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Table Of Contents

Chap. 1-Building Character for Eternity
A Faithful Friend
Section I.—God’s Purpose for the Youth
Chap. 2-A Call to the Youth
Called to a High Destiny
Be Light Bearers
Cherished Broad Ideas
The Call to Enlist
Essential Elements of Character
Chap. 3-Seeking to Please Him
Chap. 4-Standards of Success
Faithful Integrity
Complete Consecration
Assert Your Liberty
Complete Surrender
Choosing Your Destiny
Heart-Searching Questions
Chap. 5-Our Day of Opportunity
The Kind of Workers Needed
Our Source of Efficiency
Righteousness Within
Chap. 6-Heights that May be Attained
Religion the Basis of Life
High Responsibilities
Influence of Religion
Our Stewardship of Talents
A High Ideal to Reach
Channels of God’s Grace
Chap. 7-Standards of Efficiency
Qualifying for Service
Cleverness not Piety
The Chosen Agency
Chap. 8-Climbing the Heights
Daily Advancement
Meeting Obstacles
Chap. 9-Partnership With God
Reaching Higher and Higher
Section II.—The Conflict with Sin
Chap. 10-Satan, a Mighty Foe
Satan in Disguise
The Battle for Each Soul
Chap. 11-The Character of the Conflict
Call to Oppose Powers of Evil
Aid of the Holy Spirit
The Price of Victory
Chap. 12-Satan’s Special Effort
Confidence in Self Fatal
Destroying Confidence
Control of the Mind
The Curtain Lifted
Chap. 13-Temptation No Excuse for Sin
Chap. 14-Fortitude
In the Strength of the Lord
Chap. 15-The Soul Temple
God’s Ideal
Desecrated Shrines
Degradation Through Sensual Indulgence
Help in Temptation
Chap. 16-Ye Are Not Your Own
Results of Complete Consecration
All Our Powers Belong to Him
The Price of a Soul
Decision Called For
Chap. 17-True Conversion
Not Feeling but a Changed Life
Practicality of Genuine Religion
The Sanctified Life
The Cords of Satan
Chap. 18-Counsel to an Indulged Daughter
Controlling the Imagination
Subduing Passions and Affections
Chap. 19-Strength of Character Through Conflict
Purity Not Dependent on Circumstances
Death Before Dishonor
Chap. 20-Resisting Temptation
Needless Temptations to Be Shunned
Duty Above Inclination
Chap. 21-The Deceitfulness of Sin
Chap. 22-A Warning Against Skepticism
Danger of Association with Skeptics
Self-Confidence and Blindness
Moral Courage Needed
The Tempest Is Coming
Daily Dependence on God
Chap. 23-One Weak Point
Thought Control
Section III.—Gaining Victories
Chap. 24-Onward and Upward
God Not Unreasonable
Develop Confidence
Cost of Victory
Chap. 25-Perfecting Character
Set Your Mark High
Cultivate Every Grace of Character
His Biddings Are Enablings
Our Constant Dependence
Chap. 26-The Fight of Faith
Living Faith
A Lifelong Conflict
Chap. 27-Victory Appropriated
Faith and Duty
Chap. 28-How to be Strong
Behold His Glory
Joy Through Repentance
Chap. 29-The Victorious Life
The Dominating Influence
Chap. 30-Living Faith
Do Not Depend on Feeling
Be Not Discouraged
Contemplation of Christ
Changing the Habits of Thought
Sanctification a Daily Work
Make Religion a Business
Sanctification, a Progressive Experience
Value of Trials
Secret Place of Power
Chap. 31-Union With Christ
Section IV.—Walking in the Light
Chap. 32-Growing in Grace
Growth Necessary to Steadfastness
Heart Examination
Watch and Pray
Limitless Possibilities for Good
Chap. 33-Conformity to the World
The Broad Way
Preparation for Jesus’ Coming
What Shall It Profit?
Chap. 34-Genuine Christian Experience
Saving Grace
The First Steps
Opening the Way for God’s Blessing
Chap. 35-Self-Discipline
Power of Self-Control
Ruling the Spirit
No Excuse for Sinning
Chap. 36-A Living Experience
Power of the Cross
Loyalty to Christ
Experimental Knowledge Needed
Christian Fellowship
Religion Not a Sentiment
Chap. 37-Faithful in that which is Least
A Well-Balanced Character
Faithfulness in Everyday Life
Chap. 38-Accountability for Light
Chap. 39-Earnestness of Purpose
Co-operation with God
Whole-hearted Service
The Value of Concentration
The Highest Motive
Abiding Joy
Chap. 40-Exercise of the Will
Instability and Doubt
Strength Through Yielding the Will
God’s Will and Man’s Will United
Special Effort Essential
Chap. 41-Divine Guidance
Chap. 42-Silent Working of the Holy Spirit
Evidence of Divine Aid
Chap. 43-The Indwelling Christ
His Response to Our Faith
Molded by His Love
The Pearl of Great Price
Chap. 44-Self-Denial
Chap. 45-The Character that God Approves
Persevering Effort Required
Influence of Associates
Christ Our Only Hope
Chap. 46-Abiding Presence of Christ
Section V.—Preparation for the Life Work
Chap. 47-Christian Education
Christ the Great Educator
Chap. 48-True Education
The Essential in Education
The Highest Education
Chap. 49-The Need of Christian Education
Training for Higher Service
An All-Round Education
Knowledge and Self-discipline
Meeting Expectations of Parents
Chap. 50-Education for Eternity
Chap. 51-A Practical Training
Symmetrical Education
Benefit of Useful Work
Learn How to Cook
In the Mission Field
Chap. 52-Student Loyalty
Character and Deportment
Value of School Discipline
Chap. 53-Student Opportunities
Helping Others
Thorough Mastery of Fundamentals
Chap. 54-Training for Service
Consecrate Ability to God
Preparation for Future Contingencies
Balanced by Right Principles
Chap. 55-Aspiration for Improvement
Chap. 56-True Wisdom
The Bible and Science
Taught of God
Chap. 57-Set a High Standard
Maintain Personality
Making the Most of Life
Section VI.—Service
Chap. 58-The Youth Called to Be Laborers
Work in Faith
Call for Volunteers
Chap. 59-Responsibility for Soul Winning
Chap. 60-Witnessing for Christ
Our Conversation
Winning Loved Ones
Chap. 61-Personal Work
Chap. 62-Young People as Soul Winners
Solicitude for Others
A Work to Do
Where to Begin
The Most Successful Way
Chap. 63-Service in Different Lines
Gaining Efficiency
Chap. 64-Unselfish Service
Chap. 65-The Reward of Diligence
The Blessing of Labor
Helping in the Home
The Web of Destiny
Chap. 66-The Dignity of Labor
Manual Labor Versus Games
Christ’s Example
The Lesson of Contented Industry
Chap. 67-Sowing Beside all Waters
The Gift of Song
Medical Missionary Work
Chap. 68-Many Lines of Work
Each Has His Place
The Sabbath School Work
Bible Work
Medical Work
The Ministry
Foreign Mission Work
Youthful Service
Chap. 69-Acceptable Service
Our Relation to Mistakes
The Highest Work
Chap. 70-Faithfulness in Service
Unfaithfulness Recorded
True Motives in Service
Section VII.—Health and Efficiency
Chap. 71-The Science of Living
Health and Self-Control
Life a Trust
Chap. 72-Safeguarding the Health
Chap. 73-Sacredness of Health
Relation of Health to Character Building
Intemperance Degrading
Self-Mastery a Duty
Chap. 74-A Balanced Education
Chap. 75-Education Obtained at Expense of Health
Chap. 76-The Insignia of Nobility
Effect of Physical Habits on the Mind
Shaping Our Own Destiny
Temperance Richly Rewarded
Religion and Health
Section VIII.—The Devotional Life
Chap. 77-Prayer Our Stronghold
How to Pray
Prayer Brings Power
Chap. 78-The Power of Prayer
In Touch with the Infinite
Every Sincere Prayer Answered
Chap. 79-Our Attitude in Prayer
Chap. 80-Faith and Prayer
Chap. 81-The Value of Bible Study
The Mediatorial Work of Christ
Intellectual Development
The Highest Culture
The Bible the Greatest Teacher
Chap. 82-Search the Scriptures for Yourself
Chap. 83-Persevering Effort in Bible Study
The Knowledge of God’s Will
Reverence in Bible Study
Chap. 84-The Reward of Diligent Bible Study
The Bible a Guide
Chap. 85-The Bible as an Educator
The Voice of the Eternal
True Philosophy of Life
Chap. 86-Reverence
Conduct in the House of God
Trifling Regarding Religious Things
Chap. 87-A Well-Grounded Hope
Section IX.—Reading and Music
Chap. 88-Choice of Reading
Influence of Unwholesome Reading
Enemies to Spirituality
The Book of Books
Chap. 89-Example of the Ephesians
The Magic Books of Today
Mind Unfitted for Solemn Thought
Misleading Books
Breaking the Spell of Satan’s Sorcery
Chap. 90-Proper Mental Food
Results of Reading Fiction
Mental Inebriates
First Steps in Sin
Chap. 91-The Bible the Most Interesting Book
The Portrayal of Sin
Chap. 92-Guard Well the Avenues of the Soul
The Chaff and the Wheat
Chap. 93-Building Christian Character
Selected Course of Reading Recommended
Chap. 94-The Effect of Fiction—94
Chap. 95-The Benefits of Music
Music a Precious Gift
Chap. 96-Uses of Music
A Talent of Influence
In Tune with Heavenly Musicians
God Glorified by Songs
Chap. 97-A Wrong Use of Music
Music a Power for Good
Section X.—Stewardship
Chap. 98-Lessons in Economy
Saving for Missions
Proper Use of Talents
No Time to Lose
The Reward of Sacrifice
Chap. 99-Spirit of Sacrifice
Signs of Grace in the Heart
Chap. 100-The Tithe
Recognition of God’s Ownership
Belongs to God
Chap. 101-“Honor the Lord With Thy Substance”
Treasures in Heaven
Without Excuse
The Tithe
Chap. 102-Individual Responsibility
Value of Money
Chap. 103-Holiday Presents
Evils of Self-Indulgence
Gifts to God
Chap. 104-Economy in Dress
Self-Denial Pleasing to God
The Love of Display
Puritan Plainness
Chap. 105-Self-Gratification
A Species of Idolatry
First Things First
Duty of Self-Denial
Repeated Taking of Pictures
Chap. 106-Economy and Benevolence
Open Doors of Usefulness
Saving the Fragments
Guide to Economy
Section XI.—The Home Life
Chap. 107-A Christian Household
Chap. 108-Faithfulness in Home Duties
Chap. 109-Home Religion
Unkind Speech in the Home
The Home an Object Lesson
Chap. 110-The Home a Training School
Everyday Duties
The Mother’s Reward
Possibilities of Home Training
Chap. 111-Respect and Love for Parents
A Destiny in Obedience
Chap. 112-A Blessing in the Home
Obedience to Parents
Chap. 113-Building Character at Home
Making Parents Happy
Strength for the Conflict
Impatience at Restraint
Individual Responsibility
Clothed with Christ’s Righteousness
Chap. 114-Youth to Bear Responsibilities
Making Home Happy
Chap. 115-The Hour of Worship
Chap. 116-Religious Hospitality
Section XII.—Dress and Adornment
Chap. 117-Elements in Character Building
True Adornment
Outward Appearance
Religion Judged by Dress
Chap. 118-Dress and Character
Relation to Fashions
Chap. 119-Proper Dress
Economy in Dress
Quality and Taste
Health and Cleanliness
Grace and Natural Beauty
Chap. 120-Influence of Dress
Chap. 121-Simplicity in Dress
A Snare to God’s People
Reformation Needed
The Inward Adorning
Chap. 122-Idolatry of Dress
Chap. 123-True Adornment
Following the World
Section XIII.—Recreation and Amusement
Chap. 124-The Value of Recreation
Christian Recreation
Love of the Beautiful
The Master Artist
Unfitted to Resist Temptation
Chap. 125-The Love of Worldly Pleasure
The Way of Wisdom
Faithfulness in Little Things
Unsatisfied Longings
Opportunities for Witnessing
Chap. 126-Words of Counsel
Chap. 127-Dangerous Amusements for the Young
An Unfortunate Age
A Time of Trial Before the Young
Separation from the World
Promises to the Young
Chap. 128-Establishing Right Principles in the Youth
Relaxation and Amusement
Provide Innocent Pleasures
Recreation in Missionary Work
Chap. 129-Unholy Influences at Work
Chap. 130-Joy in Religion
The Example of Jesus
Chap. 131-Christian Recreation
Principles Contrasted
Chap. 132-Social Gatherings
Lack of Spirituality Revealed
Subtle Influences
The Antidote for Frivolity
Acceptable Social Gatherings
Chap. 133-How to Spend Holidays
Christian Sources of Pleasure
Chap. 134-Literary Societies
Chap. 135-Dancing
In the Path of Dissipation
The Danger of Amusements
Guided by Principle
Section XVI.—Social Relations
Chap. 136-Social to Save
Association Influences Destiny
Chap. 137-Christian Sociability and Courtesy
Chap. 138-Guiding Principles
The Prodigal
God’s Gracious Invitation
Surrounded by God’s Mercies
Chap. 139-The Influence of Association
The Measure of Strength
Trustworthy and Faithful
Chap. 140-Influence
Our Responsibility
Chap. 141-The Choice of Companions
Chap. 142-The Golden Rule
Chap. 143-True Refinement
True Courtesy Needed
Choice of Companions
Chap. 144-Rejecting Worldly Associations
Our Words a Source of Help
Our Influence
Chap. 145-Exalted Conversation
The Reason for Low Standards
Need of Heavenly-Mindedness
A Vigorous Process of Sanctification
Chap. 146-Sowing Wild Oats
Vain Amusement Not True Happiness
Chap. 147-Irreligious Visitors
Section XV.—Courtship and Marriage
Chap. 148-True Love
Seeking Counsel
Chap. 149-Wrong Forms of Courtship
Influence on Religious Experience
Early Marriages
Chap. 150-Engagement With Unbelievers
Tests of Love
Results of Disobedience
A Broken Engagement
Mature Judgment Essential
Chap. 151-Need of Counsel and Guidance
A Perfect Guide
Honorable Conduct
Need of Sound Judgment
Parents to Be Consulted
Treatment of Mother an Index
Impulse Not Reliable
Divine Love
Chap. 152-Premature Marriage
The Danger of Early Attachments
Chap. 153-Marriages, Wise and Unwise
Unequally Yoked
Proper Association
Hasty Marriages
Influenced to Marriage by Satan
Chap. 154-Marrying and Giving in Marriage
Unholy Infatuation
Violating the Laws of Health and Modesty
Disregard for Counsel
Characteristics of True Love
Seeking Divine Guidance
Chap. 155-Responsibilities of Marriage
Chap. 156-Good Judgment and Self-Control in Marriage
Looking Ahead
The Domination of Passion
Necessity of Self-Control
Chap. 157-The Example of Isaac
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