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Published by John Ace
A short story.
A short story.

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Published by: John Ace on Aug 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Allie.By John Ace."In a hundred years of this solitude, Just a castaway,Just another disposable hero; They say the end is near."-"It's Allie".-"Allie like what?"-"Allie like Allie. There'a nothing else to it"-"Alright, are you buying me a drink, Allie?" I noticed everything. The playful smile, the little horny sparkle in her eyes. Ijust wanted to go home. Get the bill, go home, sleep. -"Why the hell not.." Wake up to a grim hangover morning, flat tones, bleak colours. My dreams didn'thave to be vivid to immitate reality. In fact, most of my dreams were the reality.. Or the other way. -"Don't you wanna ask for my name?" I don't. Her blurry silhouette merges in the background. I'm suddenly aware of the air.. It smells like sweat, old furniture and smoked desperation.I'm suddenly aware of my fear, adrenaline pumping blood through my veins.. I'm choking on this second handed oxygen, I'm choking on this oppression. I need to get out of here. -"Ah.. Sorry, where are my manners".-"it doesn't matter, I wasn't about to tell you anyway."-"So tell me something else.." And she talks..And I drown in my own shot glass. Like a brave captain I watch the ocean swallowmy ship. Long after the crew has abandoned it. I watch the waters rise, engulfed in my sentiments, submerged in my sadness and resolve.And I talk.. Inch after inch the murky water comes closer to my neck, to my face.Time goes by, seconds seem like hours. -"Listen, do you wanna get out of here?"-"Hmm, I live not far away. Maybe.. we should.."-"Yeah, ok". Asphyxiation clouds my reason, what were my final thoughts? Did I write a beautiful poem that will wash ashore with the shipwreck. Did I have a legendary life to be told in every port, in every tavern.Have you heard a tale of captain Allie Furgenson? No, I'm afraid not.Well, there's not much to tell. He was just another sad fuck that went down witha leisure cruiser. So much for a swan song, so much for heroics.

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