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Published by anon-685146

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Published by: anon-685146 on Sep 26, 2008
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1.5101CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreEastern Command HRDCC/O 101 AreaC/O 99 APO2.5102CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 3 Corps HRDCC/O 99 APO3.5103CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 4 Corps HRDCC/O 99 APO4.5104CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 33 Corps HRDCC/O 56 APO5.5502CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study Centre29 Inf Div HRDCC/O 56 APO6.5201CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreWestern Command HRDCC/OHQ Western Command (Edn)Chandimandir 7.5202CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 2 Corps HRDCC/O 56 APO8.5203CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 10 Corps HRDCC/O 56 APO9.5204CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 11 Corps HRDCC/O 56 APO10.5205CoordinatoIGNOU Army ScHQ 9 Corps (32)Human Resource Development 56, APO, Chandigarh90850911.5301CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreCentral Command Hrdc-1c/O HQ Central Command (Edn)Lucknow- 22600212.5302CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study Centre1, Signal Training Centre, Jabalpur-48200113.5303CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ I Corps HRDCC/O 56 APO
(For ARMY PERSONNEL ONLY)S.SC CodeName & Address of theNo.CentreArmy Recognized Study CentreS.SC CodeName & Address of theNo.CentreArmy Recognized Study Centre
14.5304CoordinatoIGNOU Study CentreHrdc 33 Army Division15.5401CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreSouthern CommandHrdc-iic/O Meg And CentreBangalore- 56004216.5402CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 12 Corps HRDCC/O 56 APO90851217.5403CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 21 Corps Gs (Edn)C/O 56 APO90852118.5404CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog.study CentreSouthern Command,Hrdc-1c/O Beg & Centre, KirkeePune-41100319.5405CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 108 Mountain BrigadeC/O 56 APO90810820.5406CoordinatoIGNOU Army Reco Study CentreHQ 31armoured DivisionC/O 56 APO90843121.5501CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreNorthern Command HRDCC/O HQNorthern Command (Edn)C/O 56 APO22.5503CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 15 Corps HRDCC/O 56 APO23.5504CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 16 Corps HRDCC/O 56 APO24.5505CoordinatoIGNOU Army Recog. Study CentreHQ 14 Corps (HRDC)C/O 56 APO
S.RegionalSC CodeName & Address ofProgrammesNoCentreCentrePartner Institution
S.RegionalSC CodeName & Address ofProgrammesNoCentreCentrePartner Institution
1Jaipur23A0Mr. Niranjan SharmaBCAPI Coordinator 23A0Birla Technical Trg. Instt.Pilani RajasthanPh: Off: 015976-42362Fax : 015976-448692Bangalore13A2Mr. Prithviraj GoleriBCAPI Coordinator 13A2Hke Society Polytech,Yermarus Camp.Raichur-Karnatak-584135Ph Off : 08532-41910,455533Guwhati04A0Mrs Ritu PrashadBCAPI Coordinator 04A0Nerim Parukutty Bhawan,Nabin Naga,Opp DoordarshanR G Paruah Road, Guwahati-781024Ph Off 0361-453293/45641Fax :0361-2648924Khanna10A0Mr Ravinder TalwarBCAPI Coordinator 1 0A0Dav College of Communication &Education Administration,Sector 8 C,Chandigarh-160 018Ph Off: 0172-413455Patna05A0Dr U K SinghBCAPI Coordinator – 05A0School of Computer SciencesIndian Instt of Business Mgt,Dr Zakir Husain Instt Campus,Bailey Road,Patna-800001Bihar Ph Off: 0172-41345
1.8101CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SCArasu, Happy ValleyC/O Assamrifles AdministrativeUnit, Happy Valley, Shillong-072.8102CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SCHQ Ac & Assam Range AssamRif. C/O HQ AC & Assam Range AssamRifles, C/O, 99 APO3.8103CoodinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC7 Assam Rifles C/O 7 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO4.8104CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC6 Assam Rifles C/O 6 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO5.8105CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC29 Assam Rifles C/O 29 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO6.8106CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC26 Assam Rifles C/O 26 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO7.8107CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC27 Assam Rifles C/O 27 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO
S.SC CodeName & Address of the AssamNo.CentreRifles Recognized Study CentreS.SC CodeName & Address of the AssamNo.CentreRifles Recognized Study Centre
8.8108CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC31 Assam RiflesC/O 31 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO9.8109CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC2 Assam Rifles C/O 2 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO10.8110CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC14 Assam Rifles C/O 14 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO11.8111CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC34 Assam Rifles C/O 34 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO12.8112CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC9 Assam Rifles C/O 9 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO13.8113CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC12 Assam Rifles C/O 12 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO14.8114CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC33 Assam RiflesC/O 33 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO
S.SC CodeName & Address of the AssamNo.CentreRifles Recognized Study Centre
17101Cdr. Pramod GoelCoordinator IGNOU-Navy Recog. Study CentreNau Sena Baugh II, Naraina, Delhi Cantt.New Delhi 11002827201Lt Rashmi SahuCoordinator IGNOU-Navy Recog. Study Centre2nd Floor, Tarangnew Navy Nagar MumbaiMaharashtra 400005
S.No.SC Code CentreName & Address of theNavy Recognized Study CentreS.No.SC Code CentreName & Address of theNavy Recognized Study Centre
37301Cdr P.K. PadhyCoordinator IGNOU-Navy Recog. Study CentreNavy Children SchoolGandhi Gram P.O.Visakhapatnam 53000547401CoordinatoIGNOU-Navy Recog. Study CentreCommand Education Officehead QuartersSouthern Naval CommandNaval Base Kochi 682004
15.8115CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC21 Assam Rifles C/O 21 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO16.8116CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SCHQ B Range Arc/O HQ B Range Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO17.8117CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC25 Assam Rifles C/O 25 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO18.8118CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC8 Assam Rifles C/O 8 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO19.8119CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC1 Assam Rifles C/O 1 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO20.8120CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC19 Assam Rifles C/O 19 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO21.8121CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC18 Assam Rifles C/O 18 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO22.8122CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SCHQ Tripura Range Assam Rifles C/OHQ Tripura Range Assam Rif C/O 99 APO
S.SC CodeName & Address of the AssamNo.CentreRifles Recognized Study Centre
23.8123CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC22 Assam Rifles C/O 22 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO24.8124CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC23 Assam Rifles C/O 23 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO25.8125CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SCArtc & S, Dimapur C/O Assam Rifles TrainingCentre & SChool, Dimapur, Nagaland26.8126CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC30 Assam Rifles C/O 30 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO27.8127CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC4 Assam Rifles C/O 4 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO28.8128CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC24 Assam Rifles C/O 24 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO29.8129CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC16 Assam Rifles C/O 16 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO30.8130CoordinatoIGNOU-Assam Rifles Recog. SC3 Assam RiflesC/O 3 Assam RiflesC/O 99 APO

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