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Acquarian Conspiracy Fact of fiction?

Acquarian Conspiracy Fact of fiction?

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Published by paranormap
There is a sizeable portion of the otherwise reading population that refuses to look at ANYTHING connected to Lyndon Larouche. In its most acute form, this intellectual close-mindedness centers primarily on his lack of what some believe is an essential positive regard for the British royalty. Perhaps the most outlandish"OR "true-blue" publication has been Chapter VII of EIR, DOPE, INC. (3rd Ed. 1992). Following the chapter is a fragmentary chronology of events. True or false. You decide for yourself.
There is a sizeable portion of the otherwise reading population that refuses to look at ANYTHING connected to Lyndon Larouche. In its most acute form, this intellectual close-mindedness centers primarily on his lack of what some believe is an essential positive regard for the British royalty. Perhaps the most outlandish"OR "true-blue" publication has been Chapter VII of EIR, DOPE, INC. (3rd Ed. 1992). Following the chapter is a fragmentary chronology of events. True or false. You decide for yourself.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: paranormap on Aug 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From: Nicky Molloy <nicola@ak.planet.gen.nz>Subject: SNET: The Aquarian Conspiracy - Fact or Fiction? 1/3Date: 19 Jun 2000 08:51:28 -0400To: The Anti Christ <TheAntiChrist@egroups.com>, SNET <snetnews@topica.com>,Armageddon or New Age? <armageddon-or-newage@egroups.com>-> SNETNEWS Mailing ListTHE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY: FACT OR FICTION?http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/aquarian.htm#The Aquarian ConspiracyThere is a sizeable portion of the otherwise reading population that refusesto look at ANYTHING connected to Lyndon Larouche. In its most acute form,this intellectual close-mindedness centers primarily on his lack of whatsome believe is an essential positive regard for the British royalty.Perhaps the most "outlandish"OR "true-blue" publication has been Chapter VIIof EIR, DOPE, INC. (3rd Ed. 1992). Following the chapter is a fragmentarychronology of events. True or false. You decide for yourself.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Aquarian ConspiracyIn the spring of 1980, a book appeared called The Aquarian Conspiracy thatput itself forward as a manifesto of the counterculture. Defining thecounterculture as the conscious embracing of irrationality -- from rock anddrugs to biofeedback, meditation, "consciousness-raising," yoga, mountainclimbing, group therapy, and psychodrama. The Aquarian Conspiracy declaresthat it is now time for the 15 million Americans involved in thecounterculture to join in bringing about a "radical change in the UnitedStates."Writes author Marilyn Ferguson: "While outlining a not-yet-titled book aboutthe emerging social alternatives, I thought again about the peculiar form ofthis movement; its atypical leadership, the patient intensity of itsadherents, their unlikely successes. It suddenly struck me that in theirsharing of strategies, their linkage, and their recognition of each other bysubtle signals, the participants were not merely cooperating with oneanother. They were in collusion. It -- this movement -- is a conspiracy!"1Ferguson used a half-truth to tell a lie. The counterculture is aconspiracy -- but not in the half-conscious way Ferguson claim -- as shewell knows. Ferguson wrote her manifesto under the direction of WillisHarman, social policy director of the Stanford Research Institute, as apopular version of a May 1974 policy study on how to transform the UnitedStates into Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. The counterculture is aconspiracy at the top, created as a method of social control, used to drainthe United States of its commitment to scientific and technologicalprogress.That conspiracy goes back to the 1930s, when the British sent Aldous Huxleyto the United States as the case officer for an operation to prepare theUnited States for the mass dissemination of drugs. We will take thisconspiracy apart step-by-step from its small beginnings with Huxley inCalifornia to the victimization of 15 million Americans today. With 'TheAquarian Conspiracy', the British Opium War against the United States hascome out into the open.The Model
The British had a precedent for the counterculture they imposed upon theUnited States: the pagan cult ceremonies of the decadent Egyptian and RomanEmpires. The following description of cult ceremonies dating back to theEgyptian Isis priesthood of the third millennium B.C. could just as well bea journalistic account of a "hippy be-in" circa A.D. 1969: "The acts orgestures that accompany the incantations constitute the rite [of Isis). Inthese dances, the beating of drums and the rhythm of music and repetitivemovements were helped by hallucinatory substances like hashish or mescal;these were consumed as adjuvants to create the trance and the hallucinationsthat were taken to he the visitation of the god. The drugs were sacred, andtheir knowledge was limited to the initiated . . . Possibly because theyhave the illusion of satisfied desires, and allowed the innermost feelingsto escape, these rites acquired during their execution a frenzied characterthat is conspicuous in certain spells: "Retreat! Re is piercing thy head,slashing thy face, dividing thy head, crushing it in his hands; thy bonesare shattered, thy limbs are cut to pieces!"2The counterculture that was foisted on the 1960s adolescent youth of Americais not merely analogous to the ancient cult of Isis. It is a literalresurrection of the cult down to the popularization of the Isis cross (the"peace symbol") as the counterculture's most frequently used symbol.The High PriesthoodThe high priest for Britain's Opium War was Aldous Huxley, the grandson ofThomas H. Huxley, a founder of the Rhodes Roundtable group and a lifelongcollaborator of Arnold Toynbee. Toynbee himself sat on the RIIA council fornearly fifty years, headed the Research Division of British intelligencethroughout World War II, and served as wartime briefing officer of PrimeMinister Winston Churchill. Toynbee's "theory" of history, expounded in histwenty-volume History of Western civilization, was that its determiningculture has always been the rise and decline of grand imperial dynasties. Atthe very point that these dynasties -- the "thousand year Reich" of theEgyptian pharaohs, the Roman Empire, and the British Empire -- succeed inimposing their rule over the entire face of the earth, they tend to decline.Toynbee argued that this decline could be abated if the ruling oligarchy(like that of the British Roundtable) would devote itself to the recruitmentand training of an ever-expanding priesthood dedicated to the principles ofimperial rule.3Trained at Toynbee's Oxford, Aldous Huxley was one of the initiates in the"Children of the Sun," a Dionysian cult comprised of the children ofBritain's Roundtable elite.4 Among the other initiates were T.S. Eliot, W.H.Auden, Sir Oswald Mosley, and D.H. Lawrence, Huxley's homosexual lover. Itwas Huxley, furthermore, who would launch the legal battle in the 1950s tohave Lawrence's pornographic novel Lady Chatterley's Lover allowed into theUnited States on the ground that it was a misunderstood "work of art."5Aldous Huxley, along with his brother Julian, was tutored at Oxford by H.G.Wells, the head of British foreign intelligence during World War I and thespiritual grandfather of the Aquarian Conspiracy. Ferguson accurately seesthe counterculture as the realization of what Wells called The OpenConspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution. The "Open Conspiracy," Wellswrote, "will appear first, I believe, as a conscious organization ofintelligent and quite possibly in some cases, wealthy men, as a movementhaving distinct social and political aims, confessedly ignoring most of theexisting apparatus of political control, or using it only as an incidentalimplement in the stages, a mere movement of a number of people in a certaindirection who will presently discover with a sort of surprise the commonobject toward which they are all moving . . . In all sorts of ways they willbe influencing and controlling the apparatus of the ostensible government."6
What Ferguson left out is that Wells called his conspiracy a "one-worldbrain" which would function as "a police of the mind." Such books as theOpen Conspiracy were for the priesthood itself. But Wells's popular writings(Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and so forth), and those of hisproteges Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and George Orwell (1984 and AnimalFarm), were written as "mass appeal" organizing documents on behalf ofone-world order. Only in the United States are these "science fictionclassics" taught in grade school as attacks against fascism.Under Wells's tutelage, Huxley was first introduced to Aleister Crowley.Crowley was a product of the cultist circle that developed in Britain fromthe 1860s under the guiding influence of Edward Bulwer-Lytton -- who, itwill be recalled, was the colonial minister under Lord Palmerston during theSecond Opium War. In 1886, Crowley, William Butler Yeats, and several otherBulwer-Lytton proteges formed the Isis-Urania Temple of Hermetic Students ofthe Golden Dawn. This Isis Cult was organized around the 1877 manuscriptIsis Unveiled by Madame Helena Blavatsky, in which the Russian occultistcalled for the British aristocracy to organize itself into an Isispriesthood.7The subversive Isis Urania Order of the Golden Dawn is today aninternational drug ring said to be controlled by the Canadianmulti-millionaire, Maurice Strong, who is also a top operative for BritishIntelligence.In 1937, Huxley was sent to the United States, where he remained throughoutthe period of World War II. Through a Los Angeles contact, Jacob Zeitlin,Huxley and pederast Christopher Isherwood were employed as script writersfor MGM, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney Studios. Hollywood was alreadydominated by organized crime elements bankrolled and controlled throughLondon. Joseph Kennedy was the frontman for a British consortium thatcreated RKO studios, and "Bugsy" Siegel, the West Coast boss of the Lanskysyndicate, was heavily involved in Warner Brothers and MGM.Huxley founded a nest of Isis cults in southern California and in SanFrancisco, that consisted exclusively of several hundred deranged worshipersof Isis and other cult gods. Isherwood, during the California period,translated and propagated a number of ancient Zen Buddhist documents,inspiring Zen-mystical cults along the way.8In effect, Huxley and Isherwood (joined soon afterwards by Thomas Mann andhis daughter Elisabeth Mann Borghese) laid the foundations during the late1930s and the 1940s for the later LSD culture, by recruiting a core of"initiates" into the Isis cults that Huxley's mentors, Bulwer-Lytton,Blavatsky, and Crowley, had constituted while stationed in India.LSD: 'Visitation from the Gods'"Ironically," writes Ferguson, "the introduction of major psychedelics likeLSD, in the 1960s, was largely attributable to the Central IntelligenceAgency's investigation into the substances for possible military use.Experiments on more than eighty college campuses, under various CIA codenames, unintentionally popularized LSD. Thousands of graduate studentsserved as guinea pigs. Soon they were synthesizing their own 'acid.' "9The CIA operation was code named MK-Ultra, its result was not unintentional,and it began in 1952, the year Aldous Huxley returned to the United States.Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, was developed in 1943 by Albert Hoffman,a chemist at Sandoz A.B. -- a Swiss pharmaceutical house owned by S.G.

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