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Chapter 7-12 Review Questions

Chapter 7-12 Review Questions



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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: idk on Aug 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 7 Review QuestionsReview of attempt 1
Top of Form
Marks: 2A(n) ____________________ vulnerability scanner is one that initiates traffic on the network in order todetermine security holes.Answer:
CorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 2Marks: 2Activities that scan network locales for active systems and then identify the network services offered by the hostsystems is known as ____.Choose one answer.a. filtering b. doorknob rattlingc. footprintingd. fingerprintingCorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 3Marks: 2A(n) ____ is a proposed systems user.Choose one answer.a. authenticator  b. challenger c. supplicantd. activator IncorrectMarks for this submission: 0/2.Question 4Marks: 2A(n) listener vulnerability scanner is one that listens in on the network and determines vulnerable versions of  both server and client software.Answer:True FalseCorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 5
Marks: 2 ____ applications use a combination of techniques to detect an intrusion and then trace it back to its source.Choose one answer.a. Trace and treat b. Trap and tracec. Treat and trapd. Trace and clipCorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 6Marks: 2 ____ are decoy systems designed to lure potential attackers away from critical systems.Choose one answer.a. Honeypots b. Honeycellsc. Padded cellsd. Padded netsCorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 7Marks: 2A(n) ____________________ system contains pseudo-services that emulate well-known services, but isconfigured in ways that make it look vulnerable to attacks.Answer:
honey pot
IncorrectCorrect answer: honeypotMarks for this submission: 0/2.Question 8Marks: 2Intrusion ____ activities finalize the restoration of operations to a normal state and seek to identify the sourceand method of the intrusion in order to ensure that the same type of attack cannot occur again.Choose one answer.a. prevention b. reactionc. detectiond. correctionIncorrect
Marks for this submission: 0/2.Question 9Marks: 2Enticement is the action of luring an individual into committing a crime to get a conviction.Answer:True FalseCorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 10Marks: 2A passive response is a definitive action automatically initiated when certain types of alerts are triggered.Answer:True FalseCorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 11Marks: 2Which of the following ports is commonly used for the HTTP protocol?Choose one answer.a. 20 b. 25c. 53d. 80CorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 12Marks: 2A sniffer cannot be used to eavesdrop on network traffic.Answer:True FalseCorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 13Marks: 2A(n) ____________________ occurs when an attacker attempts to gain entry or disrupt the normal operationsof an information system, almost always with the intent to do harm.Answer:
CorrectMarks for this submission: 2/2.Question 14Marks: 2A HIDPS can monitor systems logs for predefined events.Answer:

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