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MPA June 24 Board Minutes - Simpson Interim CFO Discussion

MPA June 24 Board Minutes - Simpson Interim CFO Discussion

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Report to MPA Board regarding Scott Simpson never agreeing to be interim CFO
Report to MPA Board regarding Scott Simpson never agreeing to be interim CFO

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Published by: investigatemiamiblog on Aug 14, 2011
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Miami Parking Authority Minutes of Board Meeting Held June 24,2011
: So let's do Number 18. Scott.
: I just wanted to kind 21 of update the Board, and for the record, so that we have it in theminutes,identify, given the Herald articles and all the discussion on what Scott's actual official role with the Cityis going to be for the next immediate -- for the immediate future until they hire a replacement, whatever titlethey give that job, but basically replacing Larry Spring.Scott was initially asked for assistance to come over on an interim basis as an interim CFO.Scott and I bothmet with the Mayor as a result of that request and identified a compromise to that, which was, look, you know,we have obviously -- Scott has substantial responsibility here, so it be virtually impossible for him to take onthat role on an interim basis.There's a lot required of that job. So they needed to find an alternative, if they wanted to put somebodyofficially in that title, but that Scott certainly at that point would be willing to act as an advisor to the financialstaff, take on no official role, you know, not be required to sign any documents or be in any activerepresentation to the City. He would just really act as an advisor to City staff, both financial and City Manager.So Herald article came out.It was misinformation, to say the least. I mean, it was wrong. I mean, it was never intended that way. I spoke tothe Herald reporter before -- after the online article came out, but before the print article did, and clarified it. Itwas still mis-titled in the article in terms of the title. Certainly she probably had very little to do with that. Butthe gist of it is, one of the things that we realized through this entire process is that we can't seem to get aroundthis idea that misinformation, after misinformation, after misinformation. It's a lot of -- a lot that's beenmisleading throughout this whole process.So Scott and I have had two subsequent meetings with the Mayor, and at the last one we identified thefollowing: We're going to clarify Scott's role publicly, through a press release, which MPA will issue sort of alongthe lines of what I've mentioned here. And I'm going to send an e-mail. We had a meeting – 2 3 Scott and I hada meeting with the City 4 Manager yesterday to, again, clarify Scott’s role. We're doing a lot of 6 clarificationhere. It's like taking a lot of aspirin. Where basically I’m charged with writing an e-mail to the Manager restatingwhat we talked about yesterday. The Manager is then going to re-populate that e-mail or communication tohim to the rest of the City staff, so that everyone internally and externally within the City understands that Scottis taking on no official role as the interim CFO and hopefully we'll put a period to this process. And the goal isto assist the City and try to help them find a permanent replacement ASAP, so that they can address that holein the organizational chart.
Just – 
Scott, want to add anything?
: I'm sure he has something else that needs to be read into the record.
: I'm extremely uncomfortable with this, just from the miscommunication. It was crystal clearwhen the City first came to us. And I'd like to extend our appreciation to the City's trust, and the MPA, and theleadership under Art to want us to bring in and help them in this transitional period.When they first reached out to us, we did offer assistance to help them.It was very clear that it would be in anadvisory capacity, no title. Originally it would be more of a mentor to Diana, who's the Finance Director, andMartha, who's the Budget Director, to help them step up to the role of a directorship. And by doing that, itwould convey the perception of financial stability as well as create a succession plan, which was key in theCity.Certain things have not happened there. There continues to be this miscommunication. Even as late asyesterday at the Commission meeting, it was told that the interim director, their interim CFO, would come overand answer all the questions about the contributions from the Parking Authority.
The problem thatcauses is the false expectation of what the role can do on a part-time basis, to wall street,investors in Miami bonds as well as general community.
That role that is being portrayed, I'vedone a similar role. I've done it in for eight years.
And it's not part-time. It's a 16, 17-hour day. I left six years ago for various reasons. The reasons I left are stillin place and still Intact. I've continued to meet with the Mayor and Art out of respect for Art as well as the officeof the Mayor, but if the expectation of what can be done is not clearly delineated publicly and privately, I cannotdo this. I cannot do this to my family. Again, that's the reason I left six years ago.
We are completely clear. You and I have had conversations. I know you've talked tothe Board, You know how I feel about this. I've told you specifically I back you up in whatever you want to do.BOARD MEMBER HERTZ: Yes.
You have our full support. You are an employee of the Miami Parking Authority. Youare our CFO. I don't like to share, basically, and Art knows this. I don't like to share Art. So I hear you. Andwhatever you want from this Board, I think I speak for them, because I know that you've expressed to mewhat they said to you, so we will support you. Tim is still on board for the next couple of weeks. Whateverneeds to be expressed to the media, you will clear it up. We don't want you to feel up against the wall.Whenever you say this is it, I want to come home, this is home to you.
: That's exactly my feelings.
: I don't like you, but you're a good CFO for us. So I agree.
: And I think that, as you said, it speaks volumes to who you are and what you do andthe caliber of work that you do. That after claiming that there's an investigation on us, after saying that we'vedone -- you know, we've mismanaged this place, that now they're asking for you to come and help them tobail them out of their problems. So it speaks volumes of who you are, and we're very proud to have you here,so we don't want to lose you.
Then I would ask that the Board support my decision that we cease this and not go over andassist them, because I think no matter what happens, I don't think there ever will be a clear delineation of therole and expectation of me being the gatekeeper in a part-time capacity. This will only come back to harm mepersonally as well as the Authority.
: Whatever you want to do, you write that letter. And you need us to sign it -- asBoard Chair, I support you. You want me to sign a letter, I'll sign a letter. The rest of the Board – 
I'll sign it.
You'll have the letter today.
: Got it.
: I appreciate it.
Right. The thing, what I would prefer, it's a technical point.
: This whole technicality.
: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I guess that's my role sometimes. Send a letter to the Chair,and you can say that, without objection from the Board, that it's your understanding that the Board would wantyou to, you know, approve and sign on behalf of the Board such a letter saying that you support Mr.Simpson's decision due to, you know, the uncertainty of the role and the conflicts, whatever it is that's going tohe said.
We're going to run it by me.
Yeah, but-that's fine, but the point is, I don't want you circulating the letter. You justsign as the Chair. You understand what I'm saying?
Yes. Absolutely. I understand.
The letter is to the Chair, Scott, period.
: No, no, here's how it's going to happen. It's not going to go down like that. Let me be realclear. Scott works under me.

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