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Formatted Theology Bible Study Answered

Formatted Theology Bible Study Answered

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Published by Brandon Carmichael

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Published by: Brandon Carmichael on Aug 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DoctrinesBible Study
Teacher Version
A Study Guide to lead young believersthrough the Doctrines of the Faith,particularly as understood at taught byMaranatha Baptist Church.
Maranatha Baptist Church2011
Part 1: Revelation
Where does John 16:13 say Truth comes from?
The guiding of the Holy Spirit; Truth comes from God. _
According to Psalm 31:5 and Isaiah 65:16, Who is God inrelation to Truth?
God is the God of Truth; He defines Truth. Apart from God there is no Truth. _______________________
What does Psalm 117:2 tell us about how long God’s Truthlasts?
God’s Truth will last forever__________________
How does John 14:6 describe Christ in relation to Truth?
 Jesussays He is the Truth. ___________________________________
General Revelation
What does Psalm 19 say about nature? What does naturedeclare?
Nature is a declaration of God’s glory. Naturedeclares the glory of God. Every part of it draws attention toGod. ____________________________________________
What does Isaiah 40:25-26 tell us about God’s work?
Thereis nothing like God; His is in control of everything._________
What witnesses does Paul say God gave us in Acts 14:17?
God gave us rain and seasons to witness of Him._________
Truth comes from the mind of God. God gave us Truththrough revelation. He revealed knowledge which mankindcould not possibly have known otherwise through Generaland Special Revelation.
According to Acts 17:26-28, why did God determine therise and fall of nations?
He determined the rise and fall of nations so that they would seek after Him.______________
Why does Paul say men are without excuse in Romans1:18-20?
God’s nature and attributes are manifested inCreation, clearly evident. Because of this, no one is without excuse.
What does Paul say is written on every man’s heart inRomans 2:15? What do we call this part of man?
God’s law is written on every man’s heart. We call this the conscience.
_________________________________________________ Extracurricular study: Job 25:3; Psalm 97:6; 145:9; Isaiah 26:10;Matthew 5:45; Luke 6:35.
General Revelation
General revelation is that conveying of truth through naturewherein we see the existence of God, His Eternal Power andGlory. General Revelation is addressed to man and is“discoverable” by man in his natural capacities. Generalrevelation is sufficient to render the lost inexcusable for theirsin.

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