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TrueBlood S4 Ep8 Subtitles

TrueBlood S4 Ep8 Subtitles

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Aug 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TrueBlood S4 ep8 subtitles100:00:02,249 --> 00:00:04,649Relay this messageto your king...200:00:04,670 --> 00:00:07,804It is AntoniaGavilán de Logroño.300:00:07,838 --> 00:00:09,172And I am returned.400:00:09,206 --> 00:00:10,440Ahhh!500:00:10,475 --> 00:00:12,042What is your businesswith Antonia?600:00:15,444 --> 00:00:16,778He's a medium!700:00:19,247 --> 00:00:20,444What the fu...800:00:20,479 --> 00:00:21,608Shh...900:00:21,643 --> 00:00:24,344Do you remember thelast 24 hours at all?1000:00:24,379 --> 00:00:26,547<i>Got what you came</i><i>for, right? So, go...</i>1100:00:26,581 --> 00:00:28,781I'm pretty sure Iwouldn't forget that.1200:00:28,816 --> 00:00:31,583Ugh.13
00:00:31,617 --> 00:00:33,417Oh, fucking hell.1400:00:33,452 --> 00:00:35,218I don't carehow it happened!1500:00:35,252 --> 00:00:36,919It fuckinghappened!1600:00:38,087 --> 00:00:39,420I want you gone forever.1700:00:39,455 --> 00:00:41,889We welcomeyou unto our land...1800:00:45,159 --> 00:00:46,192She's slipping away from me.1900:00:46,226 --> 00:00:47,727<i>Jason.</i><i>Is this a dream?</i>2000:00:48,895 --> 00:00:49,827It'll kill me, if I lose her.2100:00:49,861 --> 00:00:51,561I'm barely hangin'on to my own life.2200:00:51,596 --> 00:00:55,163I do not want to beresponsible for yours, too.2300:00:55,197 --> 00:00:57,531I can avengeour torment...2400:00:57,566 --> 00:00:58,999But I cannot do it alone.2500:00:59,034 --> 00:01:00,033What do I have to do?
 2600:01:00,068 --> 00:01:01,868Alert everyvampire in your area.2700:01:01,903 --> 00:01:03,102They will do as we do...2800:01:03,136 --> 00:01:06,470Bind ourselves with silverto keep us in our coffins.2900:01:06,505 --> 00:01:07,538Ahhh!3000:01:09,674 --> 00:01:10,841There's a witchspell comin'...3100:01:10,875 --> 00:01:13,008It's supposed to make all thevampires walk out into the sun.3200:01:13,043 --> 00:01:14,810Oh, Jesus.3300:01:20,882 --> 00:01:22,347The sun!3400:01:22,381 --> 00:01:23,714Jessica!3500:01:25,817 --> 00:01:27,617Jessica!3600:01:27,652 --> 00:01:29,853Ahhh! The sun!3700:01:59,274 --> 00:02:01,473Jessica!3800:02:08,512 --> 00:02:10,313No! No!

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