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NSS Newsletter 15th Aug 2011 Colour

NSS Newsletter 15th Aug 2011 Colour

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Published by Goutam Saha
Released on 15th Aug., 2011 morning
Released on 15th Aug., 2011 morning

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Published by: Goutam Saha on Aug 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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s we welcome the beautiful morning of 64th year of specialist care. And here we have spoken only of a fewthe Indian Independence with much ceremonies conspicuous issues, out of the seemingly infinite total.and celebrations, we often get lost in the real The idea of putting forth these statistics was not to upset
meaning of the word “independence”. Or to anyone, but to realise the gravity of the situation and thequestion ourselves thus, have we really gained independ-fact that we still have a long way to go. And here comes intoence? Granted we have driven away the British, our picture organizations such as National Service Schemeoppressors for centuries, but have (NSS) which with its motto “Notwe done the same with perhaps the me, but You” has long beenbigger evils that continue to lurk involved into a gamut of selflesswithin us and plague our mother-social service. NSS aims at not onlyland? It's worth bearing in mind that to bring about a meaningfula Nation falls not due to any external change in the society we live in butoffensive but from the rot devel-also to us, the volunteers and helpsoped inside. Today the fight for bringing a qualitative change inindependence is not against an our social life, not only in ourostensible target like the British but national space but in our personala much more deep set and cloaked space too.adversary. Poverty, hunger, The NSS Team wishes A Happyuntouchability, discrimination, Independence Day to all of itscorruption, illiteracy etc. are what we have to be recalci-readers and together with them remembers the sacrificestrant against and seek independence from. It is about that gifted us this day. NSS also extends a warm welcomepromoting an egalitarian society in which all persons to the freshers and hopes for their joyful and responsiblereceive the essentials of a decent living that they are living in IIT KGP.entitled to. Consider the facts: India tops the world hungerchart with 230 million people being undernourished. TheWorld Bank says 42% of India's population lives below theglobal poverty line of Rs.50 per day. Nearly one millionIndians die every year due to inadequate healthcarefacilities and 700 million people have no access to
Anuraag | The NSS Newsletter15th August, 2011
Independent! Are we?
   E   D   I   T   O   R   I   A   L   F   E   A   T   U   R   E   D
 Youth Week Function - At a glance
Dr. Goutam SahaSaif KhanImbesat AhmadIshan GargKrishna Kant SijariyaGyan Prakash
Local teachers being felicitated by NSSVolunteer appreciated for exceptional work Dignitaries gracing the ocassionPlay being performed by volunteersVolunteer paying tribute to Rabindra Nath TagoreWinner of the inter-village drawing competiton
Anuraag | The NSS Newsletter15th August, 2011
Advisory Committee Meeting
n 7th July, 2011, NSS advisory committee agement, promotion of legal education, campaign onmeeting was held at Board Room chaired by personalDirector, of I.I.T. Kharagpur. The participants hygiene,
included S.D.O., Kharagpur; representative of savings oNehru Yuva Kendra, Midnapore; Program Adviser from water and elec-Regional Head Quarter of NSS; Dean, UGS; representa-tricity etc. Intives of nearby N.G.O.s, Program Officers and student the words of avolunteers. The dignitaries praised the activities under-student repre-taken in the previous year and suggested means to sentative whostrengthen activities in the current academic year. A was present incloser coordination with local Govt. officials was dis-the meeting,cussed in implementing various Government welfare What Ischemes. S.D.O., Kharagpur assured support to convert observed is if,one backward village where NSS team works, to a we really work hard then we are not short of apprecia-model village and later extend that to other villages. tion, there are people in management who are ready toNehru Yuva Kendra wanted to help in overcoming lan-support our activities and are determined to make aguage barrier which is often faced by I.I.T. student vol-honest change. And as a student volunteer I must say,unteers while interacting with local population. Specific these accolades are immensely welcome in boostingsuggestions was made on activities related to preserva-our motivation level in addition to satisfaction which wetion of monuments and cultural heritage, disaster man-get from working in field.
   N   S   S   B   U   Z   Z
n 3rd April, 2011, NSS-IIT Kharagpur organized donors. Each had a proper medical check-up by thea blood donation camp in association with B.C doctors of the Sub-Divisional hospital and only.ROY Technology Hospital, IIT Kharagpur and medically fit people were allowed to donate blood. The
Sub-Divisional Hospital, Kharagpur. As a run up donors were given fruits and beverages after donationto the event, NSS team launched an awareness drive and their marvelous effort was acknowledged by givingwith posters, emails, posting Frequently Asked them a certificate of appreciation. The camp ended at 3Questions etc. A web based registration was followed PM when the blood bank officials exceeded theirby allocation of time window to individual donors capacity. The effort of NSS team was lauded, more so,through SMS. The collection started at 10 AM. NSS because this was the time of the year when blood banksvolunteers, the student community and institute face the maximum scarcity.professors along with their family turned up as blood
Blood Donation Camp
   A   C   T   I   V   I   T   I   E   S
The NSS Philosophy
he motto of the National Service Scheme (NSS) is social welfare thoughts in the students, and to provide"Not Me, But You". This expresses the essence of service to the society without any prejudice. The overall
democratic living and upholds the need for aim of National Service Scheme as envisaged earlier, isselfless services and appreciation of another man's to give an extended dimension to the higher educationpoint of view and also shows consideration for fellow system and orient the youth to community servicehuman beings. This programme is to inculcate the while they are studying in educational institution.
   C   O   R   E
Anuraag Gutgutia shares his experience at NSS in aninterview with us.
Q. What changes you suggest in theworking procedure? Q.
What was your main task in the last year? 
A. NSS is doing a fantastic job inA. I was the group leader for an NSS group responsible forthe social field but there are largevillage survey under Prof. Saumen Hajra. My major task waswhite spaces where improvementscarrying out a detailed survey of the two villages namelyare required. I would reallyRakhalgedia and Rangamatia , identify the problems thesuggest that NSS should take thevillagers were facing in any respect: social, economic,initiative in promoting the spirit of cultural and political ;frame out plausible solutions.
social entrepreneurship among itsvolunteers.
Q. Do you feel that your hard work was efficiently utilized by the people? Please mention ,if you have any example.
Q. What is your message to the freshers? 
A. 'We collected the one hundred and forty slippers fromA. Don't take NSS just as a part of your academic curricular.the store, and carried them in our bicycles to theThere is a greater dimension to it. Be passionate, do yourRaklalgeria village. A huge crowd was encountered on thatbest. The ecstasy you derive out of helping others willvery day and children were very happy to come thereremain with you for a much longer duration than anybarefoot and go back with slippers in their feet.' Thoughmaterial possession ever can.NSS volunteers have worked hard all throughout, there ispotential for more and more. I would like to see more
“Social service is in each one's blood, now it's time for
innovation in the social welfare being done by the
you all to bleed.”
Anuraag | The NSS Newsletter15th August, 2011
Volunteer Talk
   F   E   A   T   U   R   E   D   N   S   S   B   U   Z   Z
“We should have but one desire today — the
groomed in his formative years and the inspiration
desire to die so that India may live — the desire to
he received studying Vivekananda.
face a martyr's death, so that the path to freedom
On this day, the NSS team stands to salute all the
may be paved with the martyr's blood.
martyrs and this great son of our Nation andremembers the sacrifices that made each of us a freehis cry for freedom and proud citizen of this great Nation. We would likeby our beloved to place here few of his quotes that motivate one
leader Subhas and all:Chandra Bose, popularlyreferred to as Netaji, holds
It does not matter who among us will live to see
as much significance in
India free. It is enough that India shall be free and
this date and age as it did
that we shall give our all to make her free.
during the years of Independence struggle.
Friends! I would implore you to assist in the
Netaji was a great revolu-
awakening of youth and in the organization of the
tionary and one of the
youth movement. Self-conscious youth will not
most prominent personal-
only act, but will also dream; will not only destroy,
ities in the saga of the
but will also build. It will succeed where even you
Indian Independence whose charisma and immense
may fail; it will create for you a new India -- and a
patriotism culminated in such daring struggle and
free India -- out of the failures, trials and experi-
legendary sacrifices that it's a part of folklore now.
ences of the past.
He is a perfect ideal for today's youth: A greatscholar, his strict adherence to principles and a
You are today the custodians of India's national
never-say-die attitude coupled with an unmatched
honour and the embodiment of India's hopes and
love for his country is a guiding light for each of us.
aspirations. So conduct yourself that your
His leadership brought people of all communities
countrymen may bless you and posterity may be
together and also established the first women
proud of you.
regiment in Asia named The Rani of JhansiRegiment. His biography shows how he was

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