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Andorra Offshore Bank Accounts – Including Numbered Accounts

Andorra Offshore Bank Accounts – Including Numbered Accounts

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Well we now can get numbered bank accounts in Andorra. These are very difficult to get. Your name will not appear as the name of the account, just the number. We are conservative in our banking evaluations and these accounts are very secure and private.

Well we now can get numbered bank accounts in Andorra. These are very difficult to get. Your name will not appear as the name of the account, just the number. We are conservative in our banking evaluations and these accounts are very secure and private.


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Published by: Aurelia Masterson of Panamalaw.org on Aug 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Andorra Offshore Bank Accounts ± IncludingNumbered Accounts
20 Advantages of Andorra Banking
 1) Only top management at the bank can access numbered account files2) Numbered accounts can have Visa and MasterCard tied to the account3) Card names can be secure, Don S. Norman can be Don S.N. on the card4) The Bank is in Europe but not an EU member state5) Bank has serious bank secrecy laws6) Full online banking including sending wires out online. SWIFT and IBAN capable.7) Multi- Currency Accounts includes all Major Currencies including ± USD, EURO, British Pound,Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar.8) You can hold Gold & Silver ± Allocated gold kept at the bank. You can take delivery of the metals.9) Full Stock Brokerage, all major exchanges around the world and forex10) No need to visit bank for account opening due to our special relationship11) No Taxes ± no offshore derived income tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance taxes12) No Tax Treaties with US, Canada, Australia, India or Latin American Countries13) No Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with USA, Canada, Latin America14) Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations can be used from other jurisdictions15) Anonymous Trusts can be used and can be the beneficiary owner of the corporate bank account16) Bank is a billion dollar bank 17) Bank is over 50 years old18) Bank personnel speaks English, Spanish and French19) Bank promptly returns emails and answers the phones20) Private Bankers available, min for private banker is $500,000. Regular accounts, corporateaccounts and numbered accounts have no minimum.
Executive Summary
± Well we now can get numbered bank accounts in Andorra. These are verydifficult to get. Your name will not appear as the name of the account, just the number. We areconservative in our banking evaluations and these accounts are very secure and private. The bank is atop notch old money institution. Multi currency accounts are available including USD, EURO, CAD,AUD, GBP and CHF plus other currencies. They speak english, french and spanish. They answer the phones, return emails, private bankers available and they have stock brokerage in all major markets andForex.
 ± This is a small country wedged between France and Spain. Andorra is only 468 sq.kilometers. They have a population of 84,000. They do not favor immigration with a 20 year residencyrequirement to become a citizen. They are not in the European Union, yet they are in Europe. Theyhave a long history of being a stronghold of private banking. They are today an excellent banking
 jurisdiction that appeals to many but is no longer advantageous for citizens of the EU. Please do not tryto compare Andorra with Switzerland. Andorra was never an aggressive banking and tax haven likeSwitzerland. Switzerland has always had a sordid past. In WWII they were storing gold bars withswastikas on them made of gold from the filings of concentration camp victims. The Swiss Banksstarted having physical locations in the USA meeting with people to help them save money on taxes if they had over $10,000,000 to invest. They even hired celebrities to come to parties and events theysponsored. What this did was give the USA perfect jurisdiction to go after the banks for conspiring withUSA citizens to break income tax laws. The result of this was all the awful things that happened to theSwiss banking system. Andorra never did anything like this. Andorra was never really involved withAmerican clients, perhaps they had a few here and there. Andorra is not a pot of low hanging fruit for the American government. They had a lot of European clients and have entered into tax treaties withsome European nations, their neighbors in essence. Andorra is not good for Europeans. For everyoneelse it is great. With our special relationship we can do things in Andorra that cannot be done anywhereelse.
Andorra Taxes
± Andorra does not tax non-residents. For you this is a tax haven. No taxes. No taxreturns to file.
About the Bank 
± The bank is a private offshore bank, over a half of century old. They have $1.5 billion dollars in assets. This is an old money bank. If you have $450,000 you can be moved over totheir private banking division and have a private banker assigned to you. The private banker will helpyou with investments. The bank does not charge any percentage fees like the Swiss did. They offer multi-currency accounts in all major currencies. They speak english, spanish and french. They answer emails and phone calls. They offer online banking including the ability to execute out going wiretransfers online. There is no minimum deposit when you go through us. Accounts can be opened in 7-10 days including the online banking password. The clock starts ticking when we have all thedocuments and payment.
Bank Secrecy
 ± We are working with a Billion Euro European Bank in a secure European Bank Secrecy Country. They accept anonymous bearer share corporations from other jurisdictions. Theyallow trusts to be the beneficiary owner of the corporation, instead of you, yet you are still the signatoryon the bank account. This bank is not suggested for citizens of the EU. They have some exchange of information treaties with other European Union states. We do suggest this bank for citizens of USA,Canada, Latin America, Asia and other places. Just not for Europeans. This is an old established (half acentury old) private bank that is highly liquid in an extremely secure european country.
How Does a Numbered Bank Account Work 
± Instead of the account having your name as the nameof the bank account, it uses a number only. Normally, you would have say a corporation and have theaccount in the name of the corporation. With a corporate account the wires coming in and going outhave the name of the corporation, not your name. With a numbered account it is better. Numbered bank account records are only accessible by a few top management personnel at the bank, so there is someadvantage right there.The SWIFT, ABA and IBAN wire systems require a beneficial owner to be listed in the wireinstructions. So sending wires to and from a numbered account can be problematic. You can have anumbered corporate account using an anonymous bearer share corporation. To send and receive wiresyou insert the name of the anonymous corporation in the beneficiary owner field of the wires. Thisreveals nothing since the names of the owners of this corporation are not in any database or registryanywhere, yet satisfies the wiring requirements of the various wire systems.Then we can have a second non corporate numbered account. This is basically a personal numberedaccount. If you send or receive wires using this account you would need to put your name in the wires
and this is unacceptable so we do not use this account to send or receive any wires. What this numberedaccount is used for is to receive funds transferred inside the bank. You send and receive internationalwires through your anonymous corporation numbered account. The name of the anonymouscorporation appears in the wire information only, not your name. The anonymous corporations we usewill not have the name of the owners of the bearer shares in any public registry or database. Thegovernment of the country that issued the corporation does not even know who owns the corporation.So wires are sent and received through the corporation bank account. Excess funds and savings are keptin the numbered account. The funds are transferred to and from the corporate account inside the bank,to and from the non corporate numbered account, with no external records of any wire transfers. Noone knows about the non corporate numbered account unless you tell them. There is no wire trail tofollow. The numbered account can have a visa or MasterCard tied to the numbered account as well. Seethe card section below to see how this works to preserve your privacy. The numbered account isanother defensive tactic in the asset protection arena. Today one does need all the help they can get.There are prison sentences awaiting violators of bank secrecy in this country including bank andgovernment officials. With the numbered accounts the amount of people that can access the ownershiprecords is very restricted. It is very secure and private.
Trusts, Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations and Numbered Accounts
 ± There is a way to useall these asset protection tools to really keep your hard earned assets safe and secure. What is done is aBelize Trust is set up to be the owner of a Belize Anonymous Bearer Share Corporation which has a bank account in the bank. You are not the owner of the corporation. On the bank account the trust islisted as the beneficiary owner of the bank account, not you. You are still the signatory on the bank account. You are the only signatory on the corporate bank account. The trust owns the bearer shares of the corporation but has no bank account. You can be a beneficiary of the trust, other persons can be beneficiaries, corporations and trusts can also be beneficiaries. So now you have a corporate bank account you are not the owner of, yet you are the signatory on this account. This is an extremely hardscenario to find anywhere in the world, let alone in a high quality bank, in a secure sound jurisdiction.To make things more secure we can have another non corporate numbered bank account also in place atthe same bank. This enables you to transfer funds to and from the corporation to the numbered bank account. All wires received and sent go through the corporate account. The transfers to the numberedaccount are internal inside of the bank with no external wire trails. No one will know the numberedaccount exists unless you tell them. This is the ultimate in banking security. There is nothing moresecure anywhere in the world.This is an incredibly secure structure. Combine this with the fact that the jurisdiction is lacking MutualLegal Assistance Treaties, Double Tax Treaties, Tax Information Exchange Agreements (They havethese with EU only), No Offshore Derived Income Tax, No Inheritance Tax, and No Capital Gains Taxon bank interest.
Gold & Silver
± The bank will hold gold and silver for you. This is a custody/storage service, think allocated gold and silver. You can show up at the bank and take your gold and silver with you. Themetals are bought at market prices and there is a custody charge imposed. The custody fee is ½ % per year. For example if you had $100,000 of precious metals the fee would be $500 per year.
Stock Brokerage
± The bank offers stock brokerage services. The major markets around the world areoffered. They have online trading or you can use a live broker. There is also a Forex option. USA people cannot buy US stocks, they can buy stocks in other markets like Europe for instance. Inquirewith questions.
Available Currencies
- Multi currency accounts are available including CHF, USD, EURO, CAD,AUD, GBP plus several other major currencies. You can hold these currencies, receive them and wirethem out.

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