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Activated August 2011

Activated August 2011

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Published by Activated Online

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Published by: Activated Online on Aug 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol 12 • Issue 8
What to do when there’s nothing you can do
The Difference-Maker
God’s take on religion
How much is enough?
 V 12, I 8
Some say that happiness is what we make it. emore time I spend with a certain friend, the moreI’m convinced that’s true.Four years ago he was a successful business-man. en one of his employees had a breakdownand showed up with a shotgun, intent on killing as many people as hecould. In an attempt to disarm the man, my friend lost a hand and an eye. When he was released from the hospital weeks later, his savings were gone.My wife and I met him when we began volunteering at the homeless shelter where he was living. By then he also had Parkinson’s disease and a deadly form of skin cancer. He could barely walk or get out of a chair by himself,but he was one of the most cheerful, positive people I had ever met.He has since moved from the shelter to an apartment, where he lives ona small pension. Two surgeries stopped the cancer before it could spread,and medication and therapy are helping him deal with Parkinson’s. Still, ona bad day there are very few things that he can do for himself. Taking himto doctor appointments and shopping has been a learning experience forme. Regardless of what we’re doing or how arduous it is for him, he has asecret agenda: never leave anyone without a smile. And he always succeeds.He learns everyone’s name, includes it in his cheery goodbye, and remem-bers it next time. He nds opportunities to build people up and is generous with compliments. He tells corny jokes. He pokes fun at himself. Whateverit takes. A lot of people, if they were in his position, would blame God orbecome bitter, but not my friend. “at’s no way to live—and I’ve still got alot of living to do,” he has told me.Happiness is what we make it.Keith PhillipsFor
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www.auroraproduction.com© 2011 Aurora Production AG. All RightsReserved. Printed in Taiwan by Ji Yi Co., Ltd.All scripture quotations, unless otherwiseindicated, are taken from the New King JamesVersion
. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson,Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.Other Bible references are from the followingsources: King James (Authorized) Version (KJV). The Living Bible (TLB). Copyright ©1971 by Tyndale House Publishers. Used by permission.New American Standard Bible (NASB).Copyright © 1960,1962,1963,1968,1971,1972,1973,1975,1977,1995 by The LockmanFoundation. Used by permission.
I      I     G’   .
I wasin grade school and was frantically searching for a misplaced workbook that I needed for class the nextday. e more I searched, the moreconfused and frustrated I became.I was exasperated and on the vergeof tears when my mom came intothe room. Seeing my dilemma, shesuggested I go outside for somefresh air and sunshine. “Perhaps it will give you new energy and refreshyour mind,” she said.My nine-year-old mind couldn’tmake sense of that, but I gave it
God is the supreme artist. Godlooked at His creation as itprogressed and saw it was good;when He had completed it, Hesaw that it was “very good.” TheGreat Artist was evidently muchpleased with His world. It wasa world lled with wonderfulobjects, shapes, and movements,a world abundant in rich colorslike those of the rainbow and therose, rich textures like those of beaver fur and magnolia leaves,rich odors like those of the quinceand the honeysuckle, rich soundslike those of thunder and runningstreams, and rich tastes like thoseof watermelons and chocolate
.—Clyde S. Kilby 
a try anyway. Running down thepath through our yard, I breathedin the fresh spring air and baskedin the warm sunlight. I stopped tosmell the fragrance of newly openedowers and sat by the lily pond, watching the goldsh dart by as the water tickled my feet. Turning back to the house, I suddenly remem-bered that I’d left my workbook between the cushions on our livingroom sofa where I’d been sitting and watching TV the night before. I feltrelieved and refreshed. Mom hadbeen right.I have often applied that child-hood lesson to my adult life. Whenlife’s challenges leave me feeling low,
B E S
 when my work feels too demandingand the pressure too crushing, I loveto take a few minutes with nature. Whether it’s a few potted plantson a window sill or a breathtakingview from a mountaintop, there’s just something about God’s amazinghandiwork in the diverse and color-ful world around me that refreshesmy mind and renews my spirit.It’s wonderfully reassuring toremember that, like His wonderfulcreation, my life is in the hands of someone bigger than me.
E S     F I T.

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