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Table Of Contents

Chap. 1. - Earth’s Last Crisis
Widespread Apprehension About the Future
Troublous Times Soon to Come
God Has Always Warned of Coming Judgments
God Has Told Us What to Expect in Our Day
Last Day Prophecies Demand Our Attention
The Subject Should Be Kept Before the People
Keeping Future Events in Proper Perspective
Chap. 2. - Signs of Christ’s Soon Return
Our Lord’s Great Prophecy
Signs in the Heavens
Signs on the Earth
False Prophets
An Experience With a False Prophet
Gluttony and Intemperance
Deeds of Violence
Wars and Disasters
Great Balls of Fire
Earthquakes and Floods
Crime, Famines, Pestilence
God’s Purpose in Calamities
Coming Events Are in the Hands of the Lord
Heaven’s Regard for Earth’s Affairs
Chap. 3. - “When Shall These Things Be?”
The Disciples Ask Christ About His Return
Time of Christ’s Return Not Known
Ours Is Not a Time-setting Message
Time-setting Leads to Unbelief
No Time Prophecy Beyond 1844
Ellen White Expected Christ’s Return in Her Day
The Delay Explained
God’s Promises Are Conditional
What Christ Is Waiting For
A Limit to God’s Forbearance
Transgression Has Almost Reached Its Limit
The Shortness of Time
Chap. 4. - God’s Last Day Church
God’s People Keep His Commandments
They Have the Testimony of Jesus
Their “Landmark” Biblical Doctrines
The Distinctive Mission of Seventh-day Adventists
Organization Will Always Be Essential
The Special Authority of God’s Church
A Time of Spiritual Weakness and Blindness
Abuse of Power at Church Headquarters
Unwise Leaders Do Not Speak for God
A New Denomination Not Needed
God Will Set Everything in Order
The Patience of God With His People
God Works With Those Who Are Faithful to Him
Judged by the Light Bestowed
Israel’s History a Warning to Us
The Church Militant Is Imperfect
Chap. 5. - Devotional Life of the Remnant
A Twofold Life
Firmly Rooted In Christ
Molded By The Holy Spirit
The Necessity of Bible Study
Commit Scripture to Memory
Revelation 14 an Anchor to God’s People
Educate the Mind to Believe God’s Word
Preparation for Future Trials
Control the Moral Powers
The Example of Enoch
Remember God’s Past Blessings
A Time for Serious Reflection
Living With Reference to the Judgment Day
Ready for Christ’s Return
Chap. 6. - Lifestyle and Activities of the Remnant
A Spirit of Service and Self-Sacrifice
“Occupy Till I Come”
As If Each Day Might Be Our Last
Conscientious Sabbath Observance
Faithful in Tithes and Offerings
Establish New Institutions
Medical Missionary Work
God’s People Value Their Health
Return to the Original Diet
Time for Fasting and Prayer
Entire Trust in God
Family Worship
Guard Association With the World
Recreation That Christ Approves
Music That Elevates
Television and the Theater
Dress and Adornments
The Need for Publications
No Sharp Thrusts in Our Papers
Beware of Side Issues
Emphasize Unity, Not Differences
How to Meet Critics
Exalt the Word of God
Chap. 7. - Country Living
The Divine Ideal
Away From the Cities
Cities to Be Worked From Outposts
Berrien Springs, Michigan
Stoneham, Massachusetts
Takoma Park, Washington, D.C
Madison, Tennessee
Mountain View, California
Loma Linda, California
Angwin, California
Chap. 8. - The Cities
The Original City Builders
The Cities Are Hotbeds of Vice
Judgments Coming on the Cities
Catastrophe-proof Buildings Will Become Ashes
New York City
Chicago and Los Angeles
San Francisco and Oakland
Other Wicked Cities
Labor Unions in the Cities
Labor Unions a Source of Trouble for Adventists
Many in the Cities Long for Light and Truth
Earnest Effort Needed in the Cities
Not All Can Leave the Cities Yet
Precipitous Moves to the Country Not Advised
The Signal for Flight From the Cities
Chap. 9. - Sunday Laws
Satan’s Challenge to God’s Authority
The Sabbath the Great Point at Issue
The Sunday-Law Movement in the 1880s
Not to Sit in Quietude, Doing Nothing
Oppose Sunday Laws by Pen and Vote
The United States Will Pass a Sunday Law
Arguments Used by Sunday-Law Advocates
Protestantism and Catholicism Act in Concert
Sunday Laws Honor Rome
Rome Will Regain Her Lost Supremacy
A National Sunday Law Means National Apostasy
Universal Sunday Legislation
The Whole World Will Support Sunday Legislation
The Controversy Centers in Christendom
Show No Defiance
Refrain From Work on Sunday
Engage in Spiritual Activities on Sunday
Beauty of Truth Made Apparent by Opposition
We Ought to Obey God Rather Than Men
Chap. 10. - The Little Time of Trouble
A Time of Trouble Before Probation Closes
The End of Religious Liberty in the United States
Church and State Oppose God’s People
Before the Courts
Adventists Will Be Treated With Contempt
All Kinds of Persecution
Every Earthly Support Will Be Cut Off
Some Are Imprisoned for Their Faith
Many Will Be Put to Death
How to Stand Firm Under Persecution
Persecution Scatters God’s People
Persecution Leads to Unity Among God’s People
A Crisis Makes God’s Interference More Marked
Affliction Purifies God’s People
Chap. 11. - Satan’s Last Day Deceptions
Under the Garb of Christianity
Even in the Adventist Church
Lying Spirits Contradict the Scriptures
False Revivals
Music Is Made a Snare
False Speaking in Tongues
Evil Angels Appear as Human Beings
Personation of the Dead
Satan Personates Christ
Satan Resembles Christ in Every Particular
Satan Pretends to Answer the Saints’ Prayers
How the Counterfeit Differs From the Genuine
Miracles Will Be Performed
Fire From Heaven
Satan Will Be Deified
Miracles Prove Nothing
Miracles Cannot Supersede the Bible
The Deception Is Almost Universal
Chap. 12. - The Shaking
Church Membership No Guarantee of Salvation
The Chaff Separated From the Wheat
Persecution Cleanses the Church
Superficial Believers Will Renounce the Faith
The Straight Testimony Produces a Shaking
Unjust Criticism Causes Loss of Souls
False Doctrines Draw Some Away
Rejection of the Testimonies Results in Apostasy
Defections Among Church Leaders
Unsanctified Ministers Will Be Weeded Out
The Church May Appear as About to Fall
God’s Faithful Will Be Revealed
Chap. 13. - The Latter Rain
The Work of the Spirit Likened to Rain
The Early Rain Came in A.D. 31 at Pentecost
Consequences of the Early Rain at Pentecost
The Promise of the Latter Rain
The Latter Rain Will Produce the Loud Cry
We Must Humble Our Hearts in True Repentance
Reformation Must Accompany Revival
We Must Put Away All Strife and Dissension
Love One Another
Total Surrender Required
God Has Jewels in All Churches
Babylon’s Fall Not Yet Complete
God’s Last Warning Message
The Heart of God’s Last Message
The Message Will Go With Great Power
Like the 1844 Movement
Like the Day of Pentecost
God Will Employ Agencies That Will Surprise Us
Laborers Qualified by the Holy Spirit
God Uses Even the Illiterate
Children Proclaim the Message
The Ministry of Angels
World-wide Extent of the Proclamation
Kings, Legislators, Councils, Hear the Message
Most Non-Adventists Will Reject the Warning
Multitudes Will Answer the Call
Thousands Converted in a Day
The Honest-in-Heart Will Not Hesitate Long
Influence of the Printed Page
Chap. 15. - The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast
Only Two Classes
Family Members Are Separated
Judged by the Light We Have Received
No Excuse for Willful Blindness
The Importance of Practical Benevolence
Motive Gives Character to Actions
What the Seal of God Is
A Likeness to Christ in Character
In the Sealing Time Now
Oh, That God’s Seal May Be Placed Upon Us!
What the Mark of the Beast Is
When the Mark of the Beast Is Received
Enforcement of Sunday Observance Is the Test
Chap. 16. - The Close of Probation
No One Knows When Probation Will Close
Probation Closes When the Sealing Is Finished
Probation Will End Suddenly, Unexpectedly
Human Activity After Probation’s Close
Unbelief and Forbidden Pleasures Continue
Men Will Be Wholly Engrossed in Business
Religious Leaders Will Be Full of Optimism
Satan Infers That Probation Has Closed
A Famine for the Word
No More Prayers for the Wicked
Transfer of Character Not Possible
The Vials of God’s Wrath Will Be Poured Out
The Nations in Conflict
The Whole World Will Be Involved in Ruin
God Is Just, as Well as Merciful
The Certainty of God’s Judgments
At Times Holy Angels Exercise Destructive Power
The First Two Plagues
The Third Plague
The Fourth Plague
The Fifth Plague
God’s Law Appears in the Sky
The Lost Condemn Their False Shepherds
The Sixth Plague
The Last Great Battle Between Good and Evil
The Seventh Plague
Terrible Beyond Comprehension
Many Laid to Rest Before Time of Trouble
Satan’s Goal: Destroy All Sabbathkeepers
Arguments Used Against God’s People
Death for All Who Do Not Honor Sunday
Death Decree Similar to That Issued by Ahasuerus
The Remnant Make God Their Defense
God’s People Flee the Cities; Many Imprisoned
Houses and Lands of No Use
Like the Time of Jacob’s Trouble
The 144,000
God’s People Delivered
Chap. 19. - Christ’s Return
The Seventh Plague and the Special Resurrection
God Announces the Time of Christ’s Coming
The Terror of the Lost
Jesus Descends in Power and Glory
The Reaction of Those Who Pierced Him
“Awake, Ye That Sleep, and Arise!”
From Caves and Dens and Dungeons
From Ocean Depths and Mines and Mountains
The Wicked Are Slain
Destruction of the Wicked an Act of Mercy
Homeward Bound!
The Angels Sing, Christ Has Conquered!
The Saints Given Crowns and Harps
Chap. 20. - The Inheritance of the Saints
A Gift From the Lord
Why We Should Think About the Future World
The Christian’s Motives
A Real and Tangible Place
Glory Indescribable
Streams, Hills, and Trees
Flowers, Fruit, and Animals
The Vigor of Eternal Youth
Happiness Guaranteed
Identity of the Redeemed Preserved
A Ruddy Complexion and a Robe of Light
The Joy of Seeing Our Family in Heaven
The Salvation of Infants and Imbeciles
Tribute to Faithful Mothers
The Reward of the Winner of Souls
Our Dispositions Unchanged
Heaven’s Peaceful and Loving Atmosphere
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