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Formatted Theology Bible Study - Student Edition

Formatted Theology Bible Study - Student Edition

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Published by Brandon Carmichael

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Published by: Brandon Carmichael on Aug 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DoctrinesBible Study
Student Version
A Study Guide to lead young believersthrough the Doctrines of the Faith,particularly as understood at taught byMaranatha Baptist Church.
Maranatha Baptist Church2011
Part 1: Revelation
Where does John 16:13 say Truth comes from? _________________________________________________________________
According to Psalm 31:5 and Isaiah 65:16, Who is God inrelation to Truth? _________________________________________________________________________________________
What does Psalm 117:2 tell us about how long God’s Truthlasts?___________________________________________________________________________________________________
How does John 14:6 describe Christ in relation to Truth? _______________________________________________________
General Revelation
What does Psalm 19 say about nature? What does naturedeclare?___________________________________________________________________________________________
What does Isaiah 40:25-26 tell us about God’s work? ______________________________________________________
What witnesses does Paul say God gave us in Acts 14:17? __________________________________________________
According to Acts 17:26-28, why did God determine therise and fall of nations? ______________________________________________________________________________
Why does Paul say men are without excuse in Romans1:18-20? __________________________________________________________________________________________
What does Paul say is written on every man’s heart inRomans 2:15? What do we call this part of man? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________Extracurricular study: Job 25:3; Psalm 97:6; 145:9; Isaiah 26:10;Matthew 5:45; Luke 6:35.
Special Revelation
How has God uniquely revealed Himself to man accordingto Hebrews 1:1-2? _________________________________
How does Paul say Scripture was given, in 2Timothy 3:16? ________________________________________________________________________
: __________________________________
In 2 Peter 1:19-21, who does Peter say moved menof God to write the Scriptures? __________________________________________________________

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