be used to represent Azazel; two examples are the god Sabazios, who representsAzazel, and whose symbol is a hand and
also the witch‘s
 Hand of Glory
which likewiserepresented Azazel), is a divine name in the Scythian tongue. It also means the number 10, andthe Roman numeral X, w
hich is a cross…which, according to Eastern allegory, is placed…upon
the Rebellious Spirits (read: a red X was emblazoned upon the cherub of the angels) in their
‗abyss‘ or ‗prison‘
(within the earth).
The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries (SRIA member HargraveJennings, 1870 A.D.). The SRIA is an English Rosicrucian Society. SRIA members, it must be remembered, gave birth to the
 Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
, oweing its ―mysteries‖ in pa
rt to this book by Jennings
). The Knights Templar
god Baphomet also represented Azazel. As we learn from The Rosicrucians: Their Rites andMysteries (Hargrave Jennings) p.215, the Coptic root
encountered in the word Bapho-
means ―ten.‖ The Roman
numeral signifying 10, rendered as an X, a cross variation, is the signof Azazel
[X]).In her book Witchcraft for Tomorrow p.117 the Wicca witch-priestess Doreen Valientereveals
: ―Ogham was a sacred Druid alphabet
and would certainly have contained magic
secrets…‖ I would say one of the bigges
t secrets it reveals is the mystery surrounding theidentity of the mysterious
Theosophical Society
deva known as Master KH with whom manyhigh-ranking members of this society claimed to be in contact. In the sacred Ogham alphabet of the magic practicing Druids, KH was rendered as an X. Master KH, which is the Druid way tosay, Master X, was the Hidden Master Azazel himself! This is also the idea behind the word
the god of the underworld: KH (X) + A (horned ox head sign of the horned god) +O (the disk, a cherub) + S (the serpent), the serpent horned god of the X-marked disk of theChaldean city of Ur (Ur-Khaos was later translated as Orcus, the Gaelic Druidic god of theunderworld/abyss).According to the Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn (p.208, King 1987), the rising of Adonai, of Mithra the Lord of Wide Pastures was by the ancient mysteries symbolized under theform of a rose (also known as
the ‗Rose of Dawn‘
). In a like way, the gods Adonai and Mithrarepresented Azazel/Behemoth (
―Adonai has…come to mean, through the Rosicrucian tradition,
the Holy Guardian Angel (with whom, it must be noted, magicians sought to communicate)
Eight Lectures on Yoga by Aleister Crowley, 1939 A.D.
). Azazel will in the future arise within his cherubbeing loosed from his earthly imprisonment. In respect to the angel Azazel, the rose cross alsosymbolizes the future rising of Azazel/Behemoth, Azazel being accepted as the coming Messiah.So the rose is also used as a symbol of Azazel.
The red cross as a symbol of Azazel‘s cherub Behemoth also hearkens back to theEgyptian mysteries of Osiris. The god Osiris represented Azazel‘s cherub Behemoth, and by
extension, Azazel. In the Egyptian
 Hymn to Osiris
, the ―disk‖ of Osiris (Osiris = Behemoth) is
identified as the
the rose (red) cross
(―Divine oblation to Osiris (Behemoth)
Amenti, lord of Abydos…
the disk
the rostau
 Hymn to Osiris
). Cherubim are disk-shaped.It must also be noted the tau cross (rendered in Greek as a T) is the 19
letter of the Greekalphabet
. Azazel‘s prophesied release takes place on the 19
day of July 2016 A.D. InFreemasony, the symbol for Azazel, a tau cross, is represented by the T-square. The
Rosicrucians, whose name means ―rose cross‖ in German, names th
eir secret organization afterthe rostau/disk/Osiris/Behemoth. The Germanic name Christian Rosenkreuz, which in English
translates as ‗Christian Rose Cross,‘
represents no other persona than the rebellious angel Azazelhimself. The name is a play on words which may be interpreted as
the christ of the red cross
,representing Azazel, whose sign is the red cross, in reference to his future appearance as thefalse-christ/false prophet/messiah (See Revelations 16:13; according to the Rosicrucian HargraveJennings in The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries, p.142, the color red is male andrepresents the Salvator, a Latin word meaning
). Theosophist Freethinker Ida C.Craddock provides another piece of our puzzle:
―Why did these mystics call themselves
Rosicrucian? Some writers have attempted to derive the name from two words meaning "dew"and "cross": but the usual interpretation is "followers of the Rosy Cross" (read: followers of Azazel) a cross with a rose (used analogously of Azazel)
 being used as the society's symbol.‖
Heavenly Bridegrooms
. (It must also be mentioned when one adds
the disk
[Azazel‘s cherub is

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