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Academic Assassination - Partial list of Iraqi Academics murdered by the US and Israel

Academic Assassination - Partial list of Iraqi Academics murdered by the US and Israel

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Published by Omar :)
A partial list of Iraqi Academics murdered/assassinated by the world's largest terrorist organization, the CIA; with, of course, help from its ally in massacre, the Mossad.

Woe be upon the Wretched of the Earth.
A partial list of Iraqi Academics murdered/assassinated by the world's largest terrorist organization, the CIA; with, of course, help from its ally in massacre, the Mossad.

Woe be upon the Wretched of the Earth.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Omar :) on Aug 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Important notice: when copying or referring to this list, please always mention the source.
List of assassinated Iraqi Academics
Nr Name Profession / incident University Date
 Aalim Abdul Hameed
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Preventive Medicine; Specialist inDepleted Uranium health effects on al Basrahpopulation; Dean of Medicine College at theMustansiriya University.BaghdadMustansiriyahUnknown2
 Abbas Kadhem Al-Hashimi
Prof. Dr. ,Baghdad University Baghdad Unknown3
 Abbass al-Attar
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Humanities; faculty member atBaghdad University.Baghdad Unknown4
 Abbas al-Attar
Medical - Gynaecology - Prof - MD - Surgery Baghdad Unknown5
 Abdel Al Munim AbdelMayad
Bachelor and lecturer at Basra University. Basra Unknown6
 Abdel Gani Assaadun
Bachelor and lecturer at Basra University. Basra Unknown7
 Abdel Husein Jabuk 
Doctor and professor at Baghdad University Baghdad Unknown8
 Abdel Jabar Al Naimi
Dean of Mosul University‘s College of Humanities.
Mosul Unknown9
 Abdel Salam Saba
Doctor in Sociology, professor at BaghdadUniversityBaghdad Unknown10
 Abdel Wahhad
 Al-Nahrain Unknown11
 Abdl-Kareem Mekhlef Salih
PhD, in Arabic Language, lecturer in collage of Education AL-Anbar University Al-Anbar Unknown12
 Abdul Aziz El-Atrachi
Prof. Dr. , Ph.D. in Plant Protection at College of  Agriculture and Forestry, Mosul University. He waskilled by American soldier in front of his students. The
 American authority said to his family ―Sorry, it was aloose bullet!‖.
 Mosul Unknown13
 Abdul Azizi Jassem
Islamic science, college of Islamic Scinences,Baghdad UniversityBaghdad Unknown14
 Abdul Hadi Al-Anni
PhD., Consultative Doctor Unknown Unknown15
 Abdul Rahman saed
PhD., University Professor Unknown Unknown16
 Abdul Sameia al -Janabi
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Education; al-MustansirieaUniversity.BaghdadMustansiriyahUnknown17
 Abdul Yabar Mustafa
Dr. In political science, dean of the Faculty of political sciencesMosul Unknown18
 Ahlam Alghureri
Baghdad Unknown19
 Ahmad Abdl-Hadi Al-Rawi and his wife
PhD. in Soil science , lecturer in college of  Agriculture AL-Anbar University Al-Anbar Unknown20
 Ahmad Abdul- Alrahmanhameid Al-Khbissy
PhD in Medicine, lecturer in college of medicine AL-Anbar University Al-Anbar Unknown21
 Aki Thakir Alaany
Prof. Dr. In the faculty of literatureBaghdadMustansiriyahUnknown22
 Akil Abdel Jabar al-Bahadili
Phd. Medicine, Deputy dean of medicine college, An-nahreen University. Al-Nahrain Unknown23
 Ali Abdul-Hussein Kamil
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Physics; faculty member of thePhysics Department at College of Science, BaghdadUniversity.Baghdad Unknown
 Ali al-Maliki
PhD., Baghdad University Baghdad Unknown25
 Amir al-Mallah
Oculist Unknown Unknown26
 Amir Mizhir al-Dayni
Communications Engineering Professor Unknown Unknown27
 Ammar Al-ani
PhD. In Medicine Unknown Unknown28
 Aziz Ali
Unknown Unknown29
Basil al- Karkhi
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Chemistry: Lecturer at BaghdadUniversity.Baghdad Unknown30
Bassam Kubba
PhD.,adviser at the Ministry of interiour affairs Unknown Unknown31
Emad Sarsam
Prof. Dr. , F.R.C.S. in medicine; member of theMedical Arab Board of Medicine and the Iraqi Boardof Medicine; well known surgeon and scholarUnknown Unknown32
Fadel Trad Alyasari
Educational, school principle at Karbala School Kerbala Unknown33
Faidhi al-Faidhi
Prof social sciences - Education, Member of Committee of Muslims ScientistsBaghdad +MustansiriyaUnknown34
Falah Al-Dulaimi
 Assistant Dean of CollegeBaghdadMustansiriyahUnknown35
Faysal Al Assadi
PhD in agronomy, professor at the College of  Agronomy, Basra University.Basra Unknown36
Faysal Al-mash-hadani
PhD., founder of the international campaign against American-Zionist aggressionUnknown Unknown37
Galib Lateef Al Zuhair
Sheikh, teacher and religious scholar - MuqdadiyaDiyalayDyala Unknown38
Hafez Al-hafez
PhD., Pediatrician Unknown Unknown39
Haidar al Ba'aj
Director of Basrah educational hospital Basra Unknown40
Haidar Taher
 PhD and professor at the College of Medicine,Basra University.Basra unknown41
Haithem Ooda
deputy head of chemical engineering department inthe University of Albasrah - kidnappedBasra Unknown42
Hamad Faysal Fahdawi
 Al-Anbar University Al-Anbar Unknown43
Hasan Al-Rubia
Ph.D. Medicine and Faculty in Baghdad medicalSchool. He was one of the first assassinatedacademicsUnknown Unknown44
Hazim Abdul HadiTae
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Medicine; faculty member at theCollege of Medicine at Baghdad University.Baghdad Unknown45
Hisham Charif 
 Head of Department of History and lecturer atBaghdad University. [Source: Al-Hayat, 28 February2006.]Baghdad unknown46
Hussam Al-Ddin AhmadMahmmoud
Ph.D in National Education, Chairman of theEducation in college of Education Al-MustansireaUniversityBaghdadMustansiriyahUnknown47
Hussam al-Din Juma'
Prof. Sciences - Agriculture Baghdad Unknown48
Ibrahim Al-rashed
Ministry of science and technology, GeneralManagerUnknown Unknown49
Ihsan Abed Ali Rabiei
PhD. Baghdad University deputy dean of medicinecollegeBaghdad Unknown50
Ihsan Karim Alghazi
Directorate of financial control bureau Unknown Unknown51
Imad Nasir Al-foadi
Faculty of Political Science, Al mustansiriaUniversityBaghdadMustansiriyahUnknown52
Iman Younis
Head of Translation Department - Mosul University Mosul Unknown53
Isam Said Abd al-Halim
Geological expert at the ministry of construction Unknown Unknown54
Ismael Yousef 
PhD., Deputy at the appeal court Unknown Unknown55
Jafar Sadeq Naqeeb
Prof. PhD., Neurologist Unknown Unknown56
Jalil Ismail Abd al-Dahri
Prof. Sciences - Faculty of Education - Physics Baghdad Unknown57
Jameel Aboud al Baydani
Unknown Unknown58
Jasim Abdul Kareem
Prof Humanities - Faculty of EducationBaghdadMustansiriyahUnknown59
Jasim Mohemed Achamri
Dean of College of Philosophy, Baghdad University.[Source: Al-Hayat, 28 February 2006.]Baghdad Unknown60
Jawad Ashakraji
PhD., Venereologist Unknown Unknown61
Kadhem Asaydae
 Vice Dean Faculty of Sciences Al-Nahrain Unknown62
Kamal al-Jarrah
M.A. in English Language; Scholar and author;General Manager at Ministry of Education; He waskilled in front of his home while he was leaving to hisoffice.Ministry of Education Unknown
Karim Ghayith Dama
Practicing Lawyer Unknown Unknown64
Karim Hassani
PhD and lecturer at the College of Medicine, BasraUniversity.Basra Unknown65
Khalid Ibrahim Sa'id
Prof. Dr. , Ph.D. Engineering Physics; Well knownscientists, who was questioned many times by DavidKay;eyewitnesses said to AP News that they saw aU.S. tank crew blasted his civilian car without warningon an open street.Unknown Unknown66
Khalid M. al-Janabi
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Islamic History; faculty memberat the College of Art, Babylon University.Babylon Unknown67
Khalid Shrieda
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Engineering; dean of theEngineering College at al _Basrah University.Basra Unknown68
Kilan Mahmud Ramez
Prof. Phd Political Science, Political Sciencedepartment, Baghdad UniversityBaghdad Unknown69
Laith Abdul Aziz Abbas
Sciences college Nahrain University Al-Nahrain Unknown70
Maha Abdel Kadira
PhD and lecturer at Baghdad University‘s College of 
Humanities.Baghdad Unknown71
Makki Dashar Gharbawi
PhD., surgeon Unknown Unknown72
Marwan al-Rawi
Engineering Professor Unknown Unknown73
Marwan Rasheed
Ph.D in Engineering , Dean Deputy in Engineeringcollege Baghdad UniversityBaghdad EngineeringCollegeUnknown74
Mehned Al-Dulaimi
 PhD in mechanical engineering, lecturer at BaghdadUniversity.Baghdad unknown75
Mohamad Abd Al HuseinWahed
PhD in tourism, lecturer at the Institute of  Administration.Baghdad Unknown76
Mohamad Al Adramli
PhD in chemical sciences. Unknown Unknown77
Mohamad Al Hakim
PhD in pharmacy, professor and dean of Basra
University‘s College of Pharmacy.
 Basra Unknown78
Mohamad Yassem Badr
PhD, professor and chairman of Basra University. Basra Unknown79
Mohammed Al-Erdhroumly
expert in the Iraqi atomic agency. Was investigatedmore than 20 times by the inspectors, was arrestedby the occupation forces, became a prisoner in AbuGharib notorious jail, killed in the jail by the end of 2004Unknown Unknown80
Mohammed Ali Jawad Ashami
PhD., Dean of Law Faculty, AlmustanserayUniversityBaghdadMustansiriyahUnknown81
Mohammed Al-Kissi
 PhD and lecturer at Baghdad University. Baghdad unknown82
Mohammed Falah Al-Dulaimi
PhD in physical sciences, lecturer at BaghdadUniversity.Baghdad unknown83
Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Chemistry; An Iraqi chemistryprofessor tortured and killed by the AmericanInterrogation team, dies in American custody from asudden hit to the back of his head caused by blunttrauma. He was hit from behind, with a bar or apistol. His battered corpse turned up at Baghdad'smorgue and the cause of death was recorded as"brainstem compression". It was discovered that USdoctors had made a 20cm incision in his skull.Unknown Unknown84
Mohammed Yaqoub AlObaidi
Baghdad University Baghdad Unknown85
Mohammed Yaqoub Asaidi
Distiguished Iraqi Academic Unknown Unknown86
Mouloud Hassan Albardar Aturki
prof. Of Theology of the faculty Al Imam Al Aadamof TheologyBaghdad Unknown87
Mudher al-Ani
Medical surgery Faculty of Medicine- Medical City Baghdad Unknown88
Muhannad AbbasKhudaire
PhD. in Mechanical Engineering; faculty member atthe Technology University.Baghdad EngineeringCollegeUnknown89
Muhey Hussein
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Aerodynamic; faculty member atthe Mechanical Engineering Department at theTechnology University.Baghdad TechnologyCollegeUnknown90
Muneer al-Khiero
Prof. Dr. , PhD. in Law; Faculty member at the LawCollege of Mosul University; Dr. Lyla's husband.Mosul Unknown91
Mustapha al-Mashadani
Prof. Dr., PhD. in Religious Studies; faculty memberat the College of Art, Baghdad University.Baghdad Unknown92
Nafia Aboud
 Arab Literature Professor Baghdad Unknown93
Najim Karboul Alyasari
Educational, principle of Karbula preparatory school Kerbala Unknown94
Nazar Abdul Amir AlUbaidy
Prof at Baghdad University Baghdad Unknown

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