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Country Guns

Country Guns

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Published by leechster
You may not have or be able to have the most optimal weapons-so make do.
You may not have or be able to have the most optimal weapons-so make do.

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Published by: leechster on Aug 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COUNTRY GUNSAcquisition and use on the modern battlegroundJ. Crofthttp://freedomguide.blogspot.com Sometimes we don’t get to pick the weapons we use. Or can use. Sometimes we have to rely onweapons that aren’t on the level we’re used to; older, slower, less precise, less powerful, less durable,ammunition likely scarce; below optimum for taking on OPFORs. We’re stuck with the hand we’re dealt.So be it.22 RIFLES22 long rifle cartridge out of a rifle can kill only with a heart or head shot, and only out to 100 yards.Since the enemy is likely to be fielding body armor that leaves head shots on protected personnel. Thatbeing said, the .22 is the easiest cartridge to suppress, find subsonic loads for-which out of a longerbarreled rifle can make a report no louder than an airgun.A lot of the .22 rifles you will encounter will be single shot rifles, either break open or bolt-predominately bolt action. Some models will have a internal tubular magazine, others will have a small5 or 10 shot magazine youprobably won’t be able tofind, others will be singleshot. These are best used asa disposable sniper rifle orwhat Mark Koernke refers toas a ‘butter knife’; somethingto hand out to a new recruitto see if they have what ittakes… kill the enemy, taketheir weapons and gear. Bestto scope such a rifle.The tube fed .22 rifles, be theypump, bolt, or autoloader have alimited battlefield use if nothingelse is available. You have 14-18shot capacity of a weapon that isbest reserved for 100 yardheadshots, but can be madequiet enough with suppressorsor subsonic ammo that stealth
can be used on multiple targets. Best to lay back in a cluttered environment, either thick forest or urbanareas. If your enemy is in a group, take out those furthest in the back and work your way forward,always killing those behind the view of those in front. If walking and you and your rifle are on, it’spossible. If the enemy sees their own falling they will assume cover and lay down suppressive fire soyou have a choice between engaging with the rest of your tube taking a huge chance of victory or death,or withdraw to hit them again. A trick to rapidly reloading the tube fed rifles is to make a speed loaderout of a length of rod of suitable diameter, beveling the end so that it fits up to magazine tube, whichallows about as much combat utility as you’re going to get out of this design.The Ruger 10-22 rifle has a large supply of aftermarket 20, 30, and even 50 round magazines, whichmakes the weapon currently valuable for marksmanship training for main battle rifles. This little riflecan also easily be fitted with any number of improvised suppressor designs and be made into quite alethal 100 yard killing machine. With a folding stock, low power scope or even first generation nightvision, suppressor one could in a cluttered environment sneak about and do a lot of culling of enemypersonnel..22 pistols and revolvers can be suppressed either with a makeshift attached suppressor that is easy tomake or with a revolver simply encasing it in a box, which also affords being able to disguise it as apackage until it’s time.
 SHOTGUNSI personally am not a shotgunperson. The shells are balky, theweapon itself has limitedammunition capacity, shortrange-like the .22 rifle. Unlikethe .22 rifle a shotgun willdefinitely kill, even if you aim at a limb or groin area from combat incapacitation and blood loss.Birdshot, BB and similar shot sizes are reserved for close in work. The shells themselves can bereworked into a crude slug. A gentleman from Nigeria looking to get around his government’s ban onsuch ammunition shows how it’s done: make a mold cylinder bore for your gauge, pour out the shotfrom your shell, discard the wad, melt the shot into a slug and repack the shell. You have a slug shell.Buckshot from No. 4 to OOO is good out to 30 yards or so if you want to maximize the amount of pelletsinto target, but the wider shot at somewhat longer ranges does allow a wider pattern and a chance to atleast get a few into target.Slugs can be shot out at least 100 yards. Dedicated rifled shotguns can lob them out to 200 yards.Consider shooting slugs as roughly akin to a Colonial era musket firing a ball though. Not much in range,probably not much more inaccuracy unless you’re dialed inbut if that one ounce slug makescontact it will take out a limb or

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