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Defend youth uprisings Bring down Govt

Defend youth uprisings Bring down Govt

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Published by: Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary on Aug 13, 2011
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“When you cut facilities, slash jobs, abuse power,discriminate, drive people into deeper poverty and  shoot people dead whilst refusing to provide answersor justice, the people will rise up and express their anger and frustration if you refuse to hear their cries. A riot is the language of the unheard.”
 Dr. Martin Luther King, December, 1963
www.movementforjustice.org mail@movementforjustice.orgTwitter: @ ollowMFJ Facebook.com/movement or ustice 07504084033
Shut down all of London. Take our fight tocentral London. Extend the youth actions acrossthe country. All charges must be dropped.
Restore EMA, reverse the fee hikes, end the attack on Britain’s social welfaresystem – restore the all the services and educational programmes that are beingcut. Stop the privatisation and cut-backs to the NHS.
Defeat the racist policing and scapegoating policies of the government. No morestop and search. A police badge is not a license to kill. Jail the killer police officers.Create independent community tribunals to investigate and tell the truth on thepolice killings.
Stop the deportation of asylum seekers, amnesty for all immigrants & asylumseekers living in Britain, end the racist immigration policies.
Build the new independent youth-led integrated movement. Build the New Britain –multiracial, equal & integrated.
Stop the racist EDL marching in Tower Hamlets on 3
Movement for Justice
to make victory possible.
The scandal-ridden Tory/ Lib Dem Governmentand its corrupt, super-rich backers areresponsible for every broken window, burned-out building, overturned bus and person injuredin the youth rebellion that is rocking Londonand spreading to other cities. The fierceunleashing of youth anger was bound to occur when the Government got away witheliminating EMA and other vital education andsocial welfare programmes, destroying what isleft of a social safety net, and doing nothing toend the record levels of youth unemployment.The Government's racist policy of increasing police brutality, stop & search and other repressive measures against black, Asian andother minority communities was certain to reach a boiling point and then explode. The Tories andLibDems worship the dog-eat-dog, ‘anything goes’,free market ideology that promotes the right of every individual to enrich themselves by any meansand without regard for the social consequences of their actions - but when desperate youths in some of the most discriminated-against communities applythe same methods they are condemned andslandered by Prime Minister Cameron and hiscynical, hypocritical political and media backers. Inthe words of Malcolm X, the current youth rebellionis nothing more than the
“chickens coming home toroost.”
Movement For Justice - the Leadership that will Always Speak and Fight for the Oppressed 
Movement for Justice
, Britain’s leadinganti-racist, integrated, youth-led civil rightsorganization stands with the youth. They are our  people. The Labour Party has abandoned any pretext of fighting for the poor, working class,and specially oppressed black, Asian, Muslimand immigrant communities. In Parliament,Labour MP’s have allowed the cuts to gothrough with little more than a whimper. LocalLabour Councils have instituted the cuts in their own boroughs against their own people without putting up any kind of a fight. The kind of localCouncil campaigns of resistance to cuts thatwere popularised by sections of the Labour Leftin the early 1980s don’t exist anywhere now.The Labour Party has either signed onto or taken no action against the growing institutionalracism and the scapegoating of immigrantcommunities. Not a single “progressive” or “socialist” mainstream leader in Britain - no politician, including those associated with far left political organisations, or the Labour Party, or theestablishment Asian and black community leaders,have even got angry and denounced the sub-humanconditions we are supposed to passively accept or the second class treatment of our communities anddemanded that the poor be given the basicnecessities of life and be treated like human beings.
When Parliament was recalled on 11
Januarythe main thrust of Labour’s argument was todemand more money and power for the police,not the restoration of EMA or the reversal of theTory/Lib Dem cuts. Last October, November and December liberal politicians and journalistswere rightly sympathetic to the student activistswho introduced the tactics of militant massaction to the movement to stop the cuts and savethe social welfare state; now those same politicians and journalists are hystericallycondemning and vilifying young poor peoplewho are standing up and fighting for the sameaims and utilising many of the same tactics.Racist and elitist fear of and contempt for the poor oozes through every sentence of all themedia reports, which are uniformly committedto dishonest and biased coverage of the events.When the oppressed are first rising up anddemanding that their needs and their humanityare acknowledged and addressed, they are goingto do so in an imperfect way. The Movement for Justice is the voice of those youth. We exist toarticulate the demands that the youth areimplicitly fighting for in a political programme,and to teach the youth who want to fight howthey can win. Like Martin Luther King we carrytheir feelings of indignation and rage in our hearts and minds, and are never scared to speak the plain truth about racism and poverty, or toexpose the hypocrisy of the rich and powerfulwho demand that more and more of the nation’swealth go to them instead of to the poor, andthen express horror at the actions of poor, black and Asian youth. Movement For Justice’s jobis, not to ignore or glorify the excesses andmistakes made during the youth uprising, butrather to reach out to the best, most serious andmost inspired leaders of the actions and developtheir political understanding so that they canhelp us build and lead a powerful integrated,youth-led civil rights movement that can winand defend lasting gains and shift the balance of  power to favour the oppressed.Movement For Justice is the only leadership prepared to tell the plain truth about racism, tofight for the interests of all the poor andoppressed and treat with the contempt itdeserves the cynical self-serving “economicrecovery” policies of the government, which arenothing more than schemes on how to stealmore from the poor to give to the rich. We knowthat relying on the existing politicians, religiousor community leaders is a dead end. We arecommitted to building the new independent,mass, integrated youth-led movement, born in thestudents’ actions of last autumn and continuing nowin the streets of London, because this is the onlystrategy that can win. The aim of our new civilrights movement is to make a new Britain, a societywhere all of us will be treated as equal, given thedignity and respect we deserve, able to exercise thesame rights as every other member of the society,never treated as invisible again. Nothing else that has occurred in the last thirtyyears has shaken the Government more, or placedthe issues of racism, poverty, youth rights and theaspirations of Britain’s minority and immigrantcommunities so prominently at the centre of thenation’s political agenda. To make gains from thisstage of the action we must act quickly. Thousandsof black youth and large numbers of white youthwho took to the streets and expressed their anger and sense of injustice against the police and thesymbols of wealth; they experienced the feeling of  power, defiance and freedom. Now the continuousmedia assault and uniform disapproval of theauthority figures they encounter will lower theconfidence of the youth in their own ability to fightand win. While the memories of what they did will persist, the feelings of power, freedom, joy, andhope, which were real and are real, will fade or beforgotten. The consciousness of thousands moreyouth and older people who feel that this newmovement is theirs because of their sympathy andsolidarity with those who did act also needs to beorganised and drawn in into the movement in anactive way. The best and angriest youth of other oppressed communities who might not have beendirectly involved, especially Asian, Muslim andimmigrant youth who have been urged by their community leaders to put up with all kinds of indignities and discrimination, will have their moment to stand up and defend their dignity andequality on 3
September. On 3
September, whenthe racist, far rightwing anti-Muslim EnglishDefense League (EDL) tries to march in Tower Hamlets, the Muslim and other youth who did notact this week will have their moment to stand upand defend their dignity and equality.
Bring Down the Government
We must use this moment of mass struggle as anopportunity to advance the building of the new,independent, youth-led, integrated civil rightsmovement that we need to make Britain a nationthat is united on a basis of equality and respect anddedicated to meeting the needs of all its members, asociety that expresses our real commitment to eachother. Our strategy for changing Britain is tocontinue building our new movement and our most
important, immediate aim must be to bringdown the Government. We can achieve thisgoal.Shutting Down London is the best tacticavailable to our young movement, to create thekind of political crisis needed to remove theGovernment. We are doing this to some extentalready but we must raise the level of our struggle and refine our tactics in order to win.We are stopping ‘business as usual’ through theactions we are taking in our communities.However, we can immeasurably strengthen our movement by taking our fight to the doorstepsof our oppressors - to central London. The City,Westminster and the West End are the base of the banks and the super-wealthy businesscommunity, the Government, the political parties, Parliament and Scotland Yard. Wewould do well to bring the fury we haveexpressed in our own communities to the heartof the nation’s capital. The Poll Tax riots thatoccurred across the country 20 years agoculminated in a massive action that took over central London. The poll tax action in Londonwas loosely organised and coordinated byleaders who emerged through the action. Wecan pull off what those youth achieved, evenwith our lack of formal leadership. We mustmake it our aim to do so.
Build a united movement of theoppressed
Divisions on racial, ethnic and religious lines doexist in our movement and in the action on thestreets – not as much as the media make out, butthey are still dangerous; they demean our struggle and play into the hands of our enemies.
‘Divide and conquer’ is the most effective tacticthat the rich and powerful have to prevent usfrom winning big and lasting victories. TheMovement for Justice resolutely opposes anyattacks on Mosques and on specificcommunities based on the race or religion of those communities. Unity of the oppressed inthe fight for equality is the key to victory. Jointstruggle is the most effective way to overcomethe prejudice, fear and mistrust that a racistsystem has instilled in too many of our brothersand sisters. At the same time we must recognisethat many of the youth who advocate attacks onmosques or youth-on-youth violence are policeagents, criminals or provocateurs linked to the police or to racist groups; we must expel such people from our movement.
Mass action to stop the EDL in TowerHamlets: 3
One danger in this situation is that the fascist groupsof the far-right like the BNP and especially theEnglish Defence League (EDL) use the hysteriawhipped up by the media and politicians to buildtheir racist street army as a physical threat to our communities and our struggle for justice andequality. This possibility was seen in recent dayswhen the BNP and the EDL mobilised in Eltham todefend a majority white community that was never threatened with attack by anyone, and also in Tower Hamlets, when an unidentified group tried to attack Muslims leaving the East London Mosque onWhitechapel Road on 9
August.The next essential step in building our movementwill come in Tower Hamlets on 3
September. Onthat day the EDL plans to hold a national anti-Muslim demonstration. Its focus on anti-Muslim prejudice is a tactic to make racism and anti-immigrant policies more widely accepted, and tocreate and foster divisions between different ethnicand religious groups. The EDL describes thisdemonstration as the event that all their other actions have been a preparation for. If they get awaywith this it will obviously be a major threat to theMuslim community in east London and nationally, but it will also be a major setback to the fight for equality by all black and Asian people, other ethnicminorities, migrant workers and asylum seekers.The EDL must be kept out of Tower Hamlets or driven out, by united mass action on the streets.In the summer of 2009 determined action byMuslim youth twice drove the EDL out of Birmingham; when the EDL tried to demonstrateagainst a mosque in Harrow in September 20092000 youth, mostly school and college students – Muslim and non—Muslim, black, Asian and whitetook over the town centre and the handful of demoralised EDL-ers who turned up never gotanywhere near their ‘target’. Since thenconservative community and mosque leaders, localcouncillors and MPs, and the police havecollaborated to stop black and Asian youthconfronting the racists. The main, majority white‘anti-fascist’ organisations have held dead-endrallies or ‘festivals’ well away from the EDLdemonstrations. As a result the racists thugs have become more confident and aggressive and their demonstrations have got bigger.Tower Hamlets on 3
September is where and whenthis must change. Asian youth in east London mustreject the advice of community leaders to ‘stay off the streets’. Everyone who has been part of theactions following the 5
August, everyone who has

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