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From Finders Keepers

From Finders Keepers

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Published by Nick Alan Turner
A magic balloon is there when they need it.
A magic balloon is there when they need it.

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Published by: Nick Alan Turner on Aug 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From "Finders Keepers"ByNick Turner2001 Nick Turnernick@ladedacolorado.com
SETTING: A bedroom. Night. A makeshift blankettent is set up in the middle of the room. A boy,BENNY, sits in the opening speaking to someonebehind him. He has a flashlight.
BENNYOkay. Okay. I’ve checked everywhere. The coast isclear, far as I can tell. For now. Here’s thesituation. My mom lets me keep this tent for sleepingas long as I close my hallway door. It has to be closedand I still get a nightlight but I don’t know how muchlonger. And anyway, a nightlight, whoop-de-doo. Like“They” care. Like a nightlight stops them. My dad saysIm too old to be scared of the dark but I think we canboth agree, what does that mean? Too old? If you’rescared, you’re scared, you just don’t stop all of asudden. Anyway, that’s “Theirjob. To make you scared.And They’re really good at it. It’s what They do. Let’stalk about Them. They are monsters. Sometimes they comealone. Sometimes in one big party. And they like todisguise themselves at first. They like to surpriseyou. I can hear then laughing when my mom’s lookingunder the bed and saying “now, you go away and leaveBenny alone or there will be trouble”. They thinkthat’s a riot. But, they’re going to get a taste oftheir own medicine tonight. We’ll see who’s surprised.Okay. Stay ready in there. Stay ready but let me do thetalking. Don’t let them get you mad. We’ll surpriseThem. Wait a second. Over there on the chair. Naw. Justmy shirt. Ah hah! There! No. Just my ...GROWLHey, Benny.BENNYAhhh! (Shines the flashlight on a monster).GROWLBenny. The flashlight. My eyes. Rude. (He turns itoff). Thank you. Nice night.BENNYGo away.GROWLBenny. I can’t do that. You know that. But I’d say I’mgoing easy on you. Not like others, Benny. Not likeothers.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.BENNYI don’t care. A monster’s a monster.GROWLBenny. I’m hurt. That’s very insensitive. Don’t make merattle my claws.BENNYThose are just tree branches. Those are just treebranches.GROWLHa. We both know better than that.
SHRIEKIs that the best you can do, Growl? He’s not evenshaking.GROWLI’m getting to it. You’re trouble is you’re always in abig hurry.SHRIEKKeep that light off, Benny.BENNYI will.SHRIEKHey, you said you were going to wait for me.GROWLWhere were you?SHRIEKIn the closet. You said “wait in the closet”.GROWLNo, I said not in the closet. He puts his desk in frontof it now.SHRIEKYeah, I figured, since I had to squeeze underneath.Talk about a rotten entrance.GROWLI said “under the bed” except Benny doesn’t sleep inhis bed anymore. That’s kind of weird, Benny.(CONTINUED)

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