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FootballPlays.net 4-4 Defense

FootballPlays.net 4-4 Defense



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Published by wahoobobby

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Published by: wahoobobby on Sep 27, 2008
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4-4 Defense
4-4 DEFENSEYouth football coaches should play zone COVER 3 defense. Play the blitz package
and have fun. The 4-4 is a good defense because you don't need as many gooddefensive players as some other defenses. It can be a very aggressive defense,and you can cover the various formations. I believe you do need good outside
linebackers that are athletic. They must cover the run and the pass. I like the ideaof having a strong side OLB and weak side OLB. They flip flop with the formation.We are hoping you can get an idea or two from the different looks. We are throwingout these ideas so that you will think and maybe incorporate an idea or two. I hopethis will benefit you.When coaching the secondary we always stressed 3 things.1. Stance2. Alignment3. ResponsibilityStance: CORNERS1. Narrow base: feet under armpits2. Outside foot up: toe to instep stagger.
3. Weight on balls of feet; Sole of shoes have full contact with ground.
4. Bend in waist; Pads over toes5. Bend in knees; Hands to knee level6. Hips square to LOS7. Head and shoulders turned in toward the ball.SAFTIES1. Narrow base2, Inside foo up3. Weight on balls of feet4 Bend in waist and knees5, shoulders and hips are square to the LOS ALWAYS1. Keep feet alive2. Have an awareness of wide receiver split3. FINISHNEVER1. Panic-you are not beat until the ball is thrown. Put head down and get to WR.2. When playing off the ball-NEVER be driven to a heads-up position.
If you read a 3 step drop, snap your eyes back to the WR to recognize route.1. Read the front shoulder of the QB2, Focus on the point of the shoulder as to what 1/3 of the field he is intending tothrow to3. Key shoulder level for trajectory
a. Parallel - short zoneb. Up - deep zoneWhen the ball is thrown, the interception point is 6-8 yards in front of the receiver
at the moment you recognize the pattern. Drive to the interception point. If you have
no chance for the interception, make certain you tear away his upfield arm. This is
the arm that is farthest from the flight of the ball. If the receiver is too far away for
you to tear away his upfield arm, then you must make the tackle.1. If you are in a trail position (1 to 2 steps behind) read the receiver's earhole.
2, When the earhole disappears and you see the receiver's eye, anticipateseeing his hands.
3. When the hands come up, punch through the pocket with your inside hand
and clap the receiver's hand.On a hitch pattern, always come up on the outside under control, He already has
gained 5 yards, KEEP IT THERE.Basic principles for Zone Defense1. Know your area of responsibility. Who is your first threat.
2. See the ball at all times.3. Never allow receiver to get behind you in deep zone responsibility.
4. Don't cover grass- find receiver.5, Communicate6. Maintin leverage
7. Keep cushion. Three yards.

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