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Another Realm II

Another Realm II

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Published by slggrm7
A second dream I had about being in a different realm. Maybe time travel maybe not. Dream state. Always be focused on Jesus and remain close to Him.
A second dream I had about being in a different realm. Maybe time travel maybe not. Dream state. Always be focused on Jesus and remain close to Him.

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Published by: slggrm7 on Sep 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Another Realm IISeptember 25th 2008
 I remember looking for something in my car. I appeared to be in this grass parking lot with cars that were twenty times their normal sizes. As I waslooking, my mom came up to me and asked if I could help her get somethings out of her car. Irritably I decided to lend her a hand. As I waslifting these heavy boxes a car pulled up. “I want you to meet some of my friends” said my mom. My mom has been going through some roughtimes and I believed that these friends were the wrong kind of influence for her. I ignored their presence and continued to unload the heavy boxes from my mother’s car. My mom grabbing my attention introduced me to aman probably in his early fifties. I got a bad taste from him. I dropped mybox and said ‘Good to meet you’ in the most sarcastic unwelcoming way.“No kidding” said he in the same sense of sarcasm. As I walked off I suddenly appeared in a house. It seamed as atotally different dream. I felt as I was back in time. At first I thought I wasin the time when my dad was a child. I saw my Aunt Beth pass by and thena little girl. I said to myself that I could not let anyone see me for it might change something drastic. I had to hide. I ran under a huge blanket onthe middle of the living room floor. I began to think. I had to be here for areason. This has to have a purpose. It gave me the motivation to come out and see what was around me. I began to take note of my surroundings. I have never been in this house before yet it seemed familiar. I walked downto the end of the hall into what appeared to be the master bedroom. I began to focus at this fake tree in the corner of the room. I gazed at one of the leaves intensely. I knew I was in a different realm. I felt control. I almost started to grin when I noticed a very attractive woman lying on thebed. I also noticed my dad hiding under something until he seemed todisappear from the room. He looked like the forty year old man that he isbut at the same time seemed to act as a child. Curiously I walked up to thewomen lying vertically opposite on the bed. I could sense she was possessed or under an evil influence. I remember being really close to her 

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