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quant fundas

quant fundas

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Published by Jain Abhishek

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Published by: Jain Abhishek on Aug 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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quants.txt quants conceptsCompiled by Amul Badjatya From pagal guy threads-=====================================================================32^32=(1024)^16=(24)^16=(576)^8=(24)^8=(24)^4=24^2=576 .Hence second last digit=7.=========================n extension of the same problem:1111.......n times is a composite number for sure only when n is compositenumber.==================================oday's funda...it's a combination of few of my old posts...actorial based questions asking no. of zeroes and max power of sum integer. Find the no. of zeroes at the right end of 300!or every zero, we require 10..n every 10 is made up of 5x2.in the expression 1x2x3...300, multiples of 2 wud obviously be more than themultiples of 5...so v need to find the maximum power of 5 in 300! 300/5 = 60 (because every fifth no. is a multiple of 5) 300/25 = 12(because every mutiple of 25 has two 5s in it) or, 60/5=12 300/125 = 3 (because multiples of 125 have three 5s in it) or,12/5 = 2now 2 cannot be further divided by 5 so add all the quotients...60 + 12 + 2 = 74. Page 1
quants.txt we might also get the same type of questions in a different form, 500! is divisible by 1000^n...what is the max. integral value of n? now every 1000 is made up of 3 5s and 3 2s....2s are redundant...we need tocount no. of 5s....so find total no. of 5s and divide by 3 500/5 = 100100/5 = 2020/5 = 4100 + 20 + 4 =124124/3 = 41.33max integral value is 41. 500! is divisible by 99^n...what is the max. integral value of n? now every 99 is made of two 3s and one 11. obviously 11 will be the decidingactor. so count no. of 11s for the answer  500/11 = 45 45/11 = 4ans will be 49.so in such questions, just check which prime no. will be the deciding factor and count the no. of times it occurs. but please understand that highest prime no. isnot necessarily always the deciding factor. see this example:100! is divisible by 160^n...what is the max. integral value of n? now 160 = 2^5 * 5^1. now although 5 is the biggest prime no. that 160 is madeof, the deciding factor wud be 2. because five 2s occur less often than one 5 does.so we'll count the no. of 2s and divide by 5. Page 2
quants.txt 100/2 = 50 50/2 = 25 25/2 =1212/2 = 66 /2 = 3 3/2 = 1add 'em all...97.97/5 = 19.so the answer wud be 19had v taken 5 as the deciding factor, the answer wud have been 100/5 + 100/25 = 24 which is more than 19...hence a wrong answer...when in dilemma as to which prime no. wud be the deciding factor (e.g. a divisor like 144...its not possible to decide whether 3 or 2 will give the right answer)....take out answer using both the prime nos...the one thats less is the right answer. 50! is divisible by 144^n...what is the max. integral value of n? 144 = 2^4 * 3^2...difficult to decide whether 3 or 2 will be the deciding factor...count 2s 50/2=25 25/2=1212/2=66/2=3 3/2=1sum=47 answer = 47/4 = 11.count 3s Page 3

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